1. Dawn is a Changeling

    Fantasy Werewolves, 1x1, clean, odd formatting.

    In a small medieval town hidden away in England, you grew up hearing stories of monsters that prowl the night when the full moon shines down. Raised in fear, you question everything unfamiliar. Even your neighbor could be a hideous beast. So what do you do when, staying at work (or other...
  2. MokeySee

    Fantasy The Princess and the Villain 1x1 roleplay search

    It was my ocs wedding day, my oc is under a curse that if the wedding doesn't happen then they will die. They person my oc is supposed to marry ends up marrying their mistress and right as my oc is on their deathbed, your oc who is the main villain saves my oc. What will happen then? My dms are...
  3. OverMinion

    Fantasy Fun Scary or Just Scary...Scary - Fantasy/Supernatural Shenanigans Search

    Hey there! I'm Over Minion, a long-time writer on the hunt to add a few new stories to round out my writing roster. Like the title suggests, I'm looking for something that can blend fantasy/supernatural/horror elements (yes, the title is a CR3 reference for you Critters out there), but I'm...
  4. Novama

    Fantasy [Isekai Hell][World] - Lay Low Longing

    Mentions: @Skyhunter @Garbage Pail Kid @saxon @SilverFeathers @AbenSur OOC: Welcome to worlds. We will be keep a 3 day post frequency per round. Means you'll need to try and squeeze a post in per 72 hour period. Death and character injury are possible and realistic outcomes for this roleplay...