1. Neal Caffrey

    Fandom Les Mis RP?

    I've been craving an Enjolras x Grantaire rp. I would prefer to play Enjolras, but I'm flexible. It can be canon or AU. Let me know!
  2. Jello

    Fandom Phantom Phans?

    Hey there everyone! Let me start off by saying I'm looking for someone to do a Phantom of The Opera roleplay with me. I most likely won't get many replies, but I'll give it a shot! Here's a little more about me: I'm 21, so please be aware that there may be mature themes when roleplaying with...
  3. FloatingAroundSpace

    Realistic/Modern Sing Loud and Proud

    Art reflects the human soul Private RP between @FloatingAroundSpace and @smolfluffball
  4. animeloulou

    Realistic/Modern Love on the Stage? (Musical RP)

    Hi~! Since I have decided to dive back into the world of musicals, I was wondering if anybody would like to join me in a RP based around people pursuing the life of musical actors/actresses? I'm just getting into the world of musicals, so I may be rusty with the technical jargon, so be...
  5. NataliaRomanova

    Fandom Anastasia

    I know it's probably a long shot, but I'm looking for a fan of the movie/musical Anastasia who'd be interested in roleplaying with me! I'd like to play Any. I prefer you be 18+, but as long as you're 16+ we'll be okay. 4+ sentences would be great. Can RP here, Skype, or Discord. •Post-movie...
  6. mallorypapes

    howdy, folks!

    jinkies i am terrible at introductions >//< obligatory awkwardness will follow hi!! i'm mallory, but you can call me mally if you'd like. i'm 18 and finally a week away from gradumacation!!!! woohoo!!!!!! it's been a while since i've made an effort to roleplay with anybody. my friend arcana and...
  7. MusicalTrashBin

    Other Musical theatre anyone?

    Does anyone like any musicals?
  8. Campbell

    Fandom Looking for a long-term partner!

    Hi everyone! I’m still new here and am looking for anyone who’s interested in doing mXf pairings. I would prefer to play the female if that’s okay. These are the fandoms I’m most interested in at the moment, the ones in bold being ones I have the most muse for: 1. Marvel 2. Harry Potter 3...
  9. NataliaRomanova

    Fandom LF 1x1 RPs

    My name's Glinda, I'm over eighteen and prefer any to partner to be also. I love Disney, musicals, art, and theatre. I have been roleplaying for around seven or eight years and range 1-3 paragraphs for a reply, sometimes more, never less. I prefe not to RP in the forums. I could try by private...
  10. Jello

    Fandom One on One Phantom of the Opera

    I'm looking for someone to do a Phantom of the Opera inspired role play with me. I doubt I'll have many takers, but I'll give it a shot. My biggest concern when looking for a partner for this type of role play is that they be willing to stray from the original plot line with me. I've done many...
  11. Captain Gensokyo

    Other Can Someone Explain to Me Why "Hamilton" Is so Hyped up?

    Is it the "all tracks are raps and no singing" gimmick? The "historical scenario played out in a postmodern, easier-to-understand-for-the-audience deal?" Or is it the hype culture itself blowing it way out of proportion? From what I've heard, it was OK-to-good and not exceptional like the hype...
  12. raddish

    Fandom Hamilton: An American Roleplay

    Calling all Hamilton fans! Total history nut here, and a total theater nut. Thanks to my dear friend Grace, I'm totally obsessed with the musical and the biography of Alexander Hamilton and would love to do either a 1x1 or 1x1x1 or even a group rp about it! Characters I could play are; Angelica...
  13. SavenRose

    Music Hamilton (The Broadway Musical)

    <p> I had a quick question. Who on this site knows what The Hamilton Musical is? Because I have only heard the songs but I was trying to find anyone else who is Hamilton Trash. </p> <p> <a class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"...