crossover fandom

  1. thatguyinthestore

    The Mafia Games (Multi-Fandom Mafia Style RP) [Cancelled]

    What do you get when you cross 'Mafia/Werewolf' with a pop culture inspired multi-universe crossover RPG? You get something that might be a bit similiar to the Traitor Games, I suspect. Characters from all sorts of different worlds, each from different genres, are all put together in one place...
  2. Death man

    Fandom  Fnaf Roleplay

    Anyone can join feel free to
  3. Kemii Lu

    Fandom  [1x1 YouTube Roleplay]

    Ayo! As you might be able to tell by the title, I’m looking for someone who might be interested in a roleplay involving Youtubers. I’m familiar with a wide variety of different creators from game channels to reaction channels and I’d be down to play just about anyone, and can even do research...
  4. Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

    Fandom  Fate/Universal Era (A Nasuverse crossover with Gundam) Recruitment page (limited openings)

    The year is 2999, Humanity has expanded their civilization beyond earth, and have colonized several other planets teraformed to meet living conditions. Thanks to expansion, most of humanity has become united under the name of the Earth Union (EU for short.). Amongst this advancement in the...
  5. Steel Accord

    Fandom  Marvel: Need Thor for a team up.

    I'm looking for someone to play Thor and his extended cast in a crossover with another Marvel superhero, the Immortal Iron Fist. The overall plot idea is there's a fighting tournament of various realms but up to this point Asgard has never been invited. So being Asgard, they storm in (almost...
  6. Albert_Drake

    Fandom  Marvel x MHA Discord

    If any of you wannna join an rp group that has potential join my discord Marvel x MHA group it'll be fun and the creativity is endless. Hope to see you there.
  7. Nightwisher

    Fandom  Millennium City: Stimulant - Cocytus -

    The building in front of the group was made of red brick, with as few windows as possible it seemed. Noise could be heard from the roof -- laughing, music, general club sounds with the mixture of splashing water. One may have thought that a rooftop pool was a bit much for a club, but none of you...
  8. Mystics Apprentice

    Fantasy  The Yule Ball (A Companion RP to The Four Courts) (Accepting)

    This RP is a companion to the Four Courts universe. I am accepting guest characters to enter for this holiday special. If you are interesting in bringing a character, please visit the sign-ups and create a character sheet. : ) Further, characters from other RPs (including The Haven and...
  9. StryxRiver

    Fandom  Stryx's Sandbox Request

    I am uncomfortable to play as a canon character but do not mind if my partner does. My Hero Academia Naruto Fushigi Yuugi Hellsing Bioshock Slayers Revolutionary Girl Utena Battle Angel Alita (Manga verse) Assassination Classroom Star Wars Star Trek Mass Effect Dragon Age Elder Scrolls Final...
  10. Centurion_

    Quest  Millennium City: Stimulant - "Bright Beginnings, Dark Pasts"

    “There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. There’s always a city.” - Elizabeth, Columbia circa 1912 YOU MUST SIGN-UP IF YOU WISH TO JOIN THIS RP! PLEASE FIND THE SIGN-UPS HERE. --------------------------------------------------------- The truck shakes as it travels down the...
  11. SheWolf

    Multiple Settings  🌌 🌙✨Hey guys! I need a partner or two (fandoms included)✨🌙🌌

    Hey guys! I am SheWolf, 26 years old and looking for roleplay partners! About me: ✳️ I have a sporadic daily schedule so I cant RP as scheduled as some of you might like me to. ✳️ I try my best to keep up with my partner's post length but I am most comfortable and work best if there is no...
  12. LunarArt1

    Multiple Settings  Introduce me to your fandom (Crossover edition)

    Hello! I’m here with another introduce me to your fandom. Like before I like getting into fandoms via rps, but the difference for this one is that this time I wanna get into it by doing a crossover! I’ll try to be fairly open to most, but there are some that don’t rub the right way. So anyways...
  13. FoolsErin

    Fandom  The Chronology Series | The Great Multiverse Cook Off

    Enjoy fandom roleplays? Find roleplaying original characters of all shapes and sizes fun? Consider yourself a fan of roleplays of the long-term, fast-paced, with massive over-arching plots variety? Well then you may just want to give the Chronology Series a look! TCS (an acronym for the...
  14. Triforce

    Fandom  Looking for a Partner

    I'm looking for a partner who is willing to play around with all sorts of settings and will give ideas just as much as I have ideas. I have plenty, but I don't want to be the only person in charge of the plot. Your ideas are just as valid and we can always come to an agreement on a way to add...
  15. Centurion_

    Fandom  Millennium City: Stimulant (MULTI-FANDOM - OPEN)

    ----- THE PREMISE ----- “There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. There’s always a city.” - Elizabeth, Columbia circa 1912 Millennium City is an ever-growing and ever-changing super-city. Bright, glistening skyscrapers that pierce the clouds accompanied by long shopping strips that...
  16. thatguyinthestore

    Fandom  The Chronology Series|Blood Gulch Blues (Multi-Fandom RP Series)

    Do you like fandoms of any kind? Do you enjoy playing OCs of all kinds of varieties? Do you enjoy long term, fast-paced rps? Do you like overarching, epic plots? Then the Chronology Series is for you! The Chronology Series is an ongoing multifandom rp group. We focus on monthly/bi-monthly rps...
  17. Nightwisher

    Fandom  Grace for Sale: The Devil's Carnival (Multifandom Crossover RP) || Sign-ups

    Premise You've died! Congratulations! You've been brought to Hell due to your transgressions. Most importantly, your final transgression. Based on your last sin, most likely the sin that led to your death, you will be faced with the trials of Hell's Carnival. First and foremost, it will be...
  18. Omens

    Fandom  Avengers/Doctor Who Crossover (18+)

    Hey, I'm looking for someone to play Loki for my male OC. I will double as any MCU or Doctor Who character. My character is the son of the Doctor and River Song. He's a few hundred years old and recently regenerated. He stole his father's TARDIS and has his mother's taste for trouble. He lands...
  19. PopcornPie

    Fandom  Fourth Wall, INC. (Interest check)

    Everyone loves cartoons. Everyone hates not being able to fight, laugh, or love alongside them. People made programs where other people could interact with them, sure, but those were still just AIs. Coding. Pixels. Not the same. In comes a large group of genetic scientists, their heads...