1. TheHappyPikachu

    Other I need some cheering up //QwQ// Send hugglez [Positivity Thread!!]

    Hiya!! So I ran in to some not so nice people on here an it kinda got me down was just wondering if anyone felt like chatting or sending some gifs and memes to cheer up?? Of course this isn't just related to me, please feel free to spread happiness to others as well!! Say something ya like about...
  2. I

    Fairy Tail F-RP Interest Check.

    Fairy Tail F (Fairy Tail Future) would serve, as a Sequel RP of the events set after the original Manga 15-16 years later and would focus on the lives of the children of the Fairy Tail Mage Guild, as well, as the other Mage Guilds, as they all embark together on both funny and epic adventures...
  3. Cares

    Other What’s made you happy recently?

    Instead of all that negativity, let’s focus on making this thread a good one. What’s made you happy recently/what’s a good thing that’s happened to you, no matter how small?
  4. sukaithemoonlord774

    Other Positive Self-Talk Challenge (Not A Forum Game)! :)

    Hello, my fellow members of RPNation.com! So, for those of you who have participated in my previous thread where I was talking a bit about how I wished that people talking genuinely about themselves and the things that they appreciated in their lives (in a non-boastful, truly inspirational...
  5. Z

    Other Happy, YAY. Share how you feel!!!

    I'm finally able to roleplay, been wanting too for so long, did not have a laptop. Now I have one and im feeling so freaking happy now. Really, you've no idea how bad it was... I'd get home and go on YouTube on my PS4, Reddit on my phone, and just be bored. Now with the portable computer I'll be...
  6. Phadia

    Other The Happiness Thread! :D

    All right! So, today.... Today stunk, to be honest. Today.... it was not a good. :/ I was down in the dumps.... but I have this amazing beast friend! We're both fans of Jacksepticeye, and we're following along with his Make 2018 Amazing plan! And while we were talking, we got on this roll. Just...
  7. Jakscar


    Hey, guys! My name is Jake and I already love this site so much! I hope I'll be able to make some friends and RP a lot!
  8. Bored-Tigecko

    Humor Having a bad day? Look here.

    I want as many funny videos posted here as we can get.
  9. sprouhtt

    Realistic/Modern CS: All Fair in Love & War (STILL ACCEPTING) We need male characters!

    Hello again! (When I like your CS that means you're accepted!) I am not going to ask much from you all, and you can add whatever you feel is fit to your character sheet that you feel that is missing from the skeleton below(please keep it appropriate, I'M TRUST YOUUU). You can make your...
  10. IchaTV

    Other Need 10 Posts Lets Talk, Need More Lets Talk As Well

    Have you been having a hard time getting your 10+ post limit with out spamming all the fav this fav that topics? Well, you can always post here and we can chit chat, we can talk about television shows, anime, video games, current news and much more. Hopefully, you can make friends cause I'm...
  11. wendy

    Futuristic Government Project x Scientists Daughter

    Muse A (Male) has been the Project of a group of scientists since he was born. He was born to a crack addict who willingly gave up her baby for science as the scientists raised him on a secluded island and so his whole world consisted of the scientists who raised him and performed tests on him...
  12. Error404RealityFailed


    Hello! Not sure if you know me, but I'm very excited right now! That was hospital one. I sat on the couch doing nothing for a month before finally going to my new therapist. She sent me inpatient again. Then I went to an Out Patient Program So! To the point! Today, 6/23 I...
  13. Verburmite

    RP Partner Hopefully Long Term (Looking for Female) (Discord IUW)

    Hi there I am Munin, even though my profiles says I am Vereburmite but I use that name for gaming and so on, contact me if you are willing to RP on discord :)
  14. JPax


    So this is a birthday post for my breast friend, @Shammy the Shamrock! Yeah, Shammy, I said breast friend because that's what we are! Breast friends! It's kinda cause you're like a really good bra. No, no, not in a weird way! But it's like you're always supportive, you lift me up and you're...
  15. Oceo Frose

    Other Oceo and Wes's Quotes

    That time when you realize that when the sky turns gray is just a reflection of your state. - Oceo Frose
  16. TheAnimeRabbit

    A Day in the life of ?

    This is a rp of a bunch of people who live in a apartment building and there daily life. i wont make a rule list i trust people will stay in the theme of things ^^ If people are interested ill make a place for Characters 
  17. Haley Bryann

    Why insert a witty clever line here, when I can just say something clichè

    Well, well, well. Here I am once again, asking for help. For a friend. Or an acquaintance.    I am here because I cannot focus on my story or other things I should be writing!   So here I am. Once again. Looking for roleplays.   I'll list my rules, and then maybe a...
  18. Jiatsu Yaboku

    The Giggling Goddess (Partner Search)

    This idea is heavily inspired by a song I keep listening to over and over again, knowing the song won't matter much but it's a good listen if you like pop stuff. All right with that little thing outta the way, here's the idea.   On the surface she appeared to you as if from a fantastic...
  19. BIGBOSS1975


    On July 21st, 2000... Mario Tennis was released in Japan. That means that today is the day that Waluigi was graced upon this world... LET'S ALL WISH WALUIGI A WAH-NDERFUL BIRTHDAY
  20. Call Me Lucifer

    Chitchat Ever reunited a dog with its owner?

    So I was out with my mom (yes, I'm a mommas boy and I ain't got no friends but I love my momma so I don't even care), she works at a group home, she gets a call saying two sweet pit bulls walked into the house and they weren't leaving. No tags, collars, but no tags. One looked like a mixed...