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  1. thatguyinthestore

    The Mafia Games (Multi-Fandom Mafia Style RP) [Cancelled]

    What do you get when you cross 'Mafia/Werewolf' with a pop culture inspired multi-universe crossover RPG? You get something that might be a bit similiar to the Traitor Games, I suspect. Characters from all sorts of different worlds, each from different genres, are all put together in one place...
  2. Perth-Farr

    Fandom  Pokémon RP partner?

    I’m keeping this Short and Simple! I prefer to play as a Pokémon, but I’m willing to play as a trainer. That being said, I do have some (admittedly Cliché) Plots is like to try out if it’s Trainers. I do like some good ol’ Romance as a sub-plot, And I do any pairing! What I’m looking for in a...
  3. Coffeepot Giraffe

    Fandom  (Pokemon) The World League

    Over the past few years, there have been Pokemon League Tournaments in almost every region. It’s become a staple of the world. However, 5 years ago, construction for one project began in the Kanto region. The World League. It was an incredible sight. A massive domed building, with a new town...
  4. Creepypasta Playerzzzzzzz

    Multiple Settings  Still looking for RP Partner for multiple horror RP

    Catherine Oc: Quatherine Love Interest: Vincent Brooks Creepypasta: Oc:I have only two on Rpnation Love Interests: Depends on wich girls they like Dark Youtuber: OC: Quintin Sullivan Love interests: Depens on which female Youtubers Are You Afraid of The Dark (I just caught up with the season 1...
  5. dragonsFall

    Fandom  Destinies Intertwined Recruitment

    Warning! This roleplay may contain spoilers for the Kingdom Hearts series! Proceed with caution! Welcome! Have any questions about the plot or the roleplay itself before you join? Feel free to ask! Other than that, thank you for stopping by and I hope you consider joining me for this journey <3...
  6. dragonsFall

    Fandom  Destinies Intertwined OOC

    Warning! This roleplay may contain spoilers for the Kingdom Hearts series! Proceed with caution! Welcome to the OOC thread for Destinies Intertwined! Here you may chat to your heart's content and ask any questions that you may have. You may also post your completed character sheets for...
  7. dragonsFall

    Fandom  Destinies Intertwined | Kingdom Hearts | Open & Accepting

    Warning! This roleplay may contain spoilers for the Kingdom Hearts series! Proceed with caution!
  8. lis-ard

    Fandom  Looking for fandom partners!

    I've gone a while without very many roleplay partners, but I'm hoping to change that. I also have non-fandom OC's for anyone interested! We can discuss everything in DM. Regarding my samples, I am capable of writing longer! But they are the length I mostly write to. If you wish to start...
  9. Sir Aizen

    Fandom  Searching for a PMD Partner! [OPEN, as always!]

    Hullo again, RPNation! I'll cut the usual introduction - chances are you might've already seen my interest check thread already for that. If not, you should go check it out: there's some pretty cool stuff there (in my opinion), ha. The title explains it all: it started with me replaying...
  10. beanwacked

    Fantasy  partner search! (open) (computer view: mobile users be warned, haha)

    about me/introduction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hey there! call me bean. i am a highschooler with a passion for art and writing. i have been writing and rping for roughly seven years now and have returned after a bit of a hiatus. if you must know, i am in the pst time zone, i can reply once...
  11. Crooked Compass

    Fandom  1x1: FFXV, Dragon Age, Kingdom Hearts, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, etc.

    Hey everyone! A few notes: I work full-time, so I'm usually on anywhere from once per day to once per week depending on the demands of daily life. I write semi-lit to lit depending on the scene, and I'm not picky about post length as long as it's enough to reply to. I'm cool with novella or...
  12. Siren77

    Fantasy  Jigoku Fūkei Online (SAO inspired)

    Jigoku Fūkei Online 地獄風景 This is a very simple RP based off of the anime called Sword Art Online. The storyline will be similar in the idea of the various characters being trapped in a VR Video Game where death in the game means death in real life. The only way to escape is to find a way to...
  13. Hubub101

    Fandom  Chaos Trio - KH 1x1x1 [closed]

    Research Report #11 It has been two months since I had begun my research into The Event, and my current findings are as follows. First, prior to the initial effects of The Event, knowledge of other worlds was extraordinarily rare. Reason being that those who did have this knowledge, usually...
  14. ctrinity866

    Fandom  💎Minecraft Roleplay💎o

    Okay, so a bit of a small disclaimer. When I was younger I read these really good books about minecraft where this kid basically gets sucked into the world. I do not remember what they're called, but the plot I have in mind is highly inspired off of it. So, this idea isn't exactly original. But...
  15. Paopu Tree

    Fandom  Final Fantasy 7 Series [doubling | open]

    Henlo, I'm gonna keep this quite simple since I'm REALLY craving this. I'm looking for either a Crisis Core, FF7, or Advent Children based rp. I unfortunately do not know much about Dirge of Cerberus. I'm open to discussuing plots as long as it doesn't stray too far from the original story. I...
  16. FreakOfLater

    Fandom  Dᴀɴɢᴀɴʀᴏɴᴘᴀ﹕ Dᴇsᴘᴀɪʀ Rᴇᴠᴏʟᴠɪɴɢ

    Nobody knew where they were. And they should've, right? After all, they did specifically accept an invitation to this place, did they not? But- you'd think that Hope's Peak High School would be at a high school, would it not? But no- a factory. That was the reason they were confused, perhaps...
  17. Fantome

    Fandom  ☆» mr. love search

    hey there~ I'm gonna keep this thread short, sweet and to the point! as the title indicates - this is a specific search thread for the mobile game Mr. Love Queen's Choice/Love and Producer/Evol x Love/any other title it's known as out there. anyway, I'm in deep with this game and am itching to...
  18. DuchessAnya

    Fandom  Interested in a Fandom RP?

    Hi there! 'm going to be very quick and short with what I'm looking for. I recently have been trying to get myself back into roleplaying after taking a break away from it for quite some time. I have around 7-8 years of experience roughly roleplaying so I consider myself a literate role-player...
  19. FoolsErin

    Fandom  The Chronology Series | The Great Multiverse Cook Off

    Enjoy fandom roleplays? Find roleplaying original characters of all shapes and sizes fun? Consider yourself a fan of roleplays of the long-term, fast-paced, with massive over-arching plots variety? Well then you may just want to give the Chronology Series a look! TCS (an acronym for the...
  20. Nabalcat

    Fandom  Pokemon Galar Region RP

    Welcome to the Galar Region! @Jannah @rockheart0103 @Crow @Coffeepot Giraffe It's another year in the Galar region and we all knows what that means! IT'S TIME FOR THE GYM CHALLENGE!!!!! All trainers please direct yourself over to Motostoke to sign up!