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  1. LyricalMelodies

    Fandom  Searching for new friends and RP partners!

    Hello! To start off simple, I'm Lyric, bigender (he/him and she/her pronouns both acceptable), SAHP, and always on the hunt for more people to RP with! That said I have a few requirements before getting into the fun stuff. 1) Absolutely no one under 18. I would honestly prefer people over 21...
  2. Rat Underwater

    Fandom  Fandom roleplay check! (Looking for Demon Slayer and Hunter x Hunter)

    Hi there! It's nice to meet you all! Most people call me Alex, so you guys can too if you want! I'm looking for fandom roleplays, mainly KnY and HxH. But for both of those, I'm fine with crossovers with other fandoms! If you want to introduce me to one of your fandoms while I introduce you to...
  3. TitaniumSP3CTR3

    Fantasy  The multiverse... shattering... while everyone ignores with bliss.

    Greetings. I am here to find people who are committed and hopefully have a timezone close to GMT-8 which is pacific standard time if you are confused with time zones. I try not to ask for too much due to my selfless personality but I am starting to grow... fatigued from all the patience. The...
  4. Kitana3440

    Fandom  Looking for Long term roleplay partners

    Name: Ari Age: 20 Gender: female Time Zone:Pst Roleplay style: 1st person/2nd person/3rd person, & one liner/semi illiterate Rules: read every rule I have. Follow every rule, no exceptions.You have been warned. Also, I'm not changing how I RP I'm Looking for an active, long term roleplay...
  5. kirigayri

    Fandom  Mystic Messenger Crossover

    hello! 20+ here looking to rp a mystic messenger/dangan ronpa crossover plot! i’m looking to play as MC (kyouko kirigiri) with a Jumin! I’m really interested in the “heir” x detective troupe if this interests you at all, please feel free to message me. I was in a MM RP server back in the day...
  6. Arkaeis

    Realistic or Modern  NoWhere Profile thread (always open)

    Please post your CS's here before posting an entrance post. They need to have the following at minimum, but please feel free to add however much more you want.


    So thought this could be a fun RP to do. If you don't know Project X Zone is part of a series of games starting with Namco X Capcom it's a crossover game with those companies then they Added Sega and in the 3rd game they added 3 Nintendo Characters 2 being from Fire Emblem(which is basically all...
  8. Padraig Wax

    Multiple Settings  A retelling of one story with characters from another? (Kind of a crossover interest?)

    Hear me out: we have a popular movie series (in my mind, I'm thinking STAR WARS but instead of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Emperor Palpatine, they are replaced by characters from another fictional property (Adora [She-Ra] and Frieza [DBZ] for example). It would still be the UNIVERSE in which...
  9. TitaniumSP3CTR3

    Fantasy  Slice of supernatural life

    Hello, I am a new member of this community. I wish to roleplay with someone who will most likely going to respond and will be quite committed to the role play. I am comfortable with ages 13 and up. I am also very flexible. I will try to elaborate more as soon as the PM commences. I do require...
  10. InkyDigiWing

    Fandom  Digimon Fusion rp interest check

    Anyone interested in a Digimon Fusion rp about the digimon king and his adopted princess? Her name is Harper and she used to be a human that reincarnated into a digimon
  11. InkyDigiWing

    Fandom  Digimon Fusion ~ Defenders Of The Digital World

    Harper was a starseed......she'd lived many lives before her current..reincarnated until today..she was reborn into a indigo colored Veemon.....the digimon king had taken her in..adopted her as a princess and taking her under his wing......Harper looks up to him so much....where...
  12. InkyDigiWing

    Fandom  Legends Of The Ink: A Bendy And The Ink Machine Roleplay

    Long ago after Henry defeated Alice and the ferocious Ink Demon, the workshop was at peace for several years....The ink demon also returned....still hunting and searching alone....still a little ferocious but maybe he was looking for a friend of his own?.......a creature was hiding in a vent...
  13. Lokitty

    Fandom  Lucifer (Netflix) - M/M or Gen - looking for canon or cross-canon: Old Guard, Supernatural, etc.

    Hello, this is a pretty short post since I'm merely looking to feed a craving, one that went on for a few months already, but a craving nonetheless. Who I play: Cain (Marcus) from Lucifer (Netflix) - A note though, I am not playing him as a full villain. Because he is not. Who I'm looking...
  14. starwarsxlarrystylinson

    Fandom  Larry Stylinson - Bounty Hunter!Harry, Jedi!Louis

    Hi! I'm currently looking for someone that may possibly be interested in doing a Larry Stylinson Star Wars type gig. I drew up a rough prompt just to give and idea and something to go off of. Bounty Hunter!Harry(20) - Jedi!Louis(19) (Empire Era) Harry sauntered into the Cantina, taking a...
  15. Nocturne.

    Multiple Settings  Quantum Crisis [MULTIVERSE FANDOM RP]

    For countless eons, the billions of multiverses lived in blissful, isolated harmony. Conflict and peace contained within themselves; in all regards, it was a highly efficient system. Until... Under the strain of supporting new realities every waking moment, the multiverse collapsed in on...
  16. Attesa

    Fandom  Tear in the Multiverses (A Crossover Sandbox RP)

    This is the intro post to Tear in the Multiverses. If you have a character in any corresponding location as marked on your character sheet, your username will be tagged in that location. A brief intro is supplied for each location as well as the current time to give you the general setting...
  17. survivorsguilt

    Fandom  Zootropolis RP?

    ✨ Hey everyone! ✨ I'm looking for anyone who would be interested in roleplaying a Zootopia/Zootropolis storyline with me. I'd like to play as Judy Hopps. ___$$$___$$$____ __$$$$$_$$$$$___ __$$$$$$$$$$$___ ____$$$$$$$_____ ______$$$_______ _______$ _____¸.•´¸.•*¸.•*´¨`*•.♥ _____*.¸¸.•*¨`...
  18. AlexandraRoseLeclerc

    Fandom  [MultiFandom Academy RP] Multiverse Academy

    Multiverse Academy Many years ago, every celestial beings were agreeing to have different universes in under one universe. They called it as the Multiverse, it is a completely new universe where all yet different universes are in one world. & the time for the universes to be collided & under...
  19. Kameron Esters-

    Fandom  Perpetual Rebirth: The Transient Shadow

    A man walks across a few corpses spread out across a scorched and barren waste land. The man limps as he is hurt from two arrows piercing his back. He breathes heavily as he can feel his life slipping ever so slowly but he was determined to make it or there was a fort just before him near the...
  20. Crow

    Fandom  Disaster in the Dreamscape
    Index: Chapter 0

    Check out the signups here. In the great cosmos, the dreams of every being that walks the many universes are connected through a great realm known by many names - the Dream World, The Dream Realm, the Dreamlands, the Realm of Sleep, the Dreamscape, so on. Dreams of all kinds lurk, and dreams...