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  1. Avartes Zalaxter Alendor

    A Thief's Lies -- Interest Check

    When the truth holds secrets that the world can't know, all there is left to do is lie. This Roleplay takes place in a kingdom known as Foren, an ancient land filled to the brim with war, intrigue, and politics. A rebellion stirs in the south, despite the fact that King Lothean has been a...
  2. Addemup

    The Great Sport of Warfare

    War is a sport. From the one-on-one duels to the continental clashes to the massive intergalactic campaigns, war is a sport. Military units and states alike from across the entire universe (and then some) compete in this sport of war, with many teams dreaming of making it to the top of the...
  3. Crysie

    Suggestion Sections For RP Requests

    Don't know if anyone's suggested it before, but have you guys thought of have different sections for role-play requests? I know you guys have a bunch of different sections for the group RP request are, but the general 1x1 area is just kind of chunked together. I've been on some other sites...
  4. Maj

    Patient Zero (A zombie survival RP)

    I am looking for a group of people to participate in a zombie survival roleplay. This would be based around storytelling and character relations and development. The idea is to create alliances against the hordes. How do your characters grow and react in high stress situations? When you need to...
  5. Fibonacci

    Somewhere In Between (Human-Demon War) (Open World-ish) (STILL OPEN)

    Somewhere In Between HISTORY (LORE) Long ago, humans and demons lived in harmony in a world called Vebabel (magic exists). Centuries after, pure-blood demons became rare and most of the land was ruled by daemonites. Daemonites are humanoid descendants of demons. They resembled...
  6. I I I I

    Multiple Settings Academy of Unseen Arts (partner search)

    Looking for; •Archie universe / Chilling Adventures of Sabrina inspired •m// pairing About me; •Three paragraphs minimum, no maximum limit. •Real images/ face claims. I typically use asian face claims but I do not mind what my partner uses. •Communication is a must. •Usually only interested in...
  7. I I I I


  8. xXSpaceMoonBabeXx

    Vocaloid Idol group [group rp]

    so over this weekend I had an idea while playing Project Diva, maybe the vocaloids start a Idol group? and the rp follows all of the drama that comes with being popular idols? so I will have the main vocaloids in this idol group/host club, and maybe the less-known ones join later on? here is a...
  9. K

    A Reverse-Isekai RP?

    Would anyone be interested in a Isekai-inspired Rp where you are playing as characters from a Fantasy World who are teleported to Earth instead of being Earthlings being teleported to a Fantasy World? I will explain the plot more if there is Interest.
  10. K

    A RWBY rp?

    Would anyone be interested in a RWBY rp set in one of the other Kingdoms? I'll explain more once some interest is shown.
  11. girl_on_fire

    Red Queen

    Earlier I asked if anybody was interested in a Throne of Glass RP, now I'm wondering if anybody is interested in a Red Queen based RP. (Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard). Lemme know if anybody's interested! *crickets chirp*
  12. Catori

    Multiple Settings A Plethora of Options

    I'm looking for a sweet and simple RP. Depending on the plot we can adjust the length, but I'm thinking one to two paragraph long posts? My only request is that we both use good grammar. None of this getting your and you're mixed up ninety percent of the time. I'm open to any ideas, but I have...
  13. Ranix Aurus

    Fantasy Ranix's Fantasy Cravings

    Hello. Ranix here. I'm still looking for more roleplaying partners 'v')/ A bit about me: Not English native, but my handling of the language shouldn't be too bad (I hope) I'm usually around all the time. Timezone isn't a problem for me. No age limit, but my subject matters usually could prove...
  14. Fluxbauble

    Grand Seeker (Treasure hunting roleplay interest check)

    The idea I have for this roleplay is a cross of Code Lyoko, Xiaolin Showdown, and a gear based class system similar to FFXIV. The concept sounds weird but here me out. It might make sense with a bit of context. So the story goes like this: The latest MMORPG from Wisdom Technologies, Grand...
  15. Minako Arisato

    Multiple Settings Minako's Adventure Map!

    Hi there! I'm Minako or Summer, but my aunt once called me "the weirdest person in the universe". I'm a twenty year old workaholic, memelord, and self-proclaimed Pokemon Master. When I'm not busy at work, I spend my days playing video games, sleeping, watching crime documentaries, and screaming...
  16. Aestheticly_Sinning

    Do Not Disturb signs and Ghosts do not mix well (Interest Checks!)

    Serene Mirror Dorms Cheap rooms at the Ser... Need a place to stay for your high school/college career, but can't seem to find just one single place? Well, you're in luck! For YOU have been chosen for a cheap, if not FREE stay at Serene Mirror Dorms! We have a gym, a pool, a study hall, and...
  17. Primordial

    Vreibas Chapter 1: The Trials

    The King's Trials have arrived! Brave heroes and adventurers of Vreibas, prepare to test your might! The King seeks the strongest warrior of our land! Prove to the world that it is you! On the fourth day of Entheas, enter the Titan Stadium in our capital city of Thalor to face off against all...
  18. Ocean123

    Something Like an Attempt at D&D

    I was bored so I made a discord server in the hopes that someone could be willing to teach me how to do D&D... ^^; Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  19. MissMocha

    ♛ — Total Drama 1x1? [Interest Check]

    Really craving a Total Drama roleplay, preferably with some sort of AU in place instead of the actual competition. I like horror and angst the best when it comes to genres, but I'm fine with anything, really. I can also probably play as anyone, but I'd love to play as Noah. I can't send private...
  20. Lucid Lies

    West Coast Living

    • • • • • • • • {slide=130|bcenter| Plot } Everyone has that flare about them that makes them different or special. Some people realize it and play it up while others don’t even realize it or they just deny it. This quality may be a good thing, a bad thing but it helps people go through life...