1. Bijouz Sanon

    Multiple Settings Hunting For A Long Term Literate Partner.

    Greetings! I am here in search of a partner. About me: I’m a veteran roleplayer though I’ve been out of the game for some time. I got my start on Neopets, graduated to Gaia Online, dabbled on LiveJournal, MSN messenger, Facebook, and email. I find myself with a lot of free time so I’m trying to...
  2. Loony_Bin

    Lakoria High School *Seeking Members*

    Lakoria is an RP that's been running for about five months, and while that is a long time don't worry! There's actually zero required reading or barriers to entry in that sense, it's a very simple jump in and go sort of RP, and since we're going into our first official big event and starting a...
  3. Caffeine Freak

    Hot Shit Highschool [OPEN]

    Welcome, Students to Yes! that's right! Our school's name is in violation of several Department of Education guidelines! Not only that, but HSH is also the only school in the world to break laws decreed by the Geneva Convention! Scoring #1 in most human rights violations of any...
  4. BlackNinja16

    Fantasy Character forms for supernatural high

    Here are the character forms for Supernatural High.
  5. BlackNinja16

    Fantasy Supernatural High

    Welcome to Supernatural high. Here you can learn to master your powers and battle your enemies. Before you can get accepted you need to fill out a character form. Just go to the menu and click on character form. Have fun!
  6. Malikai

    High Noon... As The Sun Rises on the East...

    Name: Chuck Yukimura Hero Name: The Cowboy Samurai Gender: Male Group/Affiliation: None Age: 27 Sexuality: Heterosexual Race: Human, American/Japanese Height: 6, 06" Weight: 228 lbs. Appearance: Personality: Chuck's morals have taught him to be sensible...
  7. AliBearRawr

    Delinquent High

    Delinquent High is a high school specifically made for those that have a hard time behaving. It's where discipline just isn't enough to control them. Teachers have a difficult time controlling these little, misbehaving rascals. Teacher and student roles are needed. Group therapy is to attended...
  8. Sprinkles

    Fairy Tail (Closed)

    It's a normal day in the Fairy Tail guild located in Fiore... Gray Fullbuster, the ice maker mage and Natsu Dragneel, the fire dragon slayer, getting into useless fights while Erza Scarlet, the red-head requip mage tries to break them up... Mirajane Strauss, the She-Devil working at the bar...
  9. WoodenZebra

    Phoenix Drop High Rp?

    Hello. I was thinking of creating a phoenix drop high rp in which we have races from the series,the teachers, everything and more. I haven't figured out the plot and lore yet,but I was thinking of it being a while Aphmay and friends have been there and they all had kids of their own and their...
  10. Beebasaur

    Fantasia High [reboot]

    @TurtleGod You must read the before joining and thanks for join are roleplay!
  11. LaneyBug

    High School Love! (Yuri!)

    Hotoro High School! Tokyo Japan! Winter Semester. Atlas and Connie had clung to each other the entire flight to their new home. Atlas was a charmer and she had convinced her parents to let the two come to Tokyo for high school, so they would live all on their own in a shared dorm...
  12. Azul

    Legacy [ High Fantasy ]

    Alright. I'm searching for commited, detailed, literate roleplayers whom enjoy awesome detail, plot twist, along with creating lore. As for myself, I post between one-novella length post. I enjoy playing a wide variety of characters, from male to female, human to God. There are others...
  13. Ana Rocha

    Ouran High school Host Club

    Haii I'm looking for people to play.... Haruhi, Tamaki, Mori, Honey, Kyoya, Hikaru, and Kaoru. They will all have a crush on my OC <<Except For Haruhi>> The Host Club Will Do Their Original Job, "entertain young ladies, who have way to much time on their hands." We will discuss more...
  14. Knoelle

    Boys Over Flowers || Shinhwa High Rp?!

    Hello there.~ So I've been kind of craving a 1 x 1 roleplay in relation to the K-drama Boys Over[before] Flowers. The basics of this arrrre || Tis high school based Tis romance based I plan to be female There are 4 main high-class guys(or girls, I don't necessarily mind). I'll post their...
  15. KirienIsamu

    Haruki High (Yandere RP)

    Welcome to Haruki High school, this school has a high reputation that the staff work very hard to keep. However not everyone in this school are, there are a few students who are not as stable mind. information the title gives you the basic information there will be at least 3 or 2 Yanderes...
  16. Demonhunter

    Ouran High School Host Club!

    ouran high school host club: Anyone up for it?
  17. Kylesar1

    Oppressive High School

    Go over to the Overview
  18. Kylesar1

    Oppressive High School

    I want to do a RP set in a high school, where the school is absolutely terrible. The staff doesn't give a fuck, the principal is oppressive, and the students are fed up A group of rebellious students would try and enlist the help of various school clubs and the few good teachers to overthrow...
  19. irl000

    『Eveburrow Highschool』

    Welcome to Eveburrow Highschool. Where the drama will fill your head with anxiety. Where you should be worrying about schoolwork, not your friends being fake. Where your heart will be broken multiply times. Where the place is filled with drama, cliques and lies. Where six or seven...
  20. Annabelle Novak

    Supernatural High School (Accepting Students!) (All Fandoms Welcome)

    'It is sometimes difficult to find a school where you truly fit in. Well, at Supernatural High, everyone can fit in! We will take any creature, so students will not feel excluded. So, yes, humans may also attend. You will be separated by race in the dormitories, if the problem arises. However...