1. ani456123


    hi I am ani456123
  2. womanwarriorrp


    Hello! I’m a 21 y.o. Female who loves to roleplay as Lady Sif of Asgard! I live in the U.S. (EST), and English is my first language. I love long-term detailed roleplays, and I don’t mind roleplaying on here or on another platform. Currently, I am seeking Loki or Thor roleplayers. I look...
  3. Souffle_God

    You Know I Had To Do It To 'em..

    Hello, mortals. Yes, that's right, it is me--your Soufflé God returned to the land of the dying so that I mat bless all your baked goods and allow them to rise sufficiently. Actually, I'm just a Photo-Shop enthusiast who created a humanoid Soufflé when I was bored in certification class (humble...
  4. Egotastical-Fun


    Hi! I'm new to this site and I'm looking forward to making friends and roleplaying! My muses are found on my about!
  5. Toacho

    Multiple Settings Hello there, anyone up for Roleplaying? [Closed Currently]

    Hello, feel free to call me Toacho. I’ve been roleplaying for about six to seven years now, primarily with original characters and settings. My favorite genres are action, sci-fi, superpowers/abilities, supernatural, mafia, and crime style roleplays. (I also greatly enjoy mixing the...
  6. RedRose


    Hi everyone! I'm new here, so I'm not really sure how this site works yet, but I'm excited to start RPing! I've been RPing for a while on a Harry Potter themed website, but I mostly write about other themes, so I thought it would be appropriate to join this website! My name is Allyson, and I'd...
  7. Fiisky

    Hey there!

    Hi! I’m Fiisky. Of course that’s not my real name, would be pretty strange, huh? :closedeyessmile: Anyway, I’m 16 and I’ve roleplayed my whole life. First started with play-pretend in the garden, then online at Google +, and now I’m LARP’er and GW2 roleplayer. LARP stands for Live Action...
  8. CriticalRogue

    *Witty Title Here*

    Hi! As you can see my username is Critical Rogue! I've been roleplaying for 6/7 years on and off, and regularly for about 2 years. I currently have one rp partner (not on this site, of course) and we have an rp that has been going for just over 2 years, so I'm very willing to find long-term...
  9. CrescentMoon

    Multiple Settings Hello!

    Hello! You can call me Waffle! I am still a beginner role player so I apologize if I am not that good. I Roleplay OCx canon or OCxOC Sorry. I tend to draw scenes if I enjoy it and feel inspired 💕 Fandoms I’ll RP ( Red : I am really into) (purple: I’m fine with it) ( blue: eh...) • My Hero...
  10. Alpaca

    Hi there!:)

    Hello, I'm Alpaca! I'm a 17-year-old bisexual girl from Luxembourg (Europe) who - surprisingly - loves Alpacas! Other interests of mine are drawing, writing and playing the piano. I'm also a huge fan of movies/series, such as Lord of the Rings (Aragorn), MARVEL (Bucky), Supernatural (Dean)...
  11. Nachi


    Hello! I'm Nachi, a decently(?) competent fully literate roleplayer. I joined RpNation mainly because I haven't had roleplays for a while so I decided to give the site a check! Keep in mind I'll probably be kinds rusty- but shoot me a PM if you want to discuss a roleplay or want to talk!
  12. Rouxchi


    Hello! Name's Rouxchi, but please, call me Roo! Making this solely so I can have the features I need, but you already knew that. I roleplay semi-literate to literate only and prefer the following genres: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and apocalyptic. Some specific examples of these include...
  13. AxRia


    Hi! I'm Arianna, 18-, active in numerous fandoms. I draw, write, play piano, and roleplay on my free time. I use other platforms to roleplay and prefer 1x1.
  14. inquir3


    Hello, I am new to roleplaying. I've always loved reading fiction, and have an interest in writing as a hobby. Tabletop rpg games are fun, I've played them for at least five years, but all my characters were self-inserts. I still have to test out (and improve) my acting skills, but I'm...


    Hello, I'm new to the site and looking for new friends to chill and roleplay with! I'm really not much of a talker until someone talks to me first tho, haha
  16. SheepOfSmall


    I am a Major Otaku! That loves to read, roleplay, and Draw!
  17. snowflakekittycat


    Hello! I'm your avid role-player going by my real name of Hinata and my nickname Snow. I'm in a variety of fandoms but I don't necessarily roleplay in them all. Don't expect me to be too active over here if I ever roleplay with you in any of the forums. Now, my fandoms. I am obsessed with anime...
  18. SpottedClara

    Hey, I'm Clara

    and I'm new here. I honestly love how clean this website is! (Also, the snow feature! Oh my gosh.)
  19. LewisArsonSkull


    Hi, I'm Lewis. New and hoping to be able to get back into roleplay again. It's been a while, it would be cool to meet new people and have some fun. I am easy going and chill, hope I can join in!
  20. Vinyl_Serenade

    Heya, everyone!

    Hi, friends! My name is Hayley, I'm a perpetually sleepy, 22 year old computer scientist. I've been roleplaying/writing for over 10 years now, I started on good ol' Quizilla, lol. I also love music (especially psychedelic rock), animals, and drawing. I look forward to meeting you all ~ <3