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  1. cam

    Fandom  F/F "Fast Saga" RP: Whatever happened to the 2 Fast crew? Suki + your OC, pretty please?

    Suki is one of my favorite characters in the whole franchise, but she's criminally underdeveloped and disappears from the last act of 2 Fast 2 Furious. Worse yet, the canon status of the film itself is unclear, with some believing it not to be a notable part of the overall continuity. Ironic...
  2. negomi

    Fandom  Drarry (Draco x Harry) or general BxB Roleplay

    Craving a Draco x Harry roleplay. I would prefer to be Draco, but if there's enough interest, I can be Harry too, if required. I also do normal BxB! Don't feel pressured to do these plots. Just ask if you want something different :) If you need someone for a group roleplay too, I'm always open!
  3. Rosebudxo

    Fandom  Final Fantasy Advent Children

    Hello! As the title says, I'm looking for a Final Fantasy one on one RP. I mostly know about Advent Children. But won't complaint if you'd like to incorporate certain plots or characters. I'd just like to pair my OC with Cloud. I also think Denzel and Marlene would be very cute to role-play. I...
  4. jessielushesu

    Fandom  Mutli-Fandom Partners for 1x1 !

    Hi! I'm really new here, but I love roleplaying and I am half asleep now so I'll edit this with more info later for now, *Here's a list of things I roleplay* Degrassi The Next Generation: Season 1-7 is not listed at the moment, but it's what I'm looking to roleplay the most! Hello, here's a...
  5. TheDragonKing

    Multiple Settings  Roleplay Partner Search. (Fandom or Fantasy)

    Hello All :) I'm looking for roleplay partners that are interested in doing a roleplay with me regarding any of the fandoms I'm interested in (which I will list below) or a fantasy/adventure roleplay that we can collaborate on and come up with ideas for. So, my fandoms are: Avatar: The Last...
  6. Planxty

    Fandom  The Many Wants of Planxty

    The Basics -18+ please, my 30 year old ass isn't entirely comfortable having correspondence with anyone younger. Thank you for your understanding -I'm cool playing any gender, but I usually play female or enby...male OCs are rare for me, character ideas don't often come to me in male form lol...
  7. ShowXmeXthestars

    Multiple Settings  ♡ Emily's RP Corner ♡

    Hello everyone! I am Emily, you can also call me Em for short. I'm 24, I have been RPing for roughly 7 years and I'm looking for some people to create some stories with. Here's a bit about me and what I'm looking for: ♡ I believe in quality over quantity. My average is two to three paragraphs...
  8. Unfortunate.

    Fandom  next generation of Jedi, new republic era?

    I've been craving a good Star Wars roleplay lately, but I can't really find any that are either active or non-toxic. What I'm proposing is a roleplay set around Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy—not following the canon—and would include several Legends aspects as well (I'm not that well educated on...
  9. SociallyAwkwardSoul

    Multiple Settings  Here We Go Again

    Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored- Okay, so let me just say this: I’m pretty sure I’m a terrible person. If I offend you in any way, shape, or form, please tell me so I can fix it. That’s all for my quick author’s note ................ Getting into many different types of rps, and...
  10. B2018

    Fandom  Seeking fellow twilight fans. Welcome to Forks, long term 1x1.

    Hello there! I’m a twenty one shy girl seeking those who can play confident males or even those of you who are able to double! I’m seeking those of you aged 16+ this is to protect myself on line. Please respect this. I’m seeking those who can use third person, past tense, a tonne of detail as...
  11. angel of small death

    Fandom  ✨When You Wish Upon a Star ✨

    angel's animation searchFandom: Disney | Dreamworks | Pixar Style: Descriptive | 2+ Paragraphs Status: Open this scrolls just in case the text overflowsHello! My name's Angel. I'm gonna keep this short, sweet, and to the point. I'm new to RPNation, but not to roleplaying. Despite the...
  12. calamity__

    Fandom  multiple fandom 1v1 checks : )

    Hello all my name is calamity and I am searching for a rp partner or two !! I have never used this site before so I am a bit of a novice when it comes to how it works and where things are, and the lingo around here, but I do believe I am in the right spot for this lol. I do not know how people...
  13. B2018

    Fandom  Long term Twilight roleplay! Seeking fellow Twihards.

    Hey there, shy female here aged twenty one seeking those who can play confident males. I’m seeking something based off the Twilight saga. Please try and be at least sixteen plus! I request this to protect myself online. I’m seeking those of ya’ll who can use third, past tense and a tonne of...
  14. B2018

    Fandom  Seeking fellow Twihards! Long term roleplay 1x1

    Hey there, shy female here aged twenty one seeking those who can play confident males. I’m seeking something based off the Twilight saga. Please try and be at least sixteen plus! I request this to protect myself online. I’m seeking those of ya’ll who can use third, past tense and a tonne of...
  15. SociallyAwkwardSoul

    Multiple Settings  Crush Culture

    ‘Crush culture makes me wanna spill my guts out. I know what you’re doin tryin get me to pursue ya-‘ So, updated interest check! Alright, that’s really all I got. You can ask me more because I forget stuff easily.
  16. Laufey

    Fandom  Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald

    Hey. Im looking for somene to rp the crimes of Grindelwald with me. Im open to all ideas Any type of rp is fine I will rp as grindelwald I am on every day mostly. I dont mind who u rp as oc or charecter. Im fine with evreything.
  17. ThomasYeagger

    Fandom  *Fix my cravings, please !*

    Hey there ! I'm currently having some cravings, some about fandom, some original. I'd love to find a partner to do some very un-canon Star Wars or Harry Potter story. I am not looking for someone to just double canon characters, nor will I play any, I like Fandom when it's about using a cool...
  18. B2018

    Fandom  1x1 Twilight roleplay! Long term only

    Hello all! Twenty one year old shy female here seeking confident males or females aged sixteen plus onwards for a romantic roleplay! I’m seeking something based off the Twilight fandom. With the release of Midnight Sun which I have just ordered.... I am desperate for fellow twilight fans! I’d...
  19. Dogma353

    Fandom  Cravings!

    Hey! I'm currently SUPER craving Harry Potter! I'd also be down for Death Note, Vampire Knight, Originals, Naruto and lots more but I'm really craving Harry Potter I do Ocxcrush / Ocxcrush. I prefer to Rp over email but I'm definitely down to do this site too obviously :)
  20. orbitzens

    Fandom  the twilight saga. [ request ]

    hello !! for starters, i'd like to introduce myself. my name is aviel, but you can really just refer to me as whatever my display name is at the time – i'm 18 years old, currently in est timezone, and i go by.. really any pronouns, honestly. i'm currently looking for a twilight rp !! i'm...