1. aja maji

    Hero Academy

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  2. Loco Mofo

    Mythic Universe Database

    Mythic Universe Database Have you ever had a really good, well developed super hero or villain concept you wanted to do an RP for, or may have ported into Marvel or DC? This is a universe you can establish them in where they won't be alone, or alongside Hulk, etc. How This Works This is...
  3. Shannon Trevor

    Realistic/Modern My Kid, The Hero

    The basic premise for this idea is simple, a young hero or heroine works together with their Father, an Army Intelligence Officer, to take on a cast of villains and their diabolical crimes. I'm looking for my partner to play the kid while I play the father. Their hero identity can be a secret...
  4. Gentlehell

    Realistic/Modern I'm the Android You're Looking For

    "Do you think it'll work this time?" "It has to. The fellowship we're under is expiring." "Yeahhh, but I mean, based on all our work." "Well, of course, we wouldn't be ready to run this if that weren't the case--" "Can we please focus?" Harry interrupted his lab mates lightly, not even...
  5. Fluffykitty9000

    Greatest Heroes to Ever Live... Well Sort of IC

    The room's silence was broken by the loud sound of someone clearing their throat. A plump man stood in front of the 10 teens of various origins, personalities, and genders. The only thing linking them together was that they had all been in the school after hours on a specific day. Some of them...
  6. Fluffykitty9000

    The Greatest Heros to Ever Live... Well Sort of [Cs]

    Appearance(Teenager one only. can be realistic or art): Name: Gender: Age(15-16): Sexuality: -- Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Habits: Fears: Strengths: Weaknesses: -- Bio: Extra:
  7. Fluffykitty9000

    Greatest Heros To Ever Live... Well Sort Of[closed]

    What is your first thought when you hear the word hero? Is it a dashing man wearing heavy, steel armor wielding a sword? A tall man with a cape and bulging muscles flying through the sky? Most people's first thought at the sound of the word is something along those lines. May it come from the...
  8. Spider-Venom213

    Marvel Roleplay(Must make CS by PMing a mod)

    The world of fiction is very interesting, Many complex, Many simple, Many Happy,Many Dark, but this one is special, a world filled with heroes like no other, where teens are heroes, Veterans fly a suit of armor to combat the forces of evil, and evil twin clones exist, this world is known as...
  9. Greenhopper

    Fandom My hero academy rp

    Sup! As the title says I'm looking for some bnha rp, mxm or mxf, I'll be playing male and you can do whatever you fancy! I'm mostly more into OCxOC but if you can talk me into canon chars we can see. As for plots I've got no idea! Just want to work something out, we could be in school or an...
  10. Poopetinspace

    Gotham City, Dawn of a New Night (Batman RP, Always Open! OC and canon characters)

    Howdy! So basically we (Tali Rose and I) are looking for some people to participate in a group roleplay with us. The story starts with Bruce donning the Batman cowl for the very first time. He will go up against crime bosses mostly, but we're open to ideas. With corruption inside the police...
  11. Dragon Slayer Arcos

    Grimm Tale

    This will be a tale of a young man who died well before his time. But, unlike most instances, this will not be the end of the story, simply the beginning. Granted a chance to come back, the young man returns to the world of the living. However, everything has its price. The young man isn't a...
  12. OppositeInverse

    The X-Men [MCU Interest Check]

    "People are afraid of what they do not understand. An alien invasion in New York, a handsome God dropping to us from the heavens, a former icon of a war hero found as a popsicle and now walks among the living. These spectacles people fear, but yet so invite into their very fabric of reality...
  13. Nitro

    Story Character Help

    Ive been thinking of a character. He would be a human that has special abilities. He would have the ability to change the molecules round him into different substance. I.e. he could change water into gold, or the air into lead. His hero name would be Proton. I need a setback. Some flaw in the...
  14. Typ13


    GAME ADMIN: @Typ13 Thadenia The Continent was breathing. It was heavy and tired. Splendid mountains and magnificient forests were in agony. The war drums were spreading across the horizon. Kingdom of Badgel was marching towards East. It was only the first sign of change. After humans...
  15. Typ13

    Thadenia: Fantasy Nation Building(Free to create Races)(FULL/can be reserved for future)

    This is the over all map. Players who want an area will receive a focused map. It will be zoomed in and will contain neighboring countries or folks. Gameplay and Rules -General Rules- Each player will have 3 rights to build something in one turn and the buildings will bring income or loss...
  16. Typ13

    Other Hi new here with ideas..

    Hi, I am new here. Lately, I was looking for a forum to do some roleplay and I found here. So I was thinking to create a nation building rp + heroes. Like, every nation might have heroes and it depends on their way of ruling or building. I want to create a map and ask people what kind of nation...
  17. sitanomoto

    The Guild Of Justice (Medieval DC Roleplay)(IC)

    The year is 1459. Gotham is a bustling medieval town, with merchants and farmers, scholars and mercenaries, and citizens who like to keep to themselves. However, after the sun sets and the stars come out, the town turns into a haven for the scum of the Earth to come and wreak havoc. There are...
  18. BrokenFighterGirl

    Realistic/Modern I need a hero...

    Apocalyptic scenario. You rp a male character. You decide who he is and how old he is. But he needs to become one thing... A hero. I rp a young female (can be between 18-24 years old). That girl knows her worth. Or maybe she just needs to be reminded of it... She has her past, sure. It...
  19. Bastet

    Fantasy •There Be Dragons• (Highly Literate Partner)

    References aside, I want to talk about a particular trope that seems to be popular in the fantasy genre especially surrounding Knights of the Round Table-esque settings: the dragon beneath the dungeon that plays wise seer to the hero- or in some cases villain. I have had the idea recently that...
  20. Bradchon

    Fantasy The Heroes Amongst Us

    The Heroes Amongst Us @Archon