1. Kinana

    Gang Rp

    Amber Dressed in all black Amber walked through the crowded streets of the city, a cigarette pressed between her lips. It was getting dark and the people around her were trying to get home as soon as they could, from work or other activities, especially the ones who worked near the old...
  2. Serenity_Ahya_Miles

    Fantasy It's dumb, but whatever

    So, I've had the idea of a roleplay. The plot being: Two separate kingdoms go to war. Both are humanoid dragons (still human, but dragon tail, wings, ears, ect. (no scales though)) of course, but there is a prince in one kingdom and a princess in the other. The princess is only two years...
  3. A lecto

    Elementaris Acadamies (special weapons, fighting school, other dimensions -fun)

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  4. Gossip

    Multiple Settings (MxM, MxF, FxF, NoPairings) A bit of Fandoms, a bit of Original plotlings and a lot of prattling about myself

    Gossip here with a serious need for roleplays! I'm freshly 27 years old and have been roleplaying in bursts since I was a young teenager. I can play both genders and am fond of NPCs in order to make livier plots, though I'm toying with the idea of taking NPCs on and off the main characters...
  5. Goldieloxx

    Realistic/Modern Always Better Together [CS]

    CHARACTER SHEETS **REALISTIC pictures preferred!** Name: Age: [18-30] Gender: Sexuality: Face Claim: Apartment Floor/Letter: [example: floor 1, 2, or 3; and apartment letter A, B, C, or D] Eye Color: Hair Color: Height/Weight: Body Type: Tattoos: Piercings: Distinguishing Marks: Likes: [3+]...
  6. S Q U E A K

    Find Me

    Find Me Hello [insert name], My name is AI605 and I’m a computer programme ordered to send you this mail by my master. You have been chosen to join our alliance called Zero. We stand for freedom in this world ruled by power hungry men who would do anything in order to retain their position...
  7. InKryption

    Fantasy In Search of Shenanigans

    I was writing some "experimental" stuff, when I felt a sudden craving to collaborate. So then I remembered this thing. I stopped using it a while ago due to some personal problems. They got fixed, eventually, but I just sort of left behind most things involving social media and such as a result...
  8. social

    What We Did This Summer

    ic is currently open. links_ ooc | characters | interest check
  9. Misty Gray

    The Oath - 1940s Gangster Drama - IC (Ended)

    IC Play Thread OOC Thread || Character Sheets || Chapter Summaries Chapters Chapter 1: One Murky Evening Chapter 2: Forgiveness, Justice and Revenge Chapter 3: Crossing the Line Chapter 4: Happy Birthday, Mr. Romano Chapter 5: The Calm Before the Storm Chapter 6: Compassion and Redemption...
  10. Misty Gray

    Realistic/Modern The Oath - 1940s Gangster Drama - Characters (Ended)

    Character Sheets OOC Thread || IC Thread || Chapter Summaries 1948, Chicago. Crime and corruption are poisoning the city’s streets with many people fearing the Romano Family and the Sullivan Gang. As many crimes go unsolved and criminals walk away unpunished, the police and FBI are being...
  11. Misty Gray

    1940s Gangster Drama - Interest Check (Temporarily Open - PM me)

    The Oath - 1940s Gangster Drama - OOC The Oath - 1940s Gangster Drama - Characters The Oath - 1940s Gangster Drama - IC Thread I ran a similar RP on a previous forum and I'm missing a good old-fashioned gangster RP. The setting will be in Chicago and will take place in the late 1940s. The...
  12. AkwardWriter

    Academy for the Supernatural and Gifted Humans *~Remake~*

    Academy for the Supernatural and Gifted Humans ➴Main➶ This is where the strange escape. Everyone shunned by the normals. Here we are treated as though we are "normal", we get to live the life we've wanted. We get our own special chance at romance, friendship, hatred, fights, etc. OOC...
  13. Aster

    Realistic/Modern ► Insignia: Character Relations ◄

    Character Relationsx x a place for everyone to keep track of who knows who registration guidebook tracker questhunt questlog initiation headquarters
  14. PaddieCake

    Realistic/Modern Enemy Mine (Paddiextoplofty)

    Gregor Alden @toploftyAssassin
  15. AviouslyPTX

    Realistic/Modern Totally Different CS

    Character Sheet In Character - OOC {slide=100|center|} {/slide} {slide=100|center|} {/slide} {slide=100|center|} {/slide} {slide=100|closed||center|▼}Name: First Middle Last Nickname: Optional Age: 19-25 Birthday: What's on your birth certificate...
  16. AviouslyPTX

    Totally Different IC

    code by l o l i t a {slide=300|open||center| IC Thread }It is May 12th! Move-in Day! {/slide} TAGS @jbreezy @Pandaskel @WolfSpirit @NeoStigma @ThatDove @wanderlost @Keaira
  17. Dante Verren

    Spirit Field Guide

    Entry 001 Name:_______ Abilities:_______ Threat level: Low Appearance:
  18. xEmoBunnehx

    Fantasy Aetheria's Cry - Locations

    Aetheria Ascendancy       The Aetheria Ascendancy are a large insurrectionist/Rebellion group seeking to topple, what they see, as an unfair system and drag down the Magos from their perch. They despise the caste system that is in place, with the Magos at the top and everyone below them...
  19. newcents

    Callie and Blakes Relationship Chart

    "Hey buddies!" { 16 | Emo | Nice, Caring, Submissive } ⚜ Acquaintances || ☯ Neutral || ☮ Friends || ♫ Best Friends || ♥ Love Interest || ⚤ Boyfriend/Girlfriend || ☠ Enemies (Note: These are based on what I see with your character sheets. This is subject to change) { ☯ }C H A...
  20. Lucid Lies

    Realistic/Modern Saint Mary's Relations

    C H A R A C T E R  N A M E  H E R E IMG or GIF of character here "Quote here." ⚜ Acquaintances || ☯ Neutral || ☮ Friends || ♫ Best Friends || ♥ Love Interest || ⚤ Boyfriend/Girlfriend || ☠ Enemies T I F F A N Y . P H I L L I P S |  {Symbol} "Thoughts here." Detail on...