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  1. Fisheggos

    Fandom Crossover Pairings MxM

    Basically, what I'm looking for here is crossover pairings (God I love crossover pairings). You know that obscure character that you've felt weirdly compelled to roleplay? But assumed you'd never really get the chance? Well here it is, I want us to hash out characters from different fandoms and...
  2. ThePinkestFlower

    Fandom Campé diem (Camp Camp RP)

    Hello, im looking to do a roleplay based off of the show camp camp. I'm fine with romance, action, adventure, aged up characters, canon x canon, canon x oc, AU or basically any type of roleplay you can think of for this fandom. Pm me if you're interested. Let's not talk on the thread.
  3. ThePinkestFlower

    Fandom Fandom ships omegaverse/ABO roleplay

    Hello im looking to do an either MxM or FxF omegaverse/ABO roleplay from certain fandoms. All characters from these fandoms would be adults if they're young. Example: Bill x Adult Dipper. Here is a list of fandoms and ships im looking for right now. I can be either of the characters from these...
  4. ThePinkestFlower

    Fandom David x Daniel rp Camp Camp

    Hello, im looking to do a David x Daniel roleplay. Daniel is featured in the episodes cult camp and attack of the torso takers if you don't remember. I have a few plot ideas and I can play as either of them. Private message me if you're interested to talk about our roleplay preferences and plot...
  5. thatguyinthestore

    Eye of the Falls

    This roleplay is a part of the Chronology Series. Please see our Discord/Wiki for OOC and further info. OOC talk in the potential IC thread is highly ill-advised. Link to sign-ups. Prologue “The Weirdness Begins” The room was brimming with light, various sparks coming from a...
  6. thatguyinthestore

    The Cape [Multi-Fandom Sandbox RP]

    A roleplay set inside the Chronology Series. See our Discord/Wiki for more info. There's no need to post a character sheet for The Cape. Simply post and get started! You all arrived the same way. A message had arrived for you, whether it be through e-mail, postage, packaging, or even a...
  7. ThePinkestFlower

    Fandom Creepypasta Roleplay

    Hello. I am looking to do a creepypasta roleplay. I know many of the characters and im opened to doing canon x canon or canon x oc. I'm fine with it being platonic and just going through the story of their lives or having romantic elements too but know that weather you're playing as a killer or...
  8. ThePinkestFlower

    Fandom Villainous Roleplay🎩

    Hello, I'm looking for a roleplay from the show Villainous, it can be romantic, purely evil schemes, or a mix of both. If you don't know what it is look it up, its worth it. But for those who do know I can do canon x canon or oc x canon. So whether you're a hero who thinks that they'll always...
  9. thatguyinthestore

    Fandom Eye of the Falls (Multi-Fandom Crossover RP)

    This roleplay is part of the Chronology Series. Please see the group's Discord Server and our Wiki for OOC talk and further info. If you've ever taken a trip through the pacific northwest, you've probably seen a bumper sticker for a place called Gravity Falls. Well, maybe you haven't...
  10. Crow

    Cygames Crossover Roleplay [Granblue Fantasy, [email protected] CG, Zombieland Saga, Shadowverse, etc.]

    Alright, basically I had this idea and I need a beeg group to pull it off. The core concept is that the RP is a crossover of various series under the company Cygames (Granblue Fantasy, [email protected] CG, Zombieland Saga, Rage of Bahamut, Umamusume, Dragalia Lost, and the list goes on.) The directions it...
  11. KokichiLove

    Universes Collide (A Multifandom Interest Check)

    Placeholder title. Anyways I think I saw something similar to this but not quite the same. The basic plot behind this is that every fandom takes place in its own universe, but what happens when the characters from each universe all end up in one big city together? There will be plenty of...
  12. CorgiDream

    Looking to rp some RWBY?

    Hi I'm new to this site and I would love to find people to rp RWBY with it can be ocxoc, canonxoc, or if you want we can get a group of 4 people and even make our own RWBY team I'm not comfortable enough with rping cannon rn and feel more comfortable rping my ocs let me know if your interested c:
  13. thatguyinthestore

    Point Zero

    Please see the group’s Discord Server for OOC talk and further info. OOC talk in the potential IC thread is highly ill-advised. Link to sign-ups. In the vast reaches of space, there exists something known as the multiverse. An unfathomable amount of universes, worlds, and dimensions...
  14. Jacenio

    Multiverse (one on one) (closed)

    For many centillions of years (that's a one followed by 303 zeroes) the multiverse has remained separate. Worlds did not interact with each other except for very rarely and usually only hours at a time. But what if something happened. What if the world's all crashed. What if the Universes became...
  15. ShipKing98

    Fandom Wanting to RP an AU for Black Butler

    Hey guys, I'm seeking to RP in an AU I've created for Black Butler, based on the Way Walkers series. I've created an info doc here complete with 3 starters for Ciel (who I've decided I want to play as in this AU). Note that the part at the very end really only applies to people I linked to the...
  16. thatguyinthestore

    Multi-Fandom RP Series (The Chronology Series)

    Do you like anything tv, books, anime, movies, videogames, and essentially any form of medium in existence? Do you like a constantly evolving story with its own lore and characters? Then look no further than The Chronology Series! The Chronology Series is exactly what it sounds like: A series...
  17. thatguyinthestore

    Fandom Point Zero (Multi-Fandom Crossover RP) [CLOSED]

    Please see the Discord Server for OOC chat and further info. White. That is the first image that graces your vision as you awake in this room. Pure, blinding, white. You find yourself looking around the room through squinted eyes, having felt like you had just awoken from a very long nap...
  18. Cthulhos

    Third Realm

    Earth shares some portals with a magical fantasy world similar to Third Earth from the Original Thundercats. Meaning, a world where most life is populated by anthropomorphic entities such as beastmen and catmen, etcetera, a world of mysterious origins that could be linked with Earth, for...
  19. Crispy Otaku Sandwich

    Fandom ✪ Fandom Search ( D:BH / Voltron Plz? And others )

    Ayo! I'm going to keep this a lot more sweet and simple than my other search threads. • Will role play both on site ( conversations, threads ) or offsite ( discord, another forum ) so just let me know what your preference is. And yes, when role playing over threads I'll usually make 'pretty...
  20. cheysecake

    Multiple Settings ♔. 「 Cats + crossovers + Danganronpa V3. 」 — 1x1 search.

    EDIT, 5/9/2019: Removed some options due to others already showing interest - don't want too much of the same thing. Howdy! I'm so bad at writing recruitment threads, so bear with me if this is a bit weird. This is also a little long - please read through all of it, though! I've bolded what I...