1. Kalin Scarlet

    Story Nex Life

    So I've been writing this for the longest of timesl, and I think that if I kep trying to get it just right, I'll never do anything with it. So I'm going to post it here, and I hope you like it!
  2. I_am_deviant

    Fandom Detroit Become Human RP! (OC x CANON)

    Hello! My username is i_am_deviant, but you can call me Blue (since my name is Blueblud on all other websites)~ I am looking for someone to RP with me in the Detroit: Become Human universe. I need someone to roleplay canon characters like North, Markus or Connor to pair up with my OC. But, if...
  3. Matr1x2er0

    PC Legend of Equestria

    Has anyone ever heard of this ?
  4. I_am_deviant

    Fandom Looking for a DBH Roleplay Partner???

    Heyyo! I'm looking for a partner to roleplay characters in the Detroit: Become Human universe! I really don't have much to say except for a few things: What to Expect from Me: > I am fairly busy and some days I won't be online. > I write 2-3 paragraph replies usually, but it all depends on how...
  5. JaCrispy

    The Bi Life

    (based on A tv show) Love doesn’t come easy to all, especially when you’re gay. So what happens when 12 sexy singles get put in a villa together for 3 months. Your character has been selected for a reality show. Each wanting to find love and win the prize money. To survive on the show you must...
  6. Blackvelvet

    Tale of Irremond

    Welcome to Irremond! The first virtual reality game of its kind that uses the brand new Nebula Console that stimulates all 5 senses. Explore your way through vast dungeons, or take part in the various on goings in the city, this game is the first massive online multiplayer that simulates a real...
  7. Tasteless

    Assassins Creed Odyssey (Open world type)

    So, I’ve always really enjoyed the Assassins Creed games, and I think that Odyssey would be a unique and interesting role play! Essentially you can have characters who are Mercenaries, politicians, wealthy men or women, a sailor, Spartan, Athenian or even a thief . Mercenaries are obviously...
  8. SilentSongAtDawn

    Who is More Likely To...

    So the title says it all, you'll say which of your characters is most likely to do the thing that the person above you says, and your reasoning. For example, if the person above me said "Who is more likely to be secretly obsessed with Essential Oils?" I would answer, "Probably Blitz. He's an...
  9. jaylen

    One Word Stories

    As the title suggests, everyone says ONE word after the person above to create some sort of sentence. This will continue until we have a story, and then a new round will begin. Don't go twice. Wait until someone goes after you, then you can say another word. Round One Create an ADVENTURE story
  10. Daisie

    Rate the Person Above

    You know... Just in general. As a human being. Judge their lives on a scale of 1-10.
  11. E

    Say that again!

    Say that again is a forum game where you take the meaning of the above user's sentence and say it again in your words, the funnier the distortion the better. After you do that you also present your own statement to be ripped to shreds. The passenger rubbed soap on the bus driver's face vigorously.
  12. intxcate

    Roleplay Theory Detroit: Become Human Roleplay

    I’m new to this site but I’m looking for someone who might be interested in a 1x1 DBH Roleplay. I tend to opt out of group Roleplays and unfortunately that’s all I’ve been able to find! My kik is kierstenmua if you’re interested.
  13. SCSaya06

    Nero: The Hidden City

    Welcome to NERO: Adjutant Online. Good morning Cypher. Your long voyage from Earth is over and we are holding you in stationary position at Docking Bay 1 in the heart of the colony Astraea. Your application to join the Astral Corps has been accepted and, in a few moments, you will be redirected...
  14. SCSaya06

    VR Mecha Game RP Interest Check

    Working Title – Nero: The Hidden City Genre: VRPG, Modern, Futuristic, Mecha The Game World The story revolves around a handful of players of a popular VR game called NERO. It is a Mecha-based VR fighting and exploration game set in a network of multiple satellite-colonies. In the game...
  15. Queen explosion murder

    Fate grand academy.

    Hey guys. I'm looking at setting up an open group based on the fate series. The role play would take place in a servents academy. The academy was set up in order to train heroic spirits in preparation for the next holy grail War- described as the war to end it all. Heroic spirits are pushed to...
  16. erembore

    Realistic/Modern The Trial - OOC

    @LittleBlindKitten @Foxy-Miles @Beckspace @Rui @KingHalliwell @LindsMagee @Abyss - okay, so, I'm tagging everyone that expressed interest in joining the roleplay (or liked the thread, because... idk what else to do). This is the OOC, and, seeing as this is the OOC, I have an important question -...
  17. erembore

    Realistic/Modern The Trial - Characters

    There are 13 character spots. As of now, 11 remain open. Please read through the IC thread (which includes a plot overview, an explanation of the game mechanics, and a list of rules as well as requirements) alongside the Settings/Locations thread, which has been linked under "other". I expect...
  18. erembore

    Realistic/Modern The Trial - Settings/Locations

    The Mansion is an ancient, seemingly abandoned building in the middle of nowhere, nestled deep within a dark forest. Only those that have business with the Devil may find the path to it during October, and, once 13 have gathered, the prior to this dark structure brightens up as it comes to life...
  19. erembore

    The Trial - Dance with the Devil

    There is an urban legend going around online on shady forums, speaking of an abandoned mansion deep within the woods, past a long-forgotten church cemetery in the middle of nowhere. It is said that this is the Devil's abode. People have been gathering there for who knows how long - odd people...
  20. erembore

    The Trial - Dance with the Devil [a horror, death game roleplay]

    IC||CS||OOC||SETTINGS There is an urban legend going around online on shady forums, speaking of an abandoned mansion deep within the woods, past a long-forgotten church cemetery in the middle of nowhere. It is said that this is the Devil's abode. People have been gathering there for who...