1. RiverRainForest

    Fandom  Rodney Mckay x Carson Beckett Atlantis RP?

    Hi there, thanks for stopping by! As the name suggests I'm looking for some sweet, sweet, McBeck. Beyond that I'm not particularly picky and only ask that you be 18+ (I'm 25) I also write third person/past tense and para/multi para, but I'm not picky how you write- I would ask for roughly a...
  2. CryptidBoy

    Fantasy  Partner search for M/M

    Hi, I'm new to this site (coming from FeralFront) and I'm looking for a partner/partners! My main interest is in M/M vampire/human roleplays. I have a slight preference to play the human character but I don't care all that much. I don't have a huge plot preference, but I'm interested in royalty...
  3. ShadStorm98

    Fandom  MCU Future Roleplay

    Many many MANY years have passed since the ultimate battle between the Avengers and the Mad Tyrant Thanos. Ever since that fight, all the chaotic occurrences have slowly diminished. Sure, you'll get a supernatural event every so rarely, but it never got to that point of extreme. Life pretty much...
  4. Villain Shoto Todoroki

    Fandom  Multiverse high school ( role play )

    Well here a go ITS OFFICIAL! @Villain Shoto Todoroki @Ticci_Toby @N-On-E-Mus @AppleJuice @Clan Ize @DovahBeat @DrDapper @Django @Forgotten Home
  5. here4therps

    Fandom  X-Men anyone?

    I am looking for a X-Men to more based off the comics and cartoons. I play a female oc and anyone you wish. Pm me to rp
  6. here4therps

    Fandom  A search for Harry Potter

    Hi I am looking for a Harry rp. I have a post second war plot and I play a made up female and anyone you wish. I am looking for someone to be Draco. Do not ask me to be Snape or Tom Riddle Pm me to rp
  7. weewoo

    Multiple Settings  Searching for 1x1 Partners (Open)

    Hello, I am currently looking for long-term partners for one x one roleplaying. I only have few things I ask before we do roleplay so, please read through it all. Thank you! I ONLY roleplay with people who are 18+. Please be 18 years or older. I’m comfortable with all genders, sexuality, and...
  8. DyNaMiTe

    Multiple Settings  Welcome, to your worst nightmare

    Hello, brats. Welcome to Camp Nightmare. I'm your captain. Captain Aquarius. (And no, this has nothing to do with Zodiac Signs- so don't let that discourage you). I am here to create you and/or make you into walking, killing machines. I don't want any whining, crying, complaining, and...
  9. xCourtofDreamersx

    Multiple Settings  Jumping Back Into The RP Saddle~

    Hello Everyone! (Again) I have been absent from here for a while now. Everything had gotten a lot hectic as I had two surgeries to go through, moving into a new place, starting a new job, and family matters to attend to as well. I am going to be brutally honest here. I want to give this site...
  10. Creative Nick

    Realistic or Modern  [CLOSED]Crime lord/Mafia boss/Phantom thief x detective (or something) [preferably mxm]

    Exactly what I wrote in the title. I don't have any exact idea in mind, I'm just in mood for this classic setting of villain x more of a justice warrior or at least somebody on the side of the law... kinda. Maybe a policeman, a detective, a reporter or something else. For the setting I'm...
  11. JustYourImagination

    Realistic or Modern  Humanity's Truth (Powers, Threesome (MxMxM), looking for switch)

    I have been RPing for a long time now and I can write between 300 and 1000 words or more; depending on muse, plot, and my partner's response. {So please be advanced or at least be able to write no less than 300 words or three paragraphs} I do prefer writing in the third person. === Human...
  12. dirt

    Realistic or Modern  Mistakes Were Made (OPEN)

    mistakes were made about Harborview University. A loving home for some, a living hell for others. A prestigious college in a not-as-nice part of New York City, where the crime is so bad that it's not safe to even leave campus. Everything seemed to be fine until somebody somehow bypassed the...
  13. Minteafresh

    Fantasy  Looking to do a fantasy roleplay (m/m)

    Hello! You can call me Mint, and as the title says; I've been into the subject of fantasy things and been looking for someone who shares the same interest as me. I have tons of ideas, and you can find them below. Before though; I should let you know that I'm a minor and don't have discord...
  14. manque

    Multiple Settings  — MANQUE'S RP SEARCH. Seeking Literate Writers!

    MANQUE'S RP SEARCH. (Please note that this horribly formatted post is not at ALL indicative of my writing abilities lol) WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR? Literacy, ideally in the 1,000+ (characters) range. On that note, I mean it whole-heartedly when I say quality over quantity; never feel the need to...
  15. Minimarshie

    Fandom  Looking for partners! 1x1

    I'm really wanting to do a Star Trek roleplay, but got nobody to do it with! Guess I better fix that huh? Things to know (Rp or other wise): - Just please don't ghost me, if you’re busy/can’t roleplay, say something. (I’d like for you to give me the same courtesy I’ll give you.) - No...
  16. Villain Shoto Todoroki

    Fandom  Multiverse high school ( looking for group OPEN )

    I am looking for a group of rp partners. We will be rping a high school plot. You can use OCS or Character from ur favorite move/Tv show. I will be using my own version of Shoto Todoroki from MHA. U can do the same with a character if u wish. message below if u are interested Rps @Villain Shoto...
  17. Necator67

    Realistic or Modern  Romance mxm, fxm

    I like to talk in 3rd person. I am fine playing either gender. I am open to suggestions, and characters don't have to be original depending on what we do. Please hmu, I am really bored right now.
  18. Iruma

    Fandom  it's plotting time! -fandoms with iruma! always open!-

    Helo, I am Iruma! And I am currently looking for some long term fandom roleplays! Uh.,.. I honestly don't know what else to put here. Rules + Notes: One -- Please be LGBTQ+ friendly! I have many OCs that are LGBTQ+, I will also do any gender pairing. Though, as of right now, I am a little iffy...
  19. Ajaxprime

    Fantasy  Through heaven and hell

    The son of a mofia boss owns a club and is looking to help a random soul to help escape his club. Once you have a debt you work as a playboy bunny in his club. When he finds another boy his age he offers him a deal. Stay here and pay off the debt or become his boyfriend and he will take care of...