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  1. EllicharaTheReshiram

    Fandom  Seeking pokemon slice of life rp

    Hi! I'm looking for someone to play a pokemon slice of life rp. I will be rp'ing as Cynthia and you can rp as whoever else you want, even an OC or youngster Joe!!
  2. Fangs9090

    Fandom  Elder Scrolls, anyone?

    So, as the title suggests, I’m looking to do a role play in the Elder Scrolls world, though I’m only familiar with Cyrodiil, Skyrim, and Solstheim. Now, before I get into my idea, I should mention a few things. I understand you’ll most likely use a character inspired by your player character...
  3. Sugar Rose

    Fandom  Looking for a Sonic 1x1 Roleplay Partner!

    Just a few simple things to keep in mind- - PM me if you are interested - we can work out a plot! - I can do on here or on Discord - I do not mind roleplaying ships but no NSFW - OCs and Canons I'm open for - I'm British - so I'm in BST timezone - Have decent grammar
  4. Kineticsyngery

    Fandom  1x1 Fandom Partner Search <3

    Really quick personal rules: . 18 - 28 is my age range. Any younger or older and I feel awkward. . I don't mind where we roleplay but I have a discord and an email (obviously lol) if you prefer those mediums over RPNation. . I try not to be a stickler about writing length or grammar but I need...
  5. Megeara

    Multiple Settings  Help me! Partner needed. Any ideas accepted.

    Hello! So my name is Meg! I need a new partner and am craving some ideas. They are listed below. Also if you have any ideas at all please let me know. Please be 18 plus Please post daily Please communicate with me. My only rules. Star wars- Sci-Fi Adventure forbidden Love (really like this...
  6. Castello

    Fandom  Fire Emblem Three Houses: The Crescent Moon War

    E L S E W H E R E The fortress walls stood high over the valley of House Varley. Two figures, a man and a woman stood upon its dilapidated walls, walls that had once withstood countless wars were now just a sore thumb upon the fertile land. The man had dark purple hair, swept back to reveal...
  7. Vapor_Wave

    Fandom  Fire Emblem: Three Houses (OC x Ashe and willing to double up/canon for YOU)

    Basically what the title says, I'm on mobile so this will be brief. Need someone who is well familiar with Three Houses, literate, and has a fairly flexible schedule with good response time. PM me for details.
  8. KingHoundie

    Fandom  Apex Legends - Bloodhound and ???

    Looking for someone who's interested in rping some Apex Legends shenanigans! I honestly don't have any clue on a theme of the rp, however I do prefer to rp Bloodhound. I'm a huge sucker for Mirage, so we all know where that's going. Other than that, I'm open to a freestyle rp based on those...
  9. BrandedAFreak

    Multiple Settings  ~*~Get Lucky~*~ A 1x1 Rp Search

    It's been a while, so I decided to start up another roleplay search, this time with some actual ideas and not a generalized 'this is what I'm looking for'. I deal mostly with fandoms and a small batch of those, at that. This is because my moods for certain ones come and go, but these are ones...
  10. Crow

    Fandom  Digital Disaster [Multifandom Crossover RP] | Signups

    This Roleplay is part of the Chronology Series. Please see the group's Discord Server for OoC talk and further info. This Roleplay is intended to begin on 19 October, though signups will still be open during the brief Prologue, and will close upon Chapter 1 hitting. Any duos that do not post...
  11. Castello

    Fandom  Fire Emblem Three Houses RP

    Fire Emblem Three Houses: A new Story Hello everyone, my name is Castello, but call me Cas! I am looking to create a new roleplay that is built off the universe in the game Fire Emblem Three Houses! It will take place in the past, with its own feuds and events. This also means we will be using...
  12. Kawaii Yandere Hime

    Fandom  Anime/Videogame fandom Roleplay?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a new roleplay partner. I usually do ocxcanon and double but if you want just ocxcanon convince me! If I like your OC enough I'll go for it! I have no line limit and will mirror my partners replies. I am fine with any gender pairing and would prefer to roleplay...
  13. KayWyn

    Multiple Settings  ►A Fool's Journey◄ [Original and Fandom Search]

    Hello! Hi! I'm Kay! I'm making this thread in an attempt to return from a bit of a hiatus that I've been dealing with. I'm a 19, soon to be 20 come November, full-time college student. I know that some people prefer to keep their RP partners within a comfortable age-range for them, so I want to...
  14. Megeara

    Multiple Settings  I need a partner! New intrest check.

    Hello! Meg here in desperate need of a certain RP. So if anyone is willing to take this journey with me! Lets do it! So a couple things I would like to say: Post Dailey! Communication! Which means talk to me I am pretty flexible on things Please write 2 to 3 paragraphs at a time. Whatever...
  15. Mobius

    Fandom  Searching for a Rare Sonic Partner

    I'm searching for a needle in a haystack here, but I need to be able to say that I at least tried! Know that brown dude on the left there? If you do, you might actually be able to help me out! I'm on the hunt for a Remington x OC Sonic the Hedgehog plot. For clarification in case your memory...
  16. nimbuscrying

    Fandom  Looking to play a skeleton man for you (undertale)

    You heard it right Skeleton man. You love them, i want to write them. Im specifically looking to write Horror Tale Sans, or Under Swap Sans But i could do most skeletons. Just dm me or post here!
  17. Natalie H

    Fandom  Borderlands 3 Rp

    Hey! I’m really looking to do a Borderlands Rp, set during the third game. I’m really looking for a partner who is comfortable with more explicit and mature writing themes. I would prefer off-site, but I can Rp here on PM’s, I just don’t get the chance to log in as often as I would for an Rp...
  18. FoldedPages

    Fandom  「lit to adv lit 」folded's search ❥

    let's roleplay, y e a h ?   hello, and welcome to my roleplay search :,) please call me folded. let's get to it, yeah ? i'm going to keep this short and simple. (lower case aesthetics only) about me; well into my 20's she/her or they/them oc x canon trash with that being said, i am mainly...
  19. Ishmael

    Fandom  1x1 Azur lane Rp

    Hallo, your ever present lurker here. I've come today to post my first search for a roleplay partner for a Azur lane roleplay. Plot wise it could either follow the games, or initially the first episode of the animes plot or any plot that could be agreed on. Personally I do not mind rping as a...
  20. S. Jennings

    Fandom  MySims Chaz/Travis RP

    I recently got back into the MySims fandom, and would like someone who is familiar with the character Chaz McFreely to play that character, and I play Travis. I am open to plot and setting ideas, though a setting that I know could work is a high school or college au. Also, I'm hoping for a...