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  1. RubySky16

    Fandom  Marvel Universe Rp

    Been looking to roleplay the cinematic universe for a while. The following is what I'm looking for: •Canon×OC (Loki×OC) •Doubling or triple is fine by me •Romance plot involved
  2. Simple and Clean

    Fandom  Friday The 13th roleplay

    Anyone is a fan of the franchise interested in roleplaying it? Also please be 18+
  3. Rusty of Shackleford

    Fandom  Spark of Rebellion CS

    "Welcome to the Alliance. Name and registration, please." Appearance: Full Name: (First name, Last name) Species: (The Alliance does not discriminate based of species. Everyone is welcome to fight against the Empire.) Age: (All applicants must be eighteen or older.) Sex: (Birth sex. The...
  4. Rusty of Shackleford

    Fandom  Spark of Rebellion OOC

    Remember Alderaan! Welcome! This is our quaint little OOC. Here we can discuss plots, characters...memes. Anything, really. But especially memes. I'm really excited tp start this with you guys!
  5. Rusty of Shackleford

    Fandom  Star Wars Rebellion RP Idea (Now Edited to Completion!)

    Hello, everyone! So, I've once again gotten back into Star Wars, and specifically the Rebellion. Though I have long believed that the New Order truly did bring peace, freedom, justice, and security to the Galaxy...they are literal space Nazi's, and plus the Rebellion is super rad. So yeah! The...
  6. mkb21

    Fandom  Multi-Fandom 1X1 Search!

    Hello there! You can call me Marzi! I’m here to look for a 1x1 rp partner! I’m in a plethora of multifandoms and have a few specific cravings for what I’d like! But, before I get into the nitty-gritty of what fandoms I’m in there are some things about me I’d like to discuss and some rules I’d...
  7. EliFletch

    Fantasy  One on One/Multi-fandom/LGBT-friendly/DnD-like roleplays welcome!

    Introductions I'm a 22-year-old disabled person. This means I won’t always be able to reply every day, but on good days, I will be able to reply at least once! I’m a veteran when it comes to Roleplaying, but I do get confused easily, so please bear with me. I’ve been roleplaying for over 10...
  8. LordAtlantis

    Fandom  Marvel Avengers Rp

    I am currently playing Steve as my main character but I can play multiple characters. Things I'm willing to do off the top of my head High school AU Fantasy AU Fluff Hurt/Comfort Omega!Verse - A/B/O Were!animal AU Slice of life Vampire AU Mafia AU LGB headcanons Trans/Genderqueer headcanons...
  9. zdo_g

    Fandom  Searchin' for fandom-oriented RPs

    Hello there! I'm Zdog, but you can refer to me as Tear, or Z, as well, if that flows better for ya. I've placed all my information in the tabs below for easier reading. If you have questions even after viewing, please feel free to ask. :] Thank you! I'm currently craving/looking for: Smash Bros...
  10. NorseGodPrincess

    Fandom  Marvel Rp?

    I am looking for someone to do a marvel rp with me? I will usally rp as loki I am open to all ideas and I don't mind if you use a OC or a character from the fandom Its up to you:xFsmile: I don't have any rules but I will listen and respect yours. I am active mostly every day so will reply...
  11. honeyglitter

    Fandom  Gemsona RP Search

    I'm new to roleplaying so please be kind. Some basic info about me: ⚬ You can call me Glass ⚬ I live in Finland so English isn't my 1st language, though I've studied it since I was 8 yo so I like to think I'm good at it ⚬ I have a really cute dog so if you rp with me, I will send pictures of...
  12. Evenstar

    Multiple Settings  Inspiring Writing Partners Needed (MxF, Detailed, 18+ Only)

    Hello there, and welcome!! :closed eyes open smile: As the title states, I am on the search for other inspiring partners who are patient, can write multiple-paragraph (4+), quality-type posts, have decent grammar, and punctuation, who can double up as males (double friendly), who can balance...
  13. Andledee

    Fandom  [F4A] Fandoms, Fun, and Romance!

    Hi! My name is Andrea, I’m a 21 year old young lady in EST. I’m currently looking for some friends to roleplay with, hopefully long term. Here are some things about me and my expectations/style: - I tend to write 1-2 paragraphs, but I can do more if the situation calls for it. - My responses...
  14. Nocturne.

    Fandom  𝐀𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐧 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐩.

    AURADON PREP. A DISNEY DESCENDANTS ROLEPLAY. AURADON: A land for all the kin of prestigious royalty and heroes alike, filled to the brim with luxury. However, it's calling card is undoubtedly the prestigious academy of Auradon Prep, where children learn how to follow the footsteps of their...
  15. B2018

    Fandom  Game of thrones 1x1 long term only!

    Hello there! I’m a twenty one year old shy female seeking a confident Male or those who can play confident males. Partners should be eighteen plus so I can protect myself online. I am seeking fans of the show Game of Thrones, I am only looking for the show fans and I have only see. I seek those...
  16. Snugglepopsboi

    Multiple Settings  IT (2017 or 2017)? Wtnv? Original? Heck, why not all of them!

    What's up my dudes? My name is MJ and I just joined this website a few weeks ago. I'm in some kinda not super popular fandoms and I wanted to see if anyone wanted to maybe write some stuff about them! What you can expect from me: 1-2 paragraphs Ooc chatter (mostly about how the story is...
  17. Cleocrypt

    Fandom  rebellions are built on hope ~

    Hey y'all. It's ya girl, Cleo. Between grad school and binging all the Star Wars media and this damned quarantine, and everything else 2020 is throwing us, I'm craving for some Star Wars BIG TIME. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope. As of right now, I'm only craving Star Wars, but also...
  18. Spidermanshark2

    Fandom  Harry Potter RP (Looking for Hermione, Ginny or a Female OC!)

    Hey guys, it's me again (Actually, I haven't been on this section of the site since the Off-site thread was introduced, but things have been a bit slow and I'm on here a lot more often, so I have returned for some more RP's!). I am here since COVID-19 has made us all home-bound, I went and...
  19. TinjaNurtle

    Multiple Settings  Interest Check: Fandom and Original [Always Open]

    Hi! I'm Rhys. I've been roleplaying for at least 14 years, but I've been out of the "game" for a while, so I'm rusty. I'm lit and para/multi para, but I have a gentle stance on it. Mistakes happen and there are sometimes when a short reply is all you can give. I just ask that it's more than a...
  20. thatguyinthestore

    Fandom  Chronology: Ultimate

    Please see the group's Discord Server for OOC talk and further info. OOC talk in the potential IC thread is highly ill-advised. Link to sign-ups. “And you’re sure that there is no way to stop it?” The King of Wakanda, T’Challa, otherwise known as the Black Panther, asked the two...