1. TooManyIdeas

    Fandom Kingdom Hearts and Persona 5 pairings!

    usual rules *I'm not too picky on paragraphs and wordcounts and everything, just give me something to work with. *Please write in understandable English. Iz thes cmprhns1ble 2 u? *If I don't reply, I'm either busy or forgot. Feel free to drop me a line, within reason--one PM is fine, two is...
  2. I

    Cross Platform The Secret of Mana

    So, this golden oldie was just released with some upgraded graphics. Who played the original on the SNES? Who will be playing it again, or for the first time? For those of you on the fence, it is a classic JRPG from the SNES era, much like the older final fantasy games and chrono trigger. If...
  3. PressureCooker

    Other Thoughts on the To The Moon sequel?

    I'm talking about Finding Paradise. I just played through it, and wow, it was quite the emotional ride. I teared up quite a bit when it ended, and it really brought forth some of my own insecurities. Has anyone else played through it? and if so, how was it for you?
  4. Eraanthe

    High Fantasy RP - Most Species Allowed [Open]

    High Fantasy RP - Most species allowed [Open] A dungeon crawling campaign for both casual and exciting RP! Full World Map available on Discord Chapter I: The Province of Dur'lan Far to the East in the Dur'lan province lay an isolated kingdom, surrounded by mountain and forest. Coneria...
  5. ScuffedHeroGeo

    Other Have you played a Shin Megami Tensei game?

    Well, I really made this so I can finish the 10+ post thing. Though, I am interested if anyone has played a Shin Megami Tensei game. I seen some Persona stuff on here, but not much Shin Megami Tensei. If you don't know about Shin Megami Tensei and their ways of summoning Gods, Heroes and Demons...
  6. Iskandar

    3DS What Fire Emblem Games should I get?

    So, after my failed attempt of playing FE Heroes on my outdated smartphone, I have been thinking of getting a 3DS and some of the Fire Emblem games. I really like JRPGs, but have not played many. So, which Fire Emblem games should I get? Also, which one has the best "waifu" and "Husbando"...
  7. TheExchanger18

    Persona 5 Roleplay?

    Hello! I am looking for a few people to roleplay Persona 5 with. We can do either a group roleplay or individual,I don't really mind either.
  8. TheExchanger18

    Persona 5?

    On the other site I am on there's only a few people who actually roleplay Persona 5/Series so I wanted to broaden my horizons. I already have a character form and everything.
  9. BeastofMyth22

    Persona OC Roleplay? (Interest Check)

    Hello everyone, I've recently stepped back into my fondness of the Demon hunting teenager games known as the Persona series. I am wondering who would be intrested in a unique OC-centric roleplay that we could be apart of creating its story. ( maybe call it Persona 6?) If you're intrested...
  10. Danchou Tsubomi

    Fandom Persona RP

    Who I Am Hello there, I'm Danchou (団長, to be precise, since romaji can cause confusion). I'm some high school kid who drinks too much coffee and makes too much weeaboo jokes. I actually don't really watch that much anime, though I really like culture (being as I'm a lot of things, that makes...
  11. Loco Mofo

    PC Loco's JRPG Odyssey (RMVX Ace)

    Loco's JRPG Odyssey An Amateur Dev's Tale Prior to the update, I had begun posting statuses on my profile about my progress developing my own JRPG using RPG Maker VX Ace. Now that we're back to business as usual, I decided to make a thread that will act as sort of a blog to better organize...
  12. JRPG

    JRPG-esque Magi-Industrial Roleplay (Hosted Project)

    A prophecy regarding the world's demise to an immense tidal wave was made public only several years ago.   A voice calls to you, "Save the world," before your body is transported to a crystal cave. Inside the cave, you see others who express themselves with freight, surprise, or...
  13. JRPG

    A Magi-Industrial Odyssey (Hosted Project)

    A prophecy beholding the world's demise to an immense tidal wave was made public only several years ago. A voice calls to you, "Save the world," before your body is transported to a crystal cave. Inside the cave, you see others who express themselves with freight, surprise, or...
  14. Judeauofaltrades

    Dragon Quest 4

    So the story is: The story in Dragon Quest IV revolves around the journey of the hero and his/her companions and their quest to prevent the resurrection of the ruler of evil, Estark. The first four chapters of the story are about the hero's companions and their own journeys. While they each...
  15. JRPG

    Anime Epic Journey Roleplay

    Hello, I’m Ultraman, and I’m looking for partners to aid in the development, or enactment of my roleplay idea. I’m using this thread to see if anyone’s interested. I’ll edit my ideas, and add/replace some concepts of this first post, whenever I develop new ideas for this roleplay. Roleplay...
  16. Ixacise

    JRPG adventure using OVA

    I got a serious jonesing for doing my own  take on the genre. Tonally this will be played pretty straight, but that's not to say it won't tongue in cheek or be playing with certain elements. So definitely expect some number of the various well worn cliches and tropes like crystal macguffins...
  17. A

    I Am Setsuna

    Fans of traditional JRPGs ahoy! Square Enix has come up with yet another offering, this time a throwback to the more traditional style of JRPGs - specifically Chrono Trigger (a personal favourite of mine). That said, the game itself is clearly inspired by the latter game, with the three-man...
  18. M

    Arkentales (Looking for players)

    Put simply, this is a light hearted JRPG-inspired RP in a similar vein as games like Etrian Odyssey, and animes like Overlord, Log Horizon, and the (highly divisive) Sword Art Online. Unlike the JRPG trope though, there likely won't be two nations at war nor would the world be facing a turbulent...
  19. M

    Adventure Tale (tentative name)

    Hi. This is a fantasy adventure rp currently in test run status. The point of this thread is to introduce the rp's game system before players enter fully into the world of the rp. Here, we can also test various systems, such as travel, before implementing them into the rp. Click here for the...
  20. M

    Fantasy adventure rp

    Hi. I'm looking for a light (JRPG-inspired) fantasy adventure to in a similar vein to the game Etrian Odyssey, the animes Overlord, Log Horizon, or (the highly divisive) Sword Art Online (without the virtual game elements), but the rps I checked out on here aren't quite what I'm looking for...