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  1. AntisocialToaster

    Multiple Settings  Toaster’s Search

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for people to one on one RP with. I have characters of all genders and ages that I can likely work around a specific setting if you’d like. To make it easier I have a dog swordsman (f), a kobold (nb/fluid), a cowboy (m), a little cat rogue (m), a dog boy (ftm), a...
  2. Saiyan Princess

    Fandom  SessRin Craving (Sesshomaru x Rin) from Inuyasha

    Okay. I know this is probably a long shot, but I am looking for someone willing to play Lord Sesshomaru while I play an adult Rin Before y'all get mad about this, SPOILER, watch Yashahime Princess Half Demon. It would probably be set just as Rin becomes a woman and makes her choice to love the...
  3. iggy

    Fandom  stranger things rp please :)

    hi, all! my name is iggy, and i literally just joined this site 5 minutes ago so forgive me if i mess up with formatting or whatnot i am in my 20s, go by she/her pronouns, and have been rping for about 10 years off and on. i am currently obsessed with stranger things, and would LOVE it if...
  4. Midnight Iris

    Fandom  𝕮𝖚𝖗𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝕮𝖗𝖆𝖛𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘 - TWD & LOTR | OCxCC | MxF | Double

    𝕮𝖚𝖗𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝕮𝖗𝖆𝖛𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘 ╔═══════════════╗ 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔 & 𝕽𝖚𝖑𝖊𝖘 ╚═══════════════╝ I. 18+ Only (21+ preferred) II. Multi-Para (2 - 5+), Adequately detailed, Literate, and Active (usually a few replies a day, if I'm not super busy and if I'm very invested in the plot). III. OCxCanon only and Doubling only...
  5. C3tis

    Fandom  Looking for an RP partner!

    I'm looking for anybody who can play one of these characters: -Kurt Kunkle (from the movie Spree) -Walter 'Keys' McKeys (from the movie Free Guy) -Steve Harrison (from Stranger Things) **NOTE THAT: I have only watched the two movies, and I am on my way to watching ST. I do not mind spoilers...
  6. goodbyeskyharbor

    Fandom  the quarry, wanting to test some new muses.

    Hello, I'm Grace, and I'm 21. I've been roleplaying for around a decade give or take and write a mix of canons and originals. Currently, I've been obsessed with The Quarry and have been thinking about picking up a character from the game. I'm currently looking for someone to test out writing...
  7. Necromantic

    Fandom  Fandom Partner Search

    Hello! I'm Necro, whichever name you like the most. Looking for some one on one roleplays for my favourite fandom, as most people are when they put up an ad. Live in EST, just decided to come back here, will only accept partners that are 18+ because I'm an adult. Have a bit of a preference...
  8. ZaynMaliksheart

    Fandom  Multifandom Roleplay

    I’m looking for 2 x 2 descriptive roleplayers! I’m not picky on rules just don’t over power my oc or spam me. 7 lines minimum. You start and I can’t wait to rp with you !! Please BXG only <3 - Marvel # - divergent + - fast & furious * - Star Wars * - Criminal Minds # - Blue Bloods # -...
  9. Dragonlord318

    Fandom  Redemption And Chaos

    Howdy there. Looking for someone to play Twilight, Luna or Applejack. I'll be playing a human.
  10. Call Me Dio

    Fandom  “look at her -- i would die for her. i would kill for her. either way -- what bliss.” - 1x1 Interest Check

    Hello there! Call me Dio, Yes like Dio Brando, or the band, or Ronnie James Dio? Are there any more Dio's I need to be aware of? Regardless I am a 16 year old roleplayer from the CST area of American. I'm nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. I'm currently working a part time job at a fast food...
  11. DS3942

    Fandom  [OC x Canon, Double Up] Roleplay Search

    Hello everyone! It's nice to meet you all, I'm Kate! I haven't roleplayed here in a while, so I thought I'd start searching again. About Me I'm a 21 y/o female that loves to write and draw. Making OCs has been my passion since I was a teenager, including the creation of an alien species and...
  12. Suesue

    Fandom  Undertale RP Partner.

    Hay! (一-一) I'm looking to have a 1x1 Rp with someone that'll play my new UT Oc's love interest. I'd prefer the rp to be descriptive and laid back overall. I'm new to rp nation so I'm always looking to meet new people. Feel free to DM me if your interested. ( *^_^* )
  13. Trafalgar Hoshi

    Fandom  One Piece l Private RP

    Rina Kohu Blue-haired female arrived on an island that was part of the new world. Now she made it here without being hurt or worst that was beyond her she travel on a small boat by herself. Again no one really knew what she was or where she came from. Not many people knew she existed only a few...
  14. CavyStars1

    Fandom  Long Shot Fandom Rps

    Long shots I know..... () Character in these are ones I am asking you to be. Be long term. I do play male by the way. I am NOT against mxm or fxf. That being said if the character isn't into such don't force me into doing it. Don't dump me cause you are "busy". I can wait on replies..I am a...
  15. nymphaleon

    Fandom  Stranger Things partner search

    Hello !! I’m currently hyperfixating on Stranger Things and I’m super desperate to rp it lmao My preferred love interest is Eddie Munson, however I’m also fine with Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, or Robin Buckley ! Please pm me or reply to this thread if you’re interested !! I look forward...
  16. Winter Kakyoin

    Fandom  Semi-Lit to Literate Creepypasta RP?

    Hello everyone! Lately, I have noticed that the Creepypasta fandom is coming back to life, which I am so excited about! So, at the moment, I am interested in doing a Creepypasta roleplay! I am willing to double up, so of course I'll be playing as my OC, and then I can play anyone you'd like for...
  17. EldritchPeachbunny

    Multiple Settings  searching for partners

    About me: -I am 31 years old, I identify as Non-binary. I use they/She. -I am a night person, so i am on in the evenings into the early mornings -I am open to posting twice a week, sometimes more. -Lazy-Literate, 2+ paragraphs per post/character at minimum. Sometimes more...
  18. reachforthesky145

    Fandom  Talk to me Goose (Top Gun Rp search!)

    Welcome Flight Crew to the Danger Zone! Hello, hello, hello! Welcome! As the title implies, I am looking for a Top Gun (The Original or Maverick) roleplay! Looking for someone who has advanced writing, detailed oriented, and can write at least a decent amount. There is no length requirement...
  19. AoiOfCrows

    Fandom  Stranger Things Craving

    Hey there! For starters I use they/she pronouns and am 29 so 18+ only please. I am hoping to find someone interested in starting a Stranger Things rp! I am looking for OC x CC where it would be my OC x Eddie Munson. I try to write longer replies so everyone has more to work off of and the...
  20. Primadonna Princess

    Fandom  {MxF Doubling.} Gangs, Mafias & More.

    Going to make this short and sweet. I’m an adult female who’s looking for one or two role plays. They’ll be two pairings of MxF, with me playing a female for one and male for another. Please ensure you can double too. Not interested in someone who can play females only. I’d prefer it to take...