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  1. RIPSaidCone

    Human Dawn - 2451

    UNITED NATIONS ASSEMBLY BUILDING, APOLLO, LUNA OCTOBER 19TH 2451 The year is 2451 and for the past few centuries, the many nations that make up the Human race have been enveloped in a period of unrivalled prosperity as they have spread across the Orion Spur and colonized many hundreds of...
  2. Shireling

    Sands on the Solar Winds

    Overview "Sands on the Solar Winds" is a science-fiction nation builder in the tradition of "Ashes of Creation" and "Interstellar Empires." A series of player-created original species and civilizations compete for resources and political prestige in a somewhat near-future setting. We already...
  3. Heyitsjiwon

    By the authority of the King and Parliament (A Fantasy/Semi - Historical NRP - Based on the East India Company)

    Excerpts from the Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth to the East India Company Dated the 31st December, in the 43rd year of Her Reign. Anno Domini, 1600. ELIZABETH, by the Grace of God, Queen of England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. To all our Officers, Ministers, and...
  4. Loyal Guardian

    The Next Dark Age CS

    Nation Sheet Flag: Nation Name: Government Form: Population: History (From between when your nation existed to 2032. If it's a nation that exists today then describe it from 2021 to 2032): Territory (No specific territory limit, but try to keep it small and reasonable for the setting)...
  5. Loyal Guardian

    The Next Dark Age

    It was the year 2021, all life on Earth was normal. Streets were bustling, people talking, dogs barking, phones ringing, meetings adjourning, all apart of a normal day on Earth for humanity. That's when it all happened, at 13:00 hours observatories noted a massive CME event from the sun that was...
  6. Crumbli

    An Empire Reborn

    For centuries the Olvani Imperium has ruled over the continent of Ovalina. With their imperial vision they claimed the continent under the banner of their emperor, bringing order and apparent peace to the inhabitants. As the Olvani Imperium grew in size many conflicts came its way. Not only from...
  7. Typ13


    GAME ADMIN: @Typ13 Thadenia The Continent was breathing. It was heavy and tired. Splendid mountains and magnificient forests were in agony. The war drums were spreading across the horizon. Kingdom of Badgel was marching towards East. It was only the first sign of change. After humans...
  8. bh18

    Space Empires and Negotiations

    The creator of a similarly named thread has backed out of the idea, from what I can tell, so we shall leave his thread behind and begin anew! I have a general concept in mind but will rely on help to create sheets, ensure balance and execution. Regarding the sheets, ideas should be bounced off...
  9. BLK

    Nation Building Ende Des Alten Nation Sheets

    Ende Des Alten Nation Sheets Note: If you want to add any information, please do so where you feel appropriate.
  10. BLK

    Ende Des Alten

    Endes Des Alten The year is 1948, and roughly one third of the world's population has died from disease and war. In the chaos following the outbreak of the Great War, no Tsar, Kaiser, or President was safe. The eastern front was held strong by the Russian forces against Austria Hungary and...
  11. Werren

    Path of Nations

    In an alternate Earth there exists a distinct collection of nations which share a different, or similar history to the nations of Earth as known in one universe. Much like said Earth, however, these nations exist close to one another each having to live with one another in either a state of...
  12. Fishman Lord

    The World of Tomorrow: The Second Day

    50 years have passed. 50 years since the devastating Rockian-Eclipsian wars rocked the Pacific Ocean. 50 years since Cascadia skyrocketed to take the vacant seat of superpower. 50 years since the Grenshu came to Earth in a final desperate attempt to save their empire. 50 years since mankind...
  13. Agent141

    Nation Building New Horizons World Info

    Flora and Fauna of Outurn: Outurn is home to several species of mammalian, reptilian, and fungoid life. Mammalians make up most of the wildlife found on Outurn. A vast majority of Mammalian life are herbivores and peaceful. Reptilians make up the second most common type of wildlife on the planet...
  14. Agent141

    New Horizons

    In the year 2253, humanity had found itself among the stars as the first light speed ships were created. The first light speed colony ships were sent out in fleets of 3 to 4 ships order to find a new home for humanity. The first colonization fleet reaches a planet deemed suitable for life in the...
  15. Agent141

    Nation Building New Horizons CS

    Colony Sheet: Flag/Banner (Optional): Colony Name: Population: Species: Colony/Colonists' Background: Territory: Government Type/Structure: Ideals: Military: Additional Information: Character Sheet: Appearance: Name: Species: Backstory: Additional Information: Species Sheet...
  16. Agent141

    New Horizons

    In the year 2253, humanity had found itself among the stars as the first light speed ships were created. The first light speed colony ships were sent out in fleets of 3 to 4 ships order to find a new home for humanity. The first colonization fleet reaches a planet deemed suitable for life in the...
  17. Warlord Tom

    19th Century RP

    This is a revival of an old RP that died. It's a nation RP set in the 19th century, on a planet called Aragiyn. Links: Map thread: 19th Century RP: revive CS thread: Nation Building - CS RP thread: Nation Building - 19th Century RP Discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  18. Fishman Lord

    Exile from Alustria

    For thousands of years, the people of the continent of Alustria ignored the rest of the world, squabbling among themselves and fighting off any other races from other realms and continents. Then, fifteen years ago, everything changed. The gigantic creature known as the Stardrake invaded from the...
  19. Rocket Strike

    Looking for a world war 1 era-RP

    I'm currently looking to do a world war RP with other nations. I will provide a map of the world or a fantasy world map for each nation to claim territories. For example: Nation A: "I want the territory of so-and-so and I want my territory color to be blue" then I would fill in the map...
  20. Bone2pick

    Work in Progress Ravnica Nation Builder

    My favorite breed of roleplay is a story-heavy nation builder. I love reading the adventures that players dream up when you give them a cast of characters and narrative space. This thread will be used to develop a fandom nation builder that I've wanted to GM for years—one set inside MtG's...