1. LifeNovel

    Bug Messages

    Not anything major but I'm wondering if perhaps some of my earlier posts were erased or somehow disappearing because my message count keeps decreasing. At first I thought that maybe I was imagining things but now that I am certain that I passed the 5,600 message count yesterday I know something...
  2. Beebasaur

    Count Duckula

    Full Name:Count Duckula the 17th Nickname:Count Duckula Good or Bad:Good Fandom:Count duckula Gender:Male Age:1700 History:In this series it was revealed that Duckula came from a long dynasty of vampire ducks and had been killed several times and brought back to life again. So...
  3. billthesomething

    How far can we count until someone posts a pokemon picture?

    this works the same as the mod version of this. the objective is to see how far we can count until someone posts a picture involving pokemon. Let's start 1
  4. Jazzy

    How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

    So basically, each person says a number until a mod breaks the cycle with a message. I'll start it off. 1 High score: 163