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  1. .emma.

    Multiple Settings  plot with me?

    Hey all! So uh... I need some active roleplays and I have some fandoms and original ideas below! I can do any gender pairing and for fandoms, I can do anything from Canon x Canon to Canon x OC to OC x OC I’m semi advanced to advanced and can type up to 5 paragons maximum. Also romance is an...
  2. Battaswing

    Fandom  Looking for a long-term partner to rp TF2 with! (:

    Hello! I’m new to the site, so I’m not sure if I’m formatting this post right, but I’m looking for someone who’s willing to do a Team Fortress 2 RP with me! I personally really like angsty roleplays, but I’m flexible and always open to ideas!
  3. SoftGalaxy

    Fandom  Look for some new RP partners

    Hey all! I’m looking for new Roleplay partners! I do both fandom and non-fandom Roleplays and have 5 years of experience and can write multiple lines/paragraphs! Here’s an updated list of all my fandoms I could think of (Don’t be afraid to ask about ones not listed!) + some non fandom genres I...
  4. Bunesh

    Fandom  Underswap RP (warning: Very dark elements)

    What if a timeline splinter caused someone to appear in the post Good Ending Underswap run, someone that Papyrus knows well... Frisk. But this Frisk is damaged, not like the dark little psycho in Chara's head, but a damaged little girl with her own problems, and a lot of worrying scars. I'd be...
  5. ThatOneYue

    Fandom  Persona: Connections (OPEN)

    Part 1: The background The Kirijo Group is a globally operating multinational trading company. It is said to be involved with almost every aspect of daily life and finding someone that doesn't know the Kirijo Group is virtually impossible. After the passing of Takeharu Kirijo due to an unknown...
  6. Commander Rabbit

    Fandom  Rabbit's Fandom Search

    ♡ About Me ♡ Hi! You can call me Rabbit. I'm 25/f, and I work full time as a dog groomer. I like horror and romance, and love them combined! I'm a shy person, but I'm very friendly and would love to make more friends on this site. I recently took a break from role-playing, as I was overwhelmed...
  7. ForgottenHome

    Fandom  Persona Dusk [Open, Interest Check]

    This is based on a server I made on Discord. The server is dead (it's kind of my fault because I lost access to Discord) so that's why I'm making a version here! Mysterious happenings have been occurring in Japan over the last few years that no-one can seem to wholly explain. From a large cult...
  8. Nocturne.

    Fandom  Umibe: Our Seaside Home | A Pokémon Roleplay — OOC

    For all OOC chatter!
  9. Nocturne.

    Fandom  Umibe: Our Seaside Home | A Pokémon Roleplay — CHARACTER SHEET

    Full Name Age Gender Role Type Specialty (If any.) Pokémon Team 1. Pokémon + Type + Level 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Appearance (Picture or description.) Personality History Extra
  10. Nocturne.

    Fandom  Umibe: Our Seaside Home | A Pokémon Roleplay

    Umibe: a home for Pokémon and human alike. A region off the bay of Pokémon World's famous seaside, it's much like all regions before it: Trainers dream to be the Champion, battling Gym Leaders and fellow Trainers alike to fight their way through the ranks— a variety of Pokémon run awry, which...
  11. kirigiricup

    Fandom  Danganronpa Roleplay 1x1 Interest Check

    I already made a search thread but this thread is going to be for Danganronpa only. I can do Canon x Canon as well as Canon x OC. I have some OCs that I would love to use tbh. Anyways, romance is an absolute must. Platonic threads for me are a no no because they go nowhere whenever I used to...
  12. kirigiricup

    Fandom  Stardew Valley 1x1 Roleplay?

    Hello! I got back into playing Stardew Valley and I would love to do a Roleplay! I’m willing to double up and I can do MxM, MxF, and FxF I am 18 years old and female and I would like for my partners to be 18+ too. I am semi advanced to advanced and I tend to be a little slow with replies so...
  13. kirigiricup

    Multiple Settings  Plotting with kirigiricup? (Craving Seraph of the End)

    Hello all, the name is kirigiricup... kiri for short. And I’m looking for some roleplays! A little things about me: — 18 years old, Cisgender female, feminine pronouns — 8 years of roleplaying experience — Semi advanced to advanced. — A little slow with the replies so be patient please —...
  14. Planxty

    Fandom  The Many Wants of Planxty

    The Basics -18+ please, my 30 year old ass isn't entirely comfortable having correspondence with anyone younger. Thank you for your understanding -I'm cool playing any gender, but I usually play female or enby...male OCs are rare for me, character ideas don't often come to me in male form lol...
  15. Darklord95

    Fandom  The ultimate Mortal Kombat Team Tournament

    This isn’t getting much traction on 1x1 so I’m gonna try it here. We’re each going to pick a Mortal Kombat character and they are all going to team up and enter the ultimate mortal kombat tournament, fighting other teams of 4 until they have defeated every character that has ever been in Mortal...
  16. Demon knight

    Fandom  Doom Rp (open)

    Welcome to the Union Aerospace Corporation or UAC. You've been accepted to be one of the Marines in this fine company. Directors Samuel Hayden and Jane Pierce are looking for the best Marines in the entire Earth. In the year 2263 the Mars facility has been rebuilt ever since the invasion 100...
  17. Squad141

    Fandom  Danganronpa: Festival Frenzy

    @leviathan. The Bells Ring Once. You're Invited! The day that you have both dreaded and almost over-prepared for has come. You and a small handful of others have been selected to be part of the Ultimate High School Talent Festival, one of the finest celebrations held in Japan, with only...
  18. KirienIsamu

    Fandom  Touhou

    I have recently gotten into Touhou this past week. I wanted to play around in a simple comedic setting with the characters just for fun. I'm still learning about everything so If you know more then me and I make a lore mistake feel free to correct me. Since cannon and fandom can get confusing...
  19. Darklord95

    Fandom  The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Double Team Tournament!

    We will each choose a character from Mortal Kombat (I call dibs on Erron Black) and the characters we choose will team up and take on other teams of other MK characters until we have defeated everyone in Mortal Kombat. All I ask from RP partners is that you are chill, fun-loving, and that you...
  20. Darklord95

    Fandom  The Ultimate Tekken Tag Tournament Steve Fox and Ling Xiaoyu

    Steve had heard of the new Ultimate King of Iron Fist Tag Tournament, he had to be there. Unfortunately, he had no way to contact hwaorang, having no one else he knew well enough to work with, he decided to go to the sign up area, and hopefully find someone there willing to partner up with him.