1. Airagog

    Shadows of Esteren check.

    The year is 907. Unrest brews throughout the peninsula of Tri-Kazel from the southern shores to the cliffs of no return. King Kailleach Anweal sits upon his throne, his brow furrowed, his once youthful splendor dulled, his hair beginning to gray. His eyes losing that sparkle they once had...
  2. Jakelad

    Advice/Help It's another fantasy roleplaying system!

    It would be in your best interest to avoid replying to this post. Just take in what I've shown here and consider the plots I haven't shown you yet. As daunting as group roleplaying, commitment, and matching five-paragraph monsters daily seems, I'm thinking about giving it all a try at some...
  3. n.y.c.t.o.

    Advice/Help How Does Dice Rolling Work?

    So how does it work? I tried entering in values and a little thing in the Dice Rolling tab at the bottom of the posting appears, but I'm not really sure what number it rolls...? Am I supposed to use a physical die? Probs not... pls help
  4. AshuraaHunter

    Falling Apart (Multifandom RP) is now open.

    Check out the complex, gamified RP, and all of its current additional pages, right here. Falling Apart (Multifandom RP)
  5. Beckoncall

    Free-form light dice Discord Chat based fantasy RP! Check it out!

    The Dungeon Clearing company seeks new heroes! Check this game out, it's been going on for a bit but we've been looking for new blood! Message me if you like also! Game Link: Unferth's Dungeon Clearing Company -- Hi-Speed Dungeon Crawls! Discord Link: Discord - Free voice and text chat for...
  6. Protagonist

    D&D 5e RP in sci-fantasy setting I made?

    (This map is WIP): Hello, there! I was wondering if you guys might be interested in starting up a D&D 5e RP with me? My idea is that the setting is a planet that used to be advanced, but suffered some collapse a few centuries ago and has reverted back to the middle ages for the most part...
  7. AshuraaHunter

    Falling Apart (Multifandom RP)

    It began. It began so abruptly, so suddenly that not a person had a clue of what was occurring, nor did they know what they could do about it. This multi-dimensional ripple... this aura... it seemed as if it was tearing the fabric of time, space, existence itself. Loud pulses screamed...
  8. Dreamtique

    Pokémon Destiny: Web of Wyrd

    ♦ OOC ♦ Character Sheets ♦ RPInfo ♦ Dice Roll Welcome to Finnero, a paradise of arts, poems, eternal night sky, moonlight and dazzling starlight, topped with layers and layers of mysteries. The region of Finnero's sky is truly a magnificent one. It's a fragment of the galaxy that shines...
  9. AshuraaHunter

    [LITERACY REQUIRED] Gauging interest for a currently-untitled multiverse/dice RP.

    Hello, everyone. I have been long absent from this website, and it was a regretful decision to leave after only a month or so of continuous activity. But I have come to terms with the fact that we all have personal lives that we were obliged to attend to on a daily basis. I was just swarmed in...
  10. Daekra

    Euterpe | Roleplay Discord

    "We opposed their stay." "They were not meant to live in chaos, yet they did." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Good evening folks and welcome KTVA on channel 11...
  11. erembore

    Dice Delinquents and Despots || D&D 5e Evil Campaign || - Lore

    Oblitius is a world of many breathtaking natural sights. Its southern hemisphere is taken up primarily by the seemingly endless expanse of water that is the Vorago ocean, which spans all the way to the ice continent of Numquam, to which none dare venture save for the scarce expeditions...
  12. xxFoxFaderxx

    Help Group / Dice RPs

    I'm pretty new to this website and have some questions about group roleplays, dice, and hosted projects. What are they and what can I expect if/when I join them? I feel very intimidated by the group roleplays because they seem so professional and well put together / instructed and I'm scared...
  13. JakeParade

    Looking for Colonists.

    Hey there. Ever heard of Rimworld? You just like survival stuff? If so, great! If not, well...Doesn't hurt to try something out, right? I'm looking for folks to make characters and subject them to horrible torment at the hands of cruel storytelling. A fair warning, characters are pretty likely...
  14. JR McCormick

    Faerûn (The Claw of the Storms)

    (NOT YET OPEN) GAME Faerûn (Dungeons & Dragons) OOC Faerûn (OOC) CHARACTER SHEETS Faerûn (CS) Faerûn The Claw of the Storms The year is 1271 (DR) and bitter month of Tarsakh begins to loosen her icy grip on the Rauvin. Thick snow covers the landscape still, waning only as the hot...
  15. JR McCormick

    D&D - The Claw of the Storms

    GAME Faerûn (Dungeons & Dragons) OOC Faerûn (OOC) CHARACTER SHEETS Faerûn (CS) Editing this initial post to link people toward the OOC chat if they're interested! Please consider this Thread nothing more than an advertisement. This is a D&D homebrew adventure loosely played around the 3.5...
  16. JakeParade

    Life on the Rim

    Preface Hey there. If you've stumbled upon this little nook, then you must be a fan of Rimworld, right? If not, that's okay too. All you need to know about Rimworld is that you need to survive on an uncharted, hostile planet on the edge of known space. I'm new to this kind of stuff so go easy...
  17. Rin Nyx

    Fantasy A Medieval Adventure OOC

    In Character | Out Of Character Chat | Character Sheets Welcome to A Medieval Adventure OOC! Please be respectful to other people here, but other than that, feel free to talk about whatever. Talk about the rp, talk about cheese, whatever you want! Occasionally we'll be rolling dice here when we...
  18. Rin Nyx

    A Medieval Adventure (open & accepting)

    In Character | Out Of Character Chat | Character Sheets Setting: Medieval fantasy. Magic is medium frequency -- It's still rare, but it's common enough to have some magic items effect everyday life (such as rich families having access to some magic items for creature-comforts, like traveling...
  19. Necessity4Fun

    Help Lack of dice in the HPs

    Hello, I was helping a friend by telling him where the dice function was but then I realized I could use it in my workshop no problem, but when I went in the actual RP thread there was no roll option there. We were trying to post into AEGIS so that made me think that maybe all Hosted Projects...
  20. K

    Realistic/Modern PLEASE DELETE