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  1. MissMocha

    ♛ — Total Drama 1x1? [Interest Check]

    Really craving a Total Drama roleplay, preferably with some sort of AU in place instead of the actual competition. I like horror and angst the best when it comes to genres, but I'm fine with anything, really. I can also probably play as anyone, but I'd love to play as Noah. I can't send private...
  2. Sunshine and Whiskey

    West Coast Living

    • • • • • • • • {slide=130|bcenter| Plot } Everyone has that flare about them that makes them different or special. Some people realize it and play it up while others don’t even realize it or they just deny it. This quality may be a good thing, a bad thing but it helps people go through life...
  3. Ocean123

    Mist Village (Remake) Interest Check

    (This is a remake of an RP that kind of died a few months ago but that I'm still interested in having.) There is a village surrounded by mist, difficult to find for anyone looking for it. You may stumble upon it by chance, lost and confused, or you may be brought there by the hand of fate. No...
  4. Ocean123

    Gijinka Manor (Remake) Interest Check

    (This is a remake of an RP that kind of died a few months ago, but I'm trying to start it up again. ^^; ) Humans. Pokemon. Gijinka. The last few generations have introduced the latter race to this world. No one was sure how they came to be. A strange mating between human and pokemon? An...
  5. Ocean123

    Random Idea with "Bonded" Humans and Demons *REGISTRATION CLOSED*

    Okay, I don't really have anything solid yet. I mostly just want to get this down before I forget and check to see if there's any interest at all. (Hense, the interest check. XP ) Every human must become bonded to a compatible demon before they reach the age of 21 or die a slow and painful...
  6. Starry Night Smol

    Monster hunter/cryptid protection interest check

    Hey! I'm looking for folks interested in doing a monster hunter/cryptid protection dice rp. The dice mechanic isn't specific to d&d or anything that I'm aware of, but it's inspired by a few games. The dice mechanic will be used mostly when we are combating creatures/enemies. If I've piqued...
  7. malignanteyetumor

    Danganronpa Interest Check (second attempt)

    I was wondering if you guys were still interested in the Danganronpa RP that I brought up? If anyone wants, we can continue talking about it here. Again, for anyone new, I've played Trigger Happy Havoc, Goodbye Despair, have watched some of the DR3 anime, and I am currently playing through...
  8. radical

    Squall's End | Open

    Squall's End You wake up. Your memories are hazy, the only thing you know for sure is your name. They tell you to stay in the town and do the work that they tell you to. They tell you there are monsters outside the town. At first, you follow their instructions but then you begin to realize that...
  9. SpiritualShrub

    Interest check- THE OFFERING

    ((I wrote this a while ago- since it died and I was GUTTED, I thought I’d rebump and see if anyone was interested(: )) The human offering to save humanity Humans and Vampires have been at eachother’s throats for years, and yet, nothing till this day has been done about it. Until... The...
  10. malignanteyetumor

    Danganronpa Interest Check

    Would anyone be interested in doing a Danganronpa group RP? I can do Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair RPs, if we were to do a roleplay set in those games. I haven't finished watching the Danganronpa 3 anime, and I haven't played Killing Harmony (or Despair Girls) so those are kinda...
  11. V a l k y r i e

    Dream High inspired RP (pre interest check)

    Okay so this is just a pre interest check for an RP I wish to start. If you like watching Kdramas you most likely watched Dream High at some point and know what this RP would be about but in case you didn't see it the actual interest check will have all the info you will need in order to see if...
  12. Lazarus Rain

    Realistic/Modern It's Been Like, Years...

    So, since I'm new to RoleplayNation (I've been roleplaying online for more than ten years, closer to fifteen- and just never really got around to using this place in particular.) I guess I'll start with a little bit about myself. I'll just talk about whatever seems to be most relevant to other...
  13. MikaboshiEinst

    Does Anyone know Weaverdice?

    Hi! I 'm just wondering if anyone in the forum knows the Series Worm and its Dice game RP, Weaver Dice? I was hoping to see if we can play Either the Fandom as a normal RP or the RP Dice Game.
  14. NovaAres

    Advice/Help How often is it acceptable to bump an Interest Check?

    As the title says. Right now I've got an interest check going in group/fantasy that's in danger of falling to the second page. Now, as it's a fairly niche idea and I am new here, that seems fairly par for the course, but I don't want people who would be interested to miss it if it does. So...
  15. NovaAres

    This is the Story of your People | Bronze-age/Mythic Fantasy

    This is Your World Covered by the dome of stars and sun, surrounded by the endless sea and upheld by the bowl of the underworld, this is Glorantha, But, you live far away from these places, in the middle world, where the nations and lands of mortals live upon the earth and seas. Your people's...
  16. Mad_Hatter

    Multiple Settings Help! I need partners!

    And I'm too lazy to write a real interest check. Wanna just post if you're interested and we can talk here or over a PM? Or Discord. Yeah... That's all folks
  17. Steel Tiger

    Devil Survivor: Data Doomsday (Discord)

    Data Doomsday Account- New User {slide= Setting}YamaSetting The current time period is the modern year of 2XYY soon to be 2XYZ, rumored to be the end of the world by some big wheel prophecy by some ancient civilization, but that hoax was similar to the one in 19XX and nothing happened. The...
  18. Entity.Eclypse

    The Sixth Death: Jurassic Park/World rp

    WARNING: Minor Spoilers Ahead. Turn back now if you have not seen the Jurassic Park/World series and wish to not witness any possible information for it. You have been warned. Entity.EclypseWelcome, To Isla Alero! To Create Our World:Hello there young one. My name is Markus Chiobian, CEO of Odin...
  19. SueshiRoll

    Hopeless Despair (A Danganronpa Interest Check)

    [div class=container][div class=glaze][div class=tabsContainer][div class=tabNames] [div class="tabName titleName"]Title Screen[/div] [div class="tabName introName"]Synopsis[/div] [div class="tabName requestsName"]The Basics[/div] [div class="tabName bbcodeName"]Credit[/div] [/div][div...
  20. Beyond

    Death note interest check

    Hello....? Anybody out there? I've searched and searched for dn rps and rpers but alas, found none.