1. lilspooks

    Multiple Settings Looking for a friend. Any story, any setting.

    Hi there! My name is Jacob and i am 17 years old. I have about 3 months experience in RP and i would love to have someone teach me a little! What I'm Looking For: -Someone with some experience since I have little. -Someone willing to play a female. (I only play males really, I don't know how to...
  2. Tiff the Odd

    Multiple Settings Character Plotting: Oliver James Williams! (Fandoms and Original)

    Hello! I recently made a brand new character! I will post his form below but I have very high muse to roleplay with him though I haven’t really figured out what plot so maybe the two of us can figure that out! Things to note: •He is gay, so MxM only please! •Willing to Double for Canon x OC...
  3. Lucky8D

    Multiple Settings Seeking long-term partners

    Hello, my name is Lucky, also called Nico, and I am currently searching for long-term partners, that could also turn into a great friendship :) I am looking for a partner that also likes to develop stories, have a cast of characters (even though I don't mind focusing on one pairing, I prefer to...
  4. smolfluffball

    Realistic/Modern Woe and Whoa! - Characters + More

    Julian Foster Nicknames: Jules, Julie Age: 16 Gender: Male Appearance: Julian has pale skin and natural blond hair, which he tends to hide behind a black beanie. His eyes are a light brown, kind of amber colored, but they're usually hidden behind some of his bangs and eyeliner. He's about 5'9...
  5. smolfluffball

    Realistic/Modern Woe and Whoa!

    summer camp fun times ft. Mickey, the ray of sunshine, and Julian, the edgelord. (I'll totally edit this later with like characters or something, or like first post type deal ya know
  6. Anonymous

    Realistic/Modern I'll Be Back. {OPEN}

    I would like to do a scenario with a new exchange student entering a high-school. Though I'm unsure about other high-schools, mine treats every exchange student like a shiny new object and the"popular" group immediately scoops them up. I would like to play the role of a French Exchange student...
  7. moonchild.

    Multiple Settings > moonchild.'s search for partners < [ mxm & mxf ]

    scroll. [div class=container][div class=image][div class=title]moonchild. [ a partner search ][/div][/div] [div class=c2][div class=scroll][div class=o]moon child be free[/div] [div class=t]free from the tides of being boxed[/div] [div class=o]free from the norms of those who status quo[/div]...
  8. Anonymous

    Realistic/Modern Summer Days Drifting Into Summer Nights

    We spoke about the topic/plot/details/etc. separately but here's my sort of character sheet! ll everyday is made to be a beach day ll Teel walker [Teal] 17 y.o. Keepin' it short n' sweet lol @Meme Machine
  9. LovelyAndBroken

    Multiple Settings RP Partners Needed!

    I've posted on here before that I am looking for people to roleplay with, but I'm thinking of starting new and actually being more active. I'm looking for a semi-literate person, who writes 1 - 3 paragraphs. I will tell you if your starters are not interesting, for I am very blunt. It's been...
  10. abaloneskies

    Multiple Settings s a n c t u a r y ; fandoms & original / lax lit / always open

    about me i’m mercy. i’m 23, a female, and i work an odd shift so i have literally no life outside of work. i’m the type to develop headcanons for our own characters, make moodboards and playlists, and literally cry over the things we write together. i’m lame, but i’ll bake you desserts if you...
  11. Jewel

    Multiple Settings Feast Your Eyes...You Hungry Delinquents [M/M, F/F]

    Greetings, Hungry Ones I am pretty active, I tend to respond in bursts, and if I don’t respond right away, I will get back to you within 1-2 days. If I anticipate that I will take longer than that I will be sure to let you know! I am 18+ My time-zone is EST I prefer to play M/M or F/F...
  12. SmallSailboat

    Fantasy So it's come to this, has it? (1x1, Long Term Partners, please)

    Not gonna lie to you, I've had a rough time keeping an RP going for some reason. It starts off great, the my partners suddenly disappear for no reason. I have a few going, but my itch is not being scratched and I've had terrible luck digging through for a long lasting partner, so here's the...
  13. Curious Kurona

    Realistic/Modern Seven Days

    Hello! So, I've made a general post seeking partners here. I know its long, but if this sounds interesting, please read it to see if we are a good match (and to see my fandoms, if you would like to make an AU out of this)! my preferred role is bolded (Muse A) :3 This could be an AU for a...
  14. walkman

    Multiple Settings like honey [m/, f/, m/f search]

    hello and welcome, everybody! my name is juno, i'm a seventeen year old female high school student, looking for some roleplays to fill my summer between working and babysitting. so, here i am! currently, i'm interested in marvel and a couple youtuber rpfs, and a couple oc x oc stories! they'll...
  15. hopefills

    Fandom KomaHina / HinaKoma SDR2 RP, Please

    (Most of this is the abridged version of my profile description.) Hello! I'm looking for KomaHina/HinaKoma Super Danganronpa 2 roleplay. I have yet to finish the second game/anime, but have been spoiled, (a lot). That said, I prefer minimum spoilers. I don't mind the plot, as long as the...
  16. memento mori

    Fandom an ineffable search. // good omens

    Afternoon, evening — whatever the like. A few things to get out of the way: - You can call me Mori; I’m relatively new to the site, only having used it briefly a long while ago. I’m back to destroy my writer’s curse. - I’ve been attempting to write for most of my life, and have procrastinated...
  17. Nenma Takashi

    Fantasy Some supernatural Plots

    Haven't done any serious or dark rps in a while so here's my thread see any plots ya like or just wanna pitch your own to me be sure to pm me. Eyes: Ever since you were young you had a special ability. You could see exactly how long someone had to live. You're never wrong either one look and...
  18. Sincoco

    Fandom Fandom hunt! Lots of options available!

    Are you looking for fandoms? Well then, you came to the right place! I had to leave for a while, but I'm back! If I couldn't reply to a pm, send me a new one! c: I'm currently looking for canon x oc roleplays full of romance, and either super fluffy, or dark themes! The Rules: - Long posts...
  19. skylarhaven

    Fandom Still looking for partners. Multiple Fandoms.

    I have been RPing for over 10 years now. I work a full time job and go to college as well. Sometimes work gets a little crazy but I post multiple times a day and I'm usually on at night and some weekdays. I'm EST time zone. Fandoms: -Voltron- not really craving anything for this fandom, but if...
  20. evieellison

    Fandom Viking/Medieval/Tribal/Ancient Role-play????!!!!

    Hey! So I am currently obsessed with the idea of trying out a daily life/romance roleplay set in an ancient society. Not with kings and queens just two normal people trying to figure out life and their relationship. There could also be supernatural elements, the witchcraft that would have...