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  1. CaptainRustbolt21

    Fate of the Stars of Life

    Hello, fellow Interest Check person! And welcome to the far future of the 2100s! We, the Human race, had significantly advanced over the decades. I mean, armies of robots to do our bidding, lifeform cloning, superpowerful weaponry, and yet, the United Earth Society was still at peace and barely...
  2. Stellar Eclipse

    Land of Enchantment (interest check)

    This is just a thought that came to me, I thought it could be cool but that is subjective. Story: There is a small garden in the middle of a “regular” town called Mayton Valley. It is full of bright, rare flowers and other plants. In the center of the garden is a lake that has an island with a...
  3. Ginko The Mushishi

    Cerberus Vale - Reverse:Rebirth (Dark fantasy/Action Adventure/Monster hunting/Magical/RP CLOSED)

    Welcome! I'm glad you've decided to look at my interest check. Let's get down to business shall we? A retelling, or a restart of my original RP (A reboot essentially!) where now many things have changed, and yet some remain the same. Join my roleplay if you're into dark fantasy mixed in with...
  4. EazyBoven

    Viral - Interest Check (OPEN!)

    Hi guys! So for some brief background knowledge- I orginally had this RP idea, created it and then posted it to RPGateway awhile back. Unfortunately, that site seemed to die out and my idea didn't gain much traction because of that. My idea consists of an apocalyptic universe where a currently...
  5. Shagranoz

    Advice/Help Multiple possible areas for group interest check

    Just like it sounds, I have an idea for an RP that could go under Fantasy, Modern, or Fandom. Would it be considered spamming if I put it in all three to reach the largest number of players?
  6. Literary Revenant

    A Concept Interest Check (Closed)

    I've desired to host a story since my return to this website some time ago. However, after previous successes have lost their luster, I felt that I needed to indulge in a new story concept. Dozens of ideas have flown through my head, been half written in my private thread only to be hastily...
  7. Derpy Dev

    Sherwood Shores: The Sequel (Sandbox Superpowers RP)

    A while ago, I tried creating a sandbox super hero RP. It worked well enough at the beginning-there were a lot of character concepts. We had a gay space pirate, a death demon, a forgotten werewolf king, and countless other amazing characters and concepts. However, me being the inexperienced GM...
  8. Aeshae

    Rise of the Chroniclers(Open!)

    As civilization continued to grow and develop, so too have the monsters. They had grown too lazy, telling themselves that as long as they have their magic, the monsters would never threaten the survival of humanity. They built walls and towers, thinking the monsters wouldn't get past but they...
  9. Stellar Eclipse

    Academy of Fine Magic and Arts (Interest Check)

    There is a place that was once the most prestigious art school in the world. It still is one of the best. The world, however, has nearly forgotten it entirely. To keep the school alive, the alumni who had “connections” sold half of the school to magic users (vampires, fairies, witches...
  10. cheshirekitt

    Fandom Kingdom Hearts RP

    No fancy coding here sorry. But I'm looking for people in general to rp kingdom hearts stuff with be it canon character x canon character, canon x oc, oc x oc, I just really want to rp again and after beating kingdom hearts 3 this gal wants to rp again! I'm good for rping as pretty much most...
  11. cheshirekitt

    Looking for Kingdom Hearts rp

    No fancy coding here sorry. But I'm looking for people in general to rp kingdom hearts stuff with be it canon character x canon character, canon x oc, oc x oc, I just really want to rp again and after beating kingdom hearts 3 this gal wants to rp again! I'm good for rping as pretty much most...
  12. Mediocritys Muse

    Kingdoms Overhaul (Interest Check)

    At the moment we have a role play going on. There are currently Four people in the group at the moment. We're looking for a couple more like minded people who would want to join in. Basically it's a fantasy world that has an ailing empire. Those in power decided to summon heroes from another...
  13. Stellar Eclipse

    The Realm

    I want to make a fantasy rp and I want to see if anyone is interested. It’s about people from Earth being transported to a realm of magic where their compassion powers the realm. The people from Earth are turned into mythical creatures to keep take away their human compassion. There is a big...
  14. Lazarus Rain

    Realistic/Modern M/M romance but not really...?

    Hey so I'm as bad at explaining myself as I am at titles but I'm going to make an effort here. I've recently gotten some free time on my hands (although not that much, it's a lot compared to what I HAD) and I would love to spend some of it writing. So a few things about me: I work like 10...
  15. Asagi

    Soul Eater: A Fool's Errand [Closed]

    "Come and gather...! We will finally turn the gears of this boring world!!!" 200 years have passed since the Kishin Asura's sealing on the moon. Humanity continued to evolve afterwards, Death City was no exception to this; the bonds between Humans and witches interwined more and more after the...
  16. Wolfytoons31

    Reaper Academy

  17. heycarmilla

    Multiple Settings Secret societies, gay gals, and coffee

    Hello! My name is Carmilla. I’ve been roleplaying for about 7 years, and consider myself pretty adept at writing for role plays. Right now I’m looking for a few partners to set something up with. For stories with a romantic interest, I do prefer FxF pairings but not all plots are romantic! Below...
  18. cran

    Quarantine City-- Soft Post-Apoc WIP

    This is still very much a work in progress but I've been trying to put this idea together for a while and I thought I'd share it to see if anyone would be interested. -- For a while bets were out on whether it'd be natural disaster, plague, or humanity's own greed collapsing society in on...
  19. Mediocritys Muse

    Isekai Rule Request Thread

    It's been a while since I've done a group role play but well I've had an urge to get another one up and running as of late. With that in mind I thought a bit on what kind of role play that I would want. There are certainly many kinds of avenues that I can go down but I find myself wanting to do...
  20. Oceo Frose

    Multiple Settings Let's make a story

    Hello, hello! I'm Oceo Frose. I'm a guy who loves to roleplay a good story with awesome development, so yeah! I've been roleplaying for like seven years now and I really enjoy it so far! Making my own stories together with another people seems to be quite exciting and awesome! My Preferences...