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  1. SociallyAwkwardSoul

    Futuristic  World in Ruins (OPEN)

    Darkness. The room is cold and dimly lit. You don't know where you are, but you may as well know everything. And then the door opens.
  2. TinjaNurtle

    Multiple Settings  Interest Check: Fandom and Original [Always Open]

    Hi! I'm Rhys. I've been roleplaying for at least 14 years, but I've been out of the "game" for a while, so I'm rusty. I'm lit and para/multi para, but I have a gentle stance on it. Mistakes happen and there are sometimes when a short reply is all you can give. I just ask that it's more than a...
  3. thatguyinthestore

    Fandom  Chronology: Ultimate

    Please see the group's Discord Server for OOC talk and further info. OOC talk in the potential IC thread is highly ill-advised. Link to sign-ups. “And you’re sure that there is no way to stop it?” The King of Wakanda, T’Challa, otherwise known as the Black Panther, asked the two...
  4. Grand General

    Fandom  No More Vigilantes CS

    Notes This is the bare minimum feel free to go above and beyond. A like from me is an accept. Try to World Build in your character sheets [Appearance Image] Name: Alias(es)(optional): Amalgamation: Age: Gender: Sexuality: Race: Affiliation: Personality(Optional): History: Abilities...
  5. Clarathebell

    Fandom  Into the Spiderverse

    I am once again asking for a roleplay partner. (it's a meme chill) Anyways, as the title would suggest it's Into the Spiderverse themed! After all this time I finally watched the movie and I loved it so I made a character and a scenario to play out! It's pretty vague so feel free to add on to...
  6. illuminatethenight

    Fandom  Marvel Roleplay Searching Thread

    Hey, everyone! :D I’m new to the site, but definitely not new to roleplaying. I figured I’d post a thread to see if anyone is interested in a Marvel roleplay. I have an OC planned out to be paired with Peter Parker/Spider-Man (the Tom Holland version because he’s simply amazing, haha). I’d be...
  7. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] livebeta

    A young, distant planet orbits closely to it's parent star FIRAST, a BLUE SUPERGIANT. As the second closest planet, it is named FIRAST B. This single-mooned planet is home to the ALTERNIAN COLONY that shares it's name, an isolated rock for young members of TROLLKIND to mature. You are one of...
  8. thatguyinthestore

    Fandom  Chronology: Ultimate (Multi-Fandom FINALE RP)

    Chronology: Ultimate is intended to be the final rp set in The Chronology Series. The Chronology Series is a series of multi-fandom roleplays that all inner connect with each other to form one gigantic story. Chronology: Ultimate will be used to serve as the finale for that series of rps, and...
  9. This Mess

    Fandom  I have some cravings! M//

    I haven't posted here in a long time, but I've got some cravings and hankerings, so I'll just post them all here and see what I get! This is all on the basis of M// (sorry F//!). F/M highly depends on the fandom but I'm playing it safe and prefer M//. About: Name: Po I'm 28, 29 this year...
  10. J

    Fandom  1x1 various fandoms

    Looking for: Bleach Digimon Naruto or anything DC or Marvel
  11. Grand General

    Multiple Settings  Marvel/DC: No More Vigilantes

    Amalgam Comics was a universe in which marvel and dc universes combined into one. Eventually the two universe were split back into their own two universes. However that was because their merger was imperfect it left entities in the universe with memories of what once existed. This fine however...
  12. BladesofValkyrie

    Fandom  Solo Leveling, anyone?

    What's up, losers? (jk I love you all uwu) ... I hope you didn't leave after that. Not the loser bit, the uwu bit. Well, if you're still here, I'm looking for anyone who wants to do a Solo Leveling (Only I Level Up) rp! I'm good with OCs or canon. Or canon & OCs. Pick your poison. If I had to...
  13. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] 'livebeta' Interest Check FULL

    "They had no idea what they were doing,, and it just so hap-ened that"s exactly what they ne-ded.." Zizdun Nuqulr, Goldblood Archivist on the 'livebeta' incident. livebeta is the story of six trolls playing a game that is the last hope for saving their species. It just so happens they aren't...
  14. finessekid.23

    Realistic or Modern  The Titans Initiative: A DC Universe Roleplay

    TITANS"robin is the future of batman. but there doesn't only have to be a future me, clark." OVERVIEW Bruce Wayne is one of the most intelligent men on Earth, and perhaps in the universe. Nobody quite understands how a mortal mind is capable of enduring, and focusing such powerful intellect...
  15. BladesofValkyrie

    Fandom  Current Fandoms!

    I'm lit and prefer romance rps, but I'd be fine with platonic. Canon and/or OCs are fine in most cases! Prefer LGBTQ+ stuff. I'd also love to do an rp in the style of most any of these! Solo Leveling Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! (OCs) Beware of the Villainess...
  16. SnaccSabbath

    Fandom  Snaccposting 1x1 Search Thread

    Hello fellow rp'ers! I go by Sab here, if you like, and I'm looking for very, very specific fandoms that I can never find a partner for. I am willing to write up different plots, but I really like OCs exploring the world and themes of their respective fandoms. I can accommodate just about any...
  17. GloOfDiamonds

    Fandom  Joker Roleplay

    Looking for someone who is interested in doing a Joker roleplay and doing multiple characters each in the roleplay. Prefer paragraph roleplay let me know if any interest and we can go from there!
  18. Tithe

    Fandom  Searching for Long Term Partner

    Hello all, you can call me Tithe! I am a female in my mids 20s who has recently found more free time to start role playing again. I have roleplayed on and off most of my life, starting from one-line stories and moving into what I would consider an Advanced level. I know that seems daunting when...
  19. Grand General

    Fandom  DC/Marvel: No More Vigilantes

    The concept of a vigilante is in the minority. Most individuals who are heroes are contracted to organizations and departments who are also responsible for their actions. The terms vary with each contract as some keep their secret identities while others don’t. Heroes can be contracted to more...
  20. Captain Lycanroc

    Fandom  JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Sawdust Crusaders! (JoJo rp interest check)

    In 1988 a group of Stand users named the 'Stardust Crusaders' traveled the world to destroy and put a stop to the sinister plans of the immortal vampire- DIO after weeks of trials and tribulations, epic victories, grueling defeats, good times and bad they achieved their end goal, with the...