1. xpstitch


    I want you guys to please find it in your hearts to relive old memories with me. Tv shows in particular. It you have a show you can't quite find, maybe somebody will help you find it? Or maybe ask about a videogame? Idk. Just post nostalgia stuff.
  2. Arion

    • A Restart Fantasy •

    • A Restart Fantasy • Everything Comes To An End I Implore you, now as you read this text, look out of your window, look into the sky, look at the most amazingly wondrous expanse above you, stare into its every corner, stare at the most mystifying thing humans have ever experienced, thank...
  3. Imaginiaria

    Last Gen Best old games that no one talks about anymore

    Let's take a little nostalgia trip and talk about what you think we're the best games you ever played from PS2, PS3, GameCube, ect.
  4. Ixacise

    JRPG adventure using OVA

    I got a serious jonesing for doing my own  take on the genre. Tonally this will be played pretty straight, but that's not to say it won't tongue in cheek or be playing with certain elements. So definitely expect some number of the various well worn cliches and tropes like crystal macguffins...
  5. Phadia

    Discussion Your first EVER anime! ^^

    What was the first anime you ever watched? And what did you think of it? Mine was Naruto. :D I didn't know about anime at the time, but I really liked Sasuke (my first anime crush lol), and I also liked Sakura. *face-palm* I was sooo scared when Jiraiya came in, because I thought my...
  6. Arion

    Other What do you get Nostalgia for?

    <p> It can be anything. Mine would have to be... That old Spongebob movie. I forget the name, but the song at the end always sort of makes me wanna cry, and I don't know why. </p>
  7. Riaki Urishma

    Nostalgic gaming moments..

    What are your most remembered moments when any of you have played or game or if you played a game with a brother or sister... I remember playing donkey kong country 2 with my brother I guess I remember that because it was such a simplier time back then.. How about you guys?
  8. livelvet

    Other Nostalgia

    What's something that brings back memories to you? For me, it's this: