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  1. LunarArt1

    Fandom  Bleach crossover rp

    Hey I know I just posted a thread about crossover rps, but I decided to make this one separate since it’s a huge want for me. I can play most of the characters from the series if they pop up. I’m looking for new fandoms or fandoms I’ll list below, please let me know if you’re interested and...
  2. LunarArt1

    Fandom  Crossover/OC Rp

    Hey, I’m looking to get into new fandoms by rping them. I’m down for playing a character from my fandoms or an oc whichever is needed more so then the other, or whichever you like more. If romance is involved then I would like to do mxf (m-me)I don’t have many rules other then I need anything...
  3. Crow

    Fandom  Digital Disaster [Multifandom Crossover RP] | Signups

    This Roleplay is part of the Chronology Series. Please see the group's Discord Server for OoC talk and further info. This Roleplay is intended to begin on 19 October, though signups will still be open during the brief Prologue, and will close upon Chapter 1 hitting. Any duos that do not post...
  4. PopcornPie

    Fandom  Multiverse Protection Brigade: Into the Backyard

    The multiverse contains thousands upon thousands of different, distinct dimensions. They are more numerous than the grains of sand in one dimension alone. But what glues them together? From where do these worlds materialize? Where do their inhabitants originate? The answer to all of these is...
  5. X-Fic

    Fandom  Exiles - (A Massive Crossover) : Recruitment Thread

    Have a blurb, all! This game is inspired by (but not based on) Marvel's Exiles --- The Story... Time has become unhinged. All realities and all dimensions are loosely connected, making up a “chain of reality”. If something should go wrong in one reality, it will eventually create a domino...
  6. ItsyBitsy

    Fandom  Looking for a RP Partner (MCU)

    Hello there! After a little while of being on this site trying to figure out how to use it (still getting there!) I decided to post a thread in hopes of finding a RP partner and develop my skills - but most just for some fun! I've roleplaying/writing for quite a long time now and since I have...
  7. X-Fic

    Fandom  XPeare: A Shakespearean Fictional Crossover

    Through the lost annals of time and space, very few things last than true works of fiction. Books, television, movies, written word… all surpass and outlive mere mortals. Though their meanings may be lost on generations after the time of their conception, one thing about them is true: the...
  8. JRay

    Fandom  Just looking for rp practice. Maybe even hoping to be allowed into the main cannon rp

    I'm just a guy who wants to make fun stories, but needs a little experience first and can only do one character atm. Main Interest Include: Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet & Clank and Smash Bros. (Like subspace styled stories) not much to say. I'd mainly like to do gaming crossovers, like if Sora...
  9. Ironheild

    Fandom  Borederlands

  10. David

    Fandom  Another Peter ( Peter Pan , Marauders era crossover ).

    Hey guys I’m just wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a Rp where Peter Pan attends hogwarts and becomes the 4th Marader instead of Peter Pettigrew I would play Peter Pan and i’m looking for someone who can play two of the marauders probably Sirus and Remus . PM me so we can discuss...
  11. Pineapple Smoothie

    Fandom  Multifandom rp, come and join the fun (always open!)

    I am so so so happy to be posting this. <3 *blows kisses to everyone* so thank you all. I, myself, will be using two characters one canon and one OC. Not sure why or how to make it possible for everyone to meet, so open to suggestions. You can do realistic, fantasy, anything; but not anime...
  12. Pineapple Smoothie

    Fandom  Multifandom rp anyone?

    Right now I am just going to see how many people would be interested in this idea. What if people from different fandoms was on the same cruise ship or something? Can be a something based on fantasy or reality. Just please no anime, cause that would be weird. But like I said, I'm just testing...
  13. MissMurderx

    Multiple Settings  Mob RP

    I kind of really wanna start a Mob rp. Everyone would state what position in the mob they’d like to be and then we’d go from there. Idk just a thought. Might’ve spent too much time on TikTok lol
  14. Pineapple Smoothie

    Multiple Settings  Crime show roleplay, anyone???

    I love crime shows as you can probably tell from here, right? Now, I do not watch ALL crime shows, but here's the ones I do watch and would love to rp with someone. But I probably won't stop there, I may still post other things I like, who knows. If there is something that you want to do but I...
  15. Pineapple Smoothie

    Fandom  Rp anyone?

    I know I have a ton of these and all, but some of my interests have changed so instead of editing one of those, I decided to make a new one. Boring Stuff ~I can play either gender. (Male or Female only! No nonbinary please!) ~BxG only pairings, sorry!!!! ~I only use realistic faceclaims. ~I...
  16. fleshandhoney

    Fandom  Roleplay Hunt!

    Hi everyone!! I'm a bit new here orz but I'm really interested in finding some roleplay partners! A little about me: My name's Roe and I'm a 22 year old student/part-time worker. I do have responsibilities and a wife so please excuse me being unavailable at times. I do reply multiple times per...
  17. Centurion_

    Fandom  The Trials - Battle Royale Reality TV Show

    "You are now watching The Trials live on ADM, home of the world's most successful show of all time!" ----- THE PREMISE ----- Somewhere in the near future, a world-wide reality TV show is scheduled to begin in the coming few days. This show is called 'The Trials'. The Trials came about when...
  18. RogueBird

    Multiple Settings  Checking Rp Interests! / 1x1 Partner!

    Hey ~ it’s been a really long while - but time to see if anyone is able to rp ~ I usually do Fandom rps, but I’m willing to do ones that are more us making them up! These are the fandoms ~ starting with Anime!: AoT Haikyuu!! (Not sure how much I remember sadly tho) Free! Ouran Host ...
  19. thatguyinthestore

    Fandom  Enter the Cosmos

    For OOC talk, please see the group's Discord Server. OOC talk in the potential IC thread is highly ill-advised. Link to sign-ups. Ahem! Today... I'm going to tell you the story of the Star Festival. Every hundred years, a comet appears in the skies above the Mushroom Kingdom. The...
  20. foxtrot1521

    Fantasy  We’ll Go to Very Distant Lands (closed)

    Welcoome doood!! I’m still figuring out plots but so far I have this idea: Like we could maybe do our own and some Steven universe characters that wind up in the adventure time world but with amnesia so the entire plot is them remembering who they are and finding how to get home.. or they choose...