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  1. Caffeine Freak

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Isekai

    This page is a work in progress. In the meantime, check the interest thread. Sign up here.
  2. Caffeine Freak

    Fandom Rainbow Six Isekai CS

    Most of the relevant information can be found on the R6 wiki, however you're free to make your own adjustments to the operators to fit better in the RP. If you're unsure, ask in the OOC. Codename: Appearance: Real name: Gadget: Loadout: Armor rating: X/3 Speed rating: X/3 Psychological...
  3. For_You1

    Realistic/Modern Bangtan Bois.

    So, I've spent the last hour with this post thread up, hoping that something would come to me as to what to write on here. But the fact of the matter is, I don't know how to ask for what I want without sounding like a prick. Alas though, here I am. I'm going to sound like one, so brace yourself...
  4. skylarhaven

    Fandom Spideypool AU RP

    Wrote out a starter for a Spideypool AU, but the person who was going to do it never even read it or change their mind about doing the RP. It’s been over three weeks. No powers AU where Wade is a simple hitman and Peter is an engineer for Stark Industries. Starting off with a Meet cute where...
  5. ThePinkestFlower

    Fandom Darkiplier x Antisepticeye

    Hello im looking to do a Danti roleplay. I've go some plot ideas but I want to be Anti. There are other details to discuss so private message me if you're interested. |Mature themes warning|
  6. Breech Loader

    Fandom Sonic Fandom Partner needed

    It's fairly simple; I need somebody to RP Sonic stories with. Real Life Gender doesn't matter at all. What I'm looking for is somebody who has at least an intermediate-knowledge of the Sonic franchise, and is a flexible-length poster. I also like long RPs. Your gender doesn't matter at all...
  7. TheBlazeBird

    Multiple Settings Another Partner Search I suppose.

    Hey, how are ya'? I'm just a guy who watches from the shadows, but just got bored. I'm not all too good with intros, so let's cut to the chase. About me -Just a lazy 16 y/o (with possible, but unseeable potential. Probably.) -Friendly neigborhood geek by day, diehard gamer by night... or...
  8. Mystic Dreamer

    Fandom Seeking Fandom Partners |MxF| |Detailed| |18+ only|

    Hey, guys! I'm seeking a few detailed, multi-paragraph partners to do a couple of fandom roleplays with me. :) I'm hoping for someone to play the male lead for me while I'll be playing the female lead (of course, we can always double!). Rules: - Please be at least 18 years of age (prefer 21+)...
  9. sarcasticqueen

    Multiple Settings looking for a partner! semi-lit to adv. lit

    Hi, everyone! My name's Serena. I'm looking for an rp partner. My writing style is usually advanced lit., but I'm not particular about the number of paragraphs. I like a little quality in my responses, something that I can go off of. I prefer good grammar and all the usual connotations, but I...
  10. DavidRanger318

    Futuristic Overwatch: The Rise of Zero - Looking for a Female Partner

    Looking for someone to play a female Overwatch character. Canon or OC, doesn't matter. The post below is the start of a thread I had, but my partner backed out. If you'd like to RP with me, please let me know!
  11. poisonous

    Multiple Settings —「 LTRP Search. 」

    gonna try to keep this short and sweet, 'cause it's five in the morning and i should've been asleep like six hours ago. oops. the boring but pretty important stuff. currently in central standard time ( cst ). lazy-lit. my schedule doesn't allow me to be online as frequently as i'd like...
  12. APastelDaydream

    Sonic next gen (RP)

    Location: Skye's House, 5:39 PM Skye was putting money in his pocket, While gently humming to himself. He promised Slade he'd go to the summer fair with him and he didn't want to let...
  13. Crow

    Fandom Kaiba in Kowloon [Illiyasviel von Einzbern X Crow]

    Cyberspace EDEN looked friendly on the surface. A clean white scenery that hosted a town plaza within virtual reality, what was there not to like? This next step in virtual reality technology allowed people to interact as if they were interacting in real life, how charming. Every bright place...
  14. Caffeine Freak

    Rainbow Six Isekai Interest Check

    Have you ever wondered how the main cast of Rainbow Six Siege would hold up if they were reincarnated into a fantasy world? No? Well now you can! In the most bizarre ambitious crossover since Avengers Infinity War, Team Rainbow finds themselves dealing with a situation unlike any they have ever...
  15. WHITEN01SE

    Fandom Crossovers!

    Hello there! I'll keep this brief but a certain person caused me to want to do some crossovers! I'm kinda into romance right now..! But that's not a necessity for the rp. If you're interested, let me know and we can work something out! I have ideas for a few of the crossovers that I'm imagining...
  16. Sincoco

    Fandom Fandom hunt! Lots of options available!

    Are you looking for fandoms? Well then, you came to the right place! I had to leave for a while, but I'm back! If I couldn't reply to a pm, send me a new one! c: I'm currently looking for canon x oc roleplays full of romance, and either super fluffy, or dark themes! The Rules: - Long posts...
  17. LittleBakingBun

    Multiple Settings Fandom and Original Lit/Advanced Lit Search!

    Howdy y'all! My name is Jules and I'm a full time software Developer looking to take a break from writing code and take up writing some RPs! Before we get into the fun stuff, a bit about me. I've been RPing for 12 years I'm a pretty busy person and I work full time so replies wont come until...
  18. skylarhaven

    Fandom Still looking for partners. Multiple Fandoms.

    I have been RPing for over 10 years now. I work a full time job and go to college as well. Sometimes work gets a little crazy but I post multiple times a day and I'm usually on at night and some weekdays. I'm EST time zone. Fandoms: -Voltron- not really craving anything for this fandom, but if...
  19. ThePinkestFlower

    Fandom Cielois black butler AU roleplay

    Hello there im looking to do a Ciel x Alois roleplay but I don't want ot to be set in the time of the show I want to do an AU preferably with them as teens or adults as well. I have some ideas for the AU and im fine with being either of them. Please pm me if you're interested and well discuss...
  20. APastelDaydream

    Sonic next gen rp OOC (DISCORD)

    Made a discord server for my rp Sonic Next gen rp (Accepting!!) However i ask to only join if you either have a character or plan on making a character so it isn't confusing!! We'll still rp on the main threads However this'll be extras ooc talks and mini rps in the server!! Here's the link...