1. hopefills

    Fandom  Super Danganronpa 2 - KomaHina HinaKoma

    Looking for a Komaeda to RP KomaHIna with. Read page for more info! I'm old so I only wanna talk to other old people, plz. Also, if you like to talk OOC that is a plus!!
  2. skylarhaven

    Fandom  007/Q +BBC Sherlock crossover rp

    I have an idea for a 00Q (Or 007/Q) rp that involves BBC Sherlock. I love the headcanon that Q is actually Mycroft and Sherlock's brother (season three be damned)! I would love to play that off. Maybe Q and Bond are in a relationship or just have a starting attraction and Bond gets himself into...
  3. skylarhaven

    Fandom  OO7/Q + BBC Sherlock crossover RP

    I have an idea for a 00Q (Or 007/Q) rp that involves BBC Sherlock. I love the headcanon that Q is actually Mycroft and Sherlock's brother (season three be damned)! I would love to play that off. Maybe Q and Bond are in a relationship or just have a starting attraction and Bond gets himself into...
  4. maybeval

    Realistic or Modern  *monty python voice* bring out ur gays

    hello everyone. im val, and despite the newness of my account ive been an on again/off again member of rpn for just about 4 years (and have been roleplaying for 6). new name, same bitter lesbian. this is going to be a relatively low energy post, but i promise i have a personality. lets start...
  5. hope.

    Fandom  Bungou Stray Dogs roleplay?

    I know nothing about coding, so please forgive this little pathetic attempt! You can call me Hope! I’ve been brushing this site for a while and been unable to find what I am looking for, and that it’s a Bungou Stray Dogs roleplay, so I decided to join and make my own ad in a fit of...
  6. phoenixes

    Fandom  the night is dark and full of terrors. [ fandom 1 x 1]

    Hey, Hello, Hola. I'm looking for someone to do a roleplay with. I very much prefer canon x oc if we’re doing something fandoms based, but I don't mind doing oc x oc, either! I live in the EST timezone. I'm more of an easy-going roleplayer, and I classify myself as lazy lit. Ask me for my...
  7. Unovakillerqueen

    Fantasy  Jojo's Bizarre Adventures RP/ Searching

    Searching for someone who's into jojo, I'm semi-detailed and I don't have really any rules for my own role plays. We'll be using Oc's and discuss a story in our OCC
  8. antigravity

    Multiple Settings  *Fandom and Original - f/f, m/f, m/f*

    [Tab About Me/Rules] - Hey there, I'm Lea! - I'm 19, from the US, and I'm a college student. - I attempt to get everyone one good reply per day at least, though schedules may change due to my classes. - Literacy is my most important factor. I expect two paragraphs at the least and the more the...
  9. antigravity

    Fantasy  Let's have some adventure! (M/F, F/F, M/M)

    Two things I'm a sucker for: medieval fantasy and romance. Gods, goddesses, spirits, nobility, royalty, merchants, commoners, dragons, elves, orcs, whatever you want to throw at me! I would like this to be primarily a slow burn romance since that's what I enjoy. I'm a hopeless romantic. Love...
  10. Loki777

    Multiple Settings  Past RP

    Ello Rpnation! Loki Here I have been RPing for quite some time now, and am interested in looking for fellow individuals who might be interested in some Feel free to call me Loki or Lokage. Here is some helpful information about me: I tend to post third person paragraph(s) form. (can be...
  11. DarkNerd

    Multiple Settings  1x1, MxM RP Storylines (Always Open)

    Hello errbody. I have a few RP thirst traps I’d like to facilitate (at least until my Group RP becomes available). Deets about Me - 32, Male - Roleplay in Years: 20-22 - Length of Responses: A few paragraphs to pages, depending on how transactional the roleplay is. Prerequisites: - 18+...
  12. Emolga

    Realistic or Modern  MxM roleplay anyone?

    Hey! I'm Emolga, and you have probably read from the title of this thread that I am looking for an MxM roleplay! Truth be told, I am craving one, badly, even though I have some active already (don't question me >:[ ). {slide=Rules and stuff} I don't mind short replies, but PLEASE don't do one...
  13. Vata-Raven

    Fandom  (Pokemon) original shipping & precious metal shipping

    Hello all, I'm Melissa, and I'm in search of a role-playing partner who can play as the stoic Champion Red for my eccentric Gym Leader Blue. And I would like a Good to match with my Silver. A bit about me - I'm 29 - I work 2nd shift (3:30pm to 12:00am) - I'm active - I take on a couple...
  14. Huntress47

    Fandom  MCU Partner Search

    Hello Everyone! Here I am again with a new search! I am looking for a MCU rp! As always I rp on here in pm (or discord), but only those places. It can be romance or platonic :) I'd prefer mainly canon x canon, but I can be persuaded to do canon x oc :) -PAIRINGS- (Some rp pairings are going to...
  15. Wandering Spirit

    Multiple Settings  Looking for Partner[s]

    Hello there ! My name is Spirit. Yes, I don't really like displaying my real name in the open because of personal [weird] reasons. I am 22 years old and I don't know how long I've been writing [perhaps a few decent years?]. I tend to have a busy schedule [especially in the weekends !] but do my...
  16. NeonRain

    Fantasy  Romance With Pointed Ears | Detailed Only | No One-Liners | Possible Doubling | CLOSED

    So, I've had this story for a long time, and I use the same Elvish/Elvehann language I made for a different world, here. I would like to play the elf, and if you would like to play an elf too then we can double. We'd each play an elf and a human. I don't mind doing m/m,m/f, or f/f. If anyone's...
  17. spookypastel

    Fandom  Good Omens RP

    Hello there! I'm looking to start a Good Omens rp. I would like to either rp as Aziraphale with a Crowley or as Beelzebub with a Gabriel. I have a couple of plot ideas in mind but I am open to plot ideas from my partners as well! I put this here as I am up for private message rp here but I am...
  18. LOTRGirly

    Fandom  Rp?

    Hello! Is anyone interested in a Hermione x Draco? I wanna be Hermione. Or we can do a Suga x RM,where I'm Suga. Your choice! Message me or comment!
  19. madi-baby

    Realistic or Modern  I bet you feel alone (College RP- Open)

    (will code later for the welcome post)
  20. VivianThomas

    Multiple Settings  ` ~ * ` oh my darling, it's true. beautiful things have dents and scratches too ` ~ * `

    RULES 1.) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE ACTIVE! I usually can post a couple times a day since I have a flexible work schedule. I’d LOVE it if you can post at least once a day or more. <3 2.) DETAILS AND DESCRIPTION! I would like posts to be around 400 – 800 words as this is my usual post length...