1. Jedi Master Bubble

    Help No prefix?

    In the Looking for Partners section of the site, some people have no prefix in front of their search threads. But if I try to do that, it asks me to select a prefix. I always select one anyway, but I'm just wondering, why are some people able to not have one? Because it won't let me post the...
  2. Jedi Master Bubble

    Help Prefix

    Hey. I'd like to use an old search thread of mine for something new, but I'd need to change the prefix. I'd like to use the old one because otherwise it's just an empty search thread sitting around and I might as well use it for something. Is there a way to change the prefix on it? Thanks in...
  3. Trickster Crayon

    Other To Prefix or Not to Prefix?

    One thing I have noticed in the partner search and such.. is a lot say "Ignore Prefix." Hey, I'm guilty of it too. The real question here is.. are they even needed? Should RP nation keep them? We BARELY use them, usually we state all our plots and ideas, no matter the genre, into one thread...
  4. paranoid

    Realistic/Modern ♡ s e a r c h i n g ♡ o p e n ♡

    i n f o r m a t i o n hi! i'm paranoid. you can call me multiple things, i don't mind. i'm looking for a partner(s)! i haven't been roleplaying for a decade, but i have been roleplaying long enough if everyone wants me to stick around. i tend to play female characters more often, just because...
  5. Jedi Master Bubble

    Other Blurry Prefix

    Sorry, odd question...but is it just me or do the prefixes look blurry? Like where right now I have the word, "Other," set as my prefix? Or in the looking for partner section the prefixes look blurry. Not sure if I'm the only one seeing that and so just thought I'd ask about it. It's not...
  6. HarleyQuip

    New info prefix color on Night Life

    As you can see the yellow prefix for the Night Life theme is really harsh on the eyes and you aren't able to read "info" very well. I would like to suggest a slightly darker yellow :)  
  7. Riuma

    Roleplay Prefixes Idea

    <p> Maybe something exactly like Simple, Casual, and Detailed, but without post requirements? </p>
  8. ShulkKirby

    Prefix Question

    I have a feeling this has been asked, but can someone explain in depth what each prefix means?
  9. RpNation

    Thread Prefix Guide

    Thread Prefixes - A Guide Prefixes have changed a bit in the creativity forum since the update, user-senpai! I've made the staff update this little guide to show you how to determine what prefixes to use for different kind of content. N-not that I like you or anything, b-baka...