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  1. Creepypasta Playerzzzzzzz

    Multiple Settings  Still looking for RP Partner for multiple horror RP

    Catherine Oc: Quatherine Love Interest: Vincent Brooks Creepypasta: Oc:I have only two on Rpnation Love Interests: Depends on wich girls they like Dark Youtuber: OC: Quintin Sullivan Love interests: Depens on which female Youtubers Are You Afraid of The Dark (I just caught up with the season 1...
  2. Evenstar

    Fandom  A Star Wars Search |Detailed| |MxF| |18+ Only|

    Greetings to you! I am here seeking anyone who is a passionate ST fan of either the Original Trilogy and/or the Expanded Universe. If so, I'm specifically looking for someone to play Harrison Ford's Han Solo, Kyp Durron or a male OC for me! :) I do have some plot ideas/prompts in mind which I...
  3. XxHavocxX

    Fandom  One x One Search♡ •Fandoms•Craving Lucifer

    Ayyyy, what's up? How you doing? • The name is Kirsten. I live in EST, USA. • I'm in my twenties •I work fulltime, Monday through saturday. Don't let that scare you away, I WILL make time! • I have been roleplaying for 10+ years now. •I'm very laid back and a easy person to deal with. I would...
  4. thebigbadwolfy

    Fandom  How to Train Your Dragon: Secrets of the Wilderwest

    The world has gotten a whole lot bigger ever since vikings have been on the backs of dragons. Alas, it hasn't gotten any less dangerous. A few years after the defeat of the Red Death, Hiccup and the Dragon Riders found a mysterious, ancient artifact, dubbed the "Dragon Eye." When a dragon's...
  5. LostUnicorn

    Fandom  Looking for a fandom RP partner (craving Kingdom Hearts)

    Hi everyone, I'm going to keep this short, sweet and to the point because I don't want to waste your time with paragraphs of me going on and on. I'm looking for partners to start a roleplay with based around one of many fandoms that I have listed below. Please feel free to message me about any...
  6. mkb21

    Fandom  S.E. Hinton's 'The Outsiders' anyone? ((no longer accepting))

    Hello! My name is MK, and welcome to my thread! A little bit about myself: Okay, so, I already have a thread up and posted on the 1x1 Interest Check page with my fandoms listed, and The Outsiders is one of them. However, I don't have The Outsiders stated right then and there on the thread...
  7. DuchessAnya

    Fandom  Interested in a Fandom RP?

    Hi there! 'm going to be very quick and short with what I'm looking for. I recently have been trying to get myself back into roleplaying after taking a break away from it for quite some time. I have around 7-8 years of experience roughly roleplaying so I consider myself a literate role-player...
  8. FoolsErin

    Fandom  The Chronology Series | The Great Multiverse Cook Off

    Enjoy fandom roleplays? Find roleplaying original characters of all shapes and sizes fun? Consider yourself a fan of roleplays of the long-term, fast-paced, with massive over-arching plots variety? Well then you may just want to give the Chronology Series a look! TCS (an acronym for the...
  9. Evenstar

    Fandom  Space: The Final Frontier |18+| MxF| Detailed

    Hey everyone; a quick search! I am seeking a partner who'd be interested in doing an Abramsverse Star Trek romantic roleplay with me. :) I'm happy to do an academy or a five-year mission one, or a story set within the films. I'm also down to playing any of the following male canons for you -...
  10. thatguyinthestore

    Fandom  The Chronology Series|Blood Gulch Blues (Multi-Fandom RP Series)

    Do you like fandoms of any kind? Do you enjoy playing OCs of all kinds of varieties? Do you enjoy long term, fast-paced rps? Do you like overarching, epic plots? Then the Chronology Series is for you! The Chronology Series is an ongoing multifandom rp group. We focus on monthly/bi-monthly rps...
  11. xcleopatrax

    Fandom  The Outsiders 1x1 Roleplay

    This interest check is for The Outsiders (1967) by S.E. Hinton and/or the 1983 film of the same title. Looking for relatively descriptive and long term, preferably doubling up with OC’s but I’m alright with using just canon characters as well. Message me if interested!
  12. LadybirdMooch

    Fandom  Avengers....Assemble

    So, I've been watching hella Avengers edits after rewatching Endgame for the billionth time and I kind of want to do an Avengers AU before Thanos or something...I dunno. I just want to do something sweet and fluffy and possibly romantic though the pairing I'm craving is strictly platonic and...
  13. Nightwisher

    Fandom  Grace for Sale: The Devil's Carnival (Multifandom Crossover RP) || Sign-ups

    Premise You've died! Congratulations! You've been brought to Hell due to your transgressions. Most importantly, your final transgression. Based on your last sin, most likely the sin that led to your death, you will be faced with the trials of Hell's Carnival. First and foremost, it will be...
  14. SerenaStark

    Fandom  Back and ready to RP

    Hi everyone! Back from a little hiatus :) Looking for some new RP partners to hang out with! I’ve got a few rules before we get to the fandoms! Please take a look at these before scrolling down to look at pairings! 😊 1. I usually only do MxF canon x oc pairings. I have female OCs that I like...
  15. xcleopatrax

    Fandom  The Outsiders Role-play - Interest Check!

    Looking for partners to do a descriptive role-play for The Outsiders (either the 1983 film or the novel by S.E. Hinton) with! Preferably incorporating OC’s, but I’m also open to just using canon characters. PM me if interested!
  16. Evenstar

    Fandom  Seeking Romantic Fandom Stories |Detailed| |MxF| |18+|

    Greetings to you, my loves! I am on the hunt once again, and this time, I'm searching for a partner(s) to do a long-term fandom roleplay with me. :) As a partner, I like to take my time to make sure my writing partner(s) always gets quality posts from me (I am a little rusty, so please bear...
  17. mlmc

    Fandom  endless 1 x 1 fandomrp search // brand new to rpn ''(;∀; )

    first time user to the site! trying to get my sense of forum rps back after years away from anything like this; so i am here looking to get started! dumping everything i'm interested in + my average standards into one post! i imagine i will update this in the future. (sorry i cant provide any...
  18. FragileStateofSanity

    Fandom  No Romance?

    I'd like a rp with no romance, if we need some just a little, other than that anything can go
  19. Creepypasta Playerzzzzzzz

    Fandom  A Cinderella Story RP [OCxOC]

    I also like romantic modern Fairytales like this one the name of my OC will be Quintin Sullivan well if you interested tell me and I will created a thread for it well i still love horror but also romance and fantasy, if people want to RP with me just tell me.
  20. Creepypasta Playerzzzzzzz

    Multiple Settings  Still looking for Horrors RP partners

    Hi I am still looking for other horror Rp partners I play Catherine Oc: Quatherine Love Interest: Vincent Brooks Creepypasta: (I have one Rp on with someone, but I am ready to have another) Oc:I have only two on Rpnation Love Interests: Depends on wich girls they like Dark Youtuber: OC: Quintin...