1. ThaDruid

    Everyone is John - A Game for Three or More Horrible People!

    GREETINGS and SALUTATIONS, terrible people of the world! If you are here, then your thinking bits must have been stimulated by my ingenious and strategic placing of words in the title. Or perhaps you already know the wonderful game that is Everyone is John, and felt like playing. Either way, you...
  2. Beckoncall

    "Horrors of the Red Cathexus!" Pathfinder Bodysnatcher campaign!

    Hidden from the eyes of the lands of men and elves, there are epics and heroes of evil as much as of good. This is one such story, behind the veil of the dark tapestry, and behind the veil of broken ground in the deepest underdark -- this is the story of the Red Cathexis, and the horrors it...
  3. Beckoncall

    "Horrors of the Red Cathexus!" (Pathfinder players as monsters!)

    hey guys! This is a call-back to a concept I ran semi-successfully on the paizo boards ages ago called "horrors of the red cathexus" -- the idea behind it being that instead of creating normal characters for pathfinders, the players create a unique race/type of "body-snatcher" whether it be a...
  4. Hans Johann

    Fantasy Pathfinder, anyone?

    Hey all! I'd love to find someone who is interested in playing a 1x1 Pathfinder campaign. Starting at level 1. Any race, class, alignment, archetype, etc. Not looking for a romantic RP, but not necessarily opposed to it. Open to gender bending. LGBT friendly. Overall just looking for...
  5. Rusty of Shackleford

    Help Dice Rolls?

    Hi! So, me and some other people are planning in doing a D&D campaign on site, and I would like to know how to use the dice. I thought I saw how to use it somewhere, but I never needed it until now. Could someone help me? Thanks in advance!
  6. Aurum

    POKEMON - Dungeons the Dragoning System

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon! In this world, incredible and mysterious creatures known as Pokemon live alongside people, and in the wild. Pokemon have amazing powers and abilities, and although their use and trade is limited, you were one of the lucky young ones to graduate from...
  7. Zamorak789

    Fallout: Retribution [Percentile Die System]

    Hello, Vault Dwellers! Welcome to a die-rolling forum based RPG created by yours truly (With help from the deceased Black Isle Studios, rest in peace.) The original fallout games were basically pen and paper roleplaying with a graphical skin and called a video game. Just because you didn't have...
  8. Seraph Darkfire

    Fotíste ti Nýchta: Illuminate the Night

    "There are things beyond this world that we do not fully understand, we can't-" "Silence, this is our only option. The Nýchta is growing, it has already covered the southern islands." "Agreed. The Nýchta is the most pressing concern. We will deal with these "Adventurers" after they have dealt...
  9. Neon Valkyrie

    (P&P) Desperate Times (A Simple-System Superhero RP)

    Hullo, I'm Neon. I like superheroes. I also like tabletop roleplaying. I also ALSO like RPN. I would like to mash the three of those things together using the Prowlers and Paragons rules (pdf available for free, just google "prowlers and paragons pdf") The system kind of runs itself, and gives...
  10. TheGrimPickler

    The Missing Deans of Teldaria

    Welcome, to the forlorn continent of Teldaria. Formerly known as one of the proudest trading islands in all of Lostram, we've seen better days. About 15 years ago, a Warlock named Shamit decided he'd had enough. He was a decent mage, but never could hold his own in a professional guild. No one...
  11. Baku the Shipping Lord

    Lost mine of Phandelver D&D 5e

    So for starters I am deciding to try out running this campaign with new peeps. So as of now I am looking for people. How we will do it is up to you guys. But for now I'll just leave you with the intro to Lost mines of Phandelver. And if you do pick me as your DM... Thank you, I won't let you...
  12. Airagog

    Shadows of Esteren

    The world is a dark, cold, and barely suited for human life. Humanity is confined to a large peninsula with threats lurking in its shadows. Each of the three ruling countries is constantly under siege from internal and external threats, from their neighbors, to nightmarish beasts known as noctis...
  13. AshuraaHunter

    Falling Apart (Multifandom RP) is still open!

    A dice-based, crossover roleplay with tons of interesting things! If you have any questions, ask me. Check it out here!
  14. Apple Thief

    Dogs of Direhold (Dice)

    "Enlist! Enlist! Enlist!" Fall in, countrymen! The world needs you! Join the Dogs of Direhold today! Brief Summary of the RP Players are volunteer defenders in the enchanted fortress of Direhold. This mysterious stronghold was created eons ago to combat outsider threats from other...
  15. AshuraaHunter

    Falling Apart (Multifandom RP) - Advanced Battle Arena

    The gates opened. The gates opened without warning for those that stood near them, within the Main Central ship. Where they rest against the walls were the former location of rigorous construction, but the building process had finally concluded. What laid past the gates was a futuristic...
  16. cuddlefish

    Tower of God: Ascension

    Hey. You. The one with the funny avatar. Don't stop reading yet. ...uh, cuddlefish here. I'm planning to create a Tower of God roleplay, but before I do so, I'm going to see if anyone is interested. I was hoping to get a group of four to five, but as long as the positions are somewhat...
  17. Idea

    Advice/Help D&D Instructor Needed

    Hello there! So, recently I've begun looking into exploring this whole other side of roleplaying, dice roleplaying, specifically I wanted to experiment participating in a D&D campaign. The problem, however, is that the few people who seem to even go to the dice section are either newbies like...
  18. Airagog

    Shadows of Esteren check.

    The year is 907. Unrest brews throughout the peninsula of Tri-Kazel from the southern shores to the cliffs of no return. King Kailleach Anweal sits upon his throne, his brow furrowed, his once youthful splendor dulled, his hair beginning to gray. His eyes losing that sparkle they once had...
  19. Jakelad

    Advice/Help It's another fantasy roleplaying system!

    It would be in your best interest to avoid replying to this post. Just take in what I've shown here and consider the plots I haven't shown you yet. As daunting as group roleplaying, commitment, and matching five-paragraph monsters daily seems, I'm thinking about giving it all a try at some...
  20. Elowyn

    Advice/Help How Does Dice Rolling Work?

    So how does it work? I tried entering in values and a little thing in the Dice Rolling tab at the bottom of the posting appears, but I'm not really sure what number it rolls...? Am I supposed to use a physical die? Probs not... pls help