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  1. himiko

    Fandom  fandoms? Yes please! (Plot with Himiko!)

    Hello, I’m himiko! And I’m looking for some Roleplays! I have around 7-8 years of experience! Notes: — I’m an 18 year old female. I would like for you to be 18+ of age for my comfort — please don’t nag me for a reply. If I don’t reply for 7 days, you can bump me. But please don’t bump me...
  2. SLGaming

    Fandom  Fandom RP

    Hey I was looking for people to RP with so I am gonna list a few fandoms below if someone wants to RP it with me (listed in no particular order) South Park Sonic the hedgehog Kingdom hearts Fire emblem Persona Crash bandicoot Danganronpa Super smash bros Ace attorney And that’s pretty much it...
  3. cryptidgoth

    Fandom  to hunt. (ffxiv search)

    hello my name is shep & zenos has me by my heart once more. i’m a twenty seven year old trans dude who plays a lot of final fantasy xiv & is obsessed with zenos. so i’m here to look for someone to rp ffxiv with me. 𖤐 proper spelling and grammar please. 𖤐 would like to rp with someone over...
  4. t0nk

    Fandom  Dark Souls Roleplay!

    I doubt there are any Dark Souls fans here. I would love to do a roleplay in any souls game! (Demons Souls, Ds1, Ds2, Ds3, Bloodborne, any timeline is fine) Now, I haven't played too far into Dark Souls 2, so my knowledge of the areas there is a little slim, however I have played all the way...
  5. BackSet

    Fandom  The Very Best (A Pokemon RP) (Placeholder Title)

    Giovanni Farina Date: Monday April 1st, 1996 Location: Viridian Gym Music Box: Attack on Viridian Gym Giovanni held a Radio in his hand, clenching it hard. "Boss! He's just tearing through us!" A Grunt said over the Radio. "What! That's impossible! He's just a kid!" Giovanni shouted. "It's...
  6. Mickey

    Fandom  Hazbin Hotel or Danganronpa roleplay anyone?

    Please DM me I'd you'd like to roleplay^^
  7. chiaki

    Fandom  Danganronpa 1x1 AnyOne? (Doubling friendly)

    So I find myself craving a Danganronpa 1x1 Roleplay. So, here’s this search thread! Some notes are below and then I get to the gist of things below the notes. — I can do Canon x Oc, Oc x Oc, and Canon x Canon. — I’m 18 and I prefer to Roleplay with others adults. — help me move the plot along...
  8. chiaki

    Fandom  Among Us 1x1? Plots Inside!

    Hello everyone so I’m really craving an Among Us 1x1 Roleplay. I’ve got some plots I’d love to try out and there’s some notes that I need to address first. NOTES: — Im 18 and I prefer to Roleplay with other adults. — I put my life and mental health over roleplaying. — If I don’t respond...
  9. A Mirage

    Fandom  ♛ kings and queens ♛ private with BlackBloodProxy

    ENVY The dropship was always chatty. Someone was always talking at any given point in time, except for when the Legends were down on some battlefield, duking it out for a title, glory, fame, and money - but mostly the title. To be an Apex Champion... now that was something to be highly coveted...
  10. A Mirage

    Multiple Settings  [LF] Long Term Partners! [Fandom & Originals)

    Hello! I'm Mirage. I'm looking for some long-term partners, so read on if you're interested! About Me - I'm 21. I'm comfortable playing with minors and people older than me. - I work on the weekends only, so replies are less frequent then. - I can do multiple replies a day. You don't have to...
  11. Tikidy-Tokidy

    Fandom  Danganronpa Canon x Canon or Canon x OC anyone? 😮😊😀😅😊

    Hello! 😊 My name on here is Tikidy-Tokidy, but you can call me Ticky, Abigail, or Abby! 😮😀 This is an interest check for Danganronpa! 😊😊 Versions of Danganronpa I'd like to roleplay: ♡Danganronpa The Animation ♡Danganronpa Despair Arc ♡Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc (Craving!!😍) ♡Danganronpa...
  12. BlackBloodProxy

    Fandom  Looking for rp partners!

    Hey there everyone! I'm looking for new people to roleplay with and thought I might start up this old account again! + Fallout (3, New Vegas, & 4) + Overwatch + Creepypasta + Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines + Apex Legends + Hades
  13. llSunflowerll

    Multiple Settings  ✧Craving!✧

    Hi! I go by Sunflower or Rice or almost anything tbh I tend to have a different name for everyone lol, I've been rping for almost a decade now (I know, I'm like an old man, even my knees give out sometimes) and I like to think I'm ok at it. I just moved and got a new job so my life these last...
  14. Aquaaura

    Multiple Settings  Looking for canon x canon fandom RP or strong world bulding OC xOC

    Hey all! My name is Tomi, I'm 31 years old and I'm looking for a long term RP partner whos intersted in bulding relationships and worlds with me. I've been RPing on and off for 16 years. RP partner must obe 18+, I'm not looking for children to RP with. I'm not nessicarily looking for long...
  15. Tikidy-Tokidy

    Fandom  Canon x Canon fandom roleplay? 😮😀😊

    Hello there!😁 My name on here is Tikidy-Tokidy, but feel free to call me Ticky, Abigail, or Abby! 😊😊 This is my second day here on the website, and I'm already loving meeting you lovely people to roleplay!😀😀😀 So, I hope tpro meet a few more people to roleplay with!😊😁 Let's go onto the roleplay...
  16. _Graphite_

    Fandom  Let's Travel Across Sinnoh Together!

    For those interested here's the sign-up thread Fandom - (Open) An RP thread based off Pokemon Platinum (Just a reminder posts in no way need to be this long just trying to establish a beginning) "No matter how many times I visit Lake Verity I'm still taken away by its beauty." Standing on the...
  17. CottonCandy414

    Fandom  Genshin Impact roleplay? (OC x Cannon!)

    r e s p o n s e t i m e + l e n g t h First off, I will not do one-liners! I love to write! So far the max I seem to go up to is 500 words per side. Maybe a little more if I’m feeling creative. I really prefer to RP this way, as it keeps my interest in the RP, although, my replies are slower for...
  18. chiaki

    Fandom  fandoms anyone? (doubling friendly!)

    okay so uh... hi everyone. I’m seeking out some fandom roleplays. I have 7 years Roleplay experience and I’m not good with introductions like this so sorry for the awkwardness of it. NOTES: — LGBTQ+ friendly please! I can do any gender pairing — Please be semi advanced to advanced — Okay...
  19. Miu-Miu

    Fandom  Danganronpa CCxCC, MxM, And FxF Interest Check

    ♡Welcome To My Danganronpa Roleplay Interest Check♡
  20. Vanic Vigilante

    Realistic or Modern  My Friend Pedro/Vigilante x Manic

    Partners in crime/romance