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  1. mallorypapes

    howdy, folks!

    jinkies i am terrible at introductions >//< obligatory awkwardness will follow hi!! i'm mallory, but you can call me mally if you'd like. i'm 18 and finally a week away from gradumacation!!!! woohoo!!!!!! it's been a while since i've made an effort to roleplay with anybody. my friend arcana and...
  2. mallorypapes

    Multiple Settings partner search! (always searching) || fandoms + tropes

    hey there, folks! the name's mallory, or mally for short! summer's coming to an end and i'm hoping to find some roleplay partners before i head off for college. should probably explain a little about myself, huh? 1. i'm 18 and like to refer to myself as an adult-in-training 2. i'm a complete...