1. OZ.exe

    Fandom  Oz's Fandom RP List! (Any and all are welcome!!)

    Hello everyone! You can call me Oz! I came on this site to use my creativity since I'm always procrastinating on personal writing. I'm not new to roleplay, only this site! I go by any pronouns and I welcome anyone on this site to roleplay with me (Unless you're racist, anti-LGBTQ+, or a...
  2. oma

    Fandom  MHA/BNHA 1x1 anyone?

    Hi there! i'm oma and I currently find myself craving a My Hero Academia roleplay! I'm not really sure what else to put here so I will just get on to the important stuff. About Me! ---------------- I am a 19 year old genderfluid writer with she/he/they pronouns. I am currently using they/them...
  3. Pixelleci

    Fandom  1x1 Childhood + Enemies to Lovers [VLD, MHA, YOI, RWBY]

    Hey everyone! These characters can change depending on the fandom you want, but Klance is a placeholder for now. I’m looking for a Keith or Lance to do Klance with. I’ve already got a plot in mind, which is fairly complex and intense. Which means I’m looking for consistent, eager, literate...
  4. Space_Elixer

    Fandom  Crossover Fandoms

    Yo! You can call me Spacey. And I'm a new person here on this site! Likewise, I'm new to how to do this, so sorry if this is lacking some stuff. Imma just put a few things about me, list a few roleplay rules, and then go onto the fandoms I want to crossover. ~About Moi~ I'm 21 years old...
  5. animefan1988

    Fandom  Looking for anime

    Hi i am dena and i am 32 years old. I like to do mxm and mxf rps and i like to only rp with adults which is 18 and up. fandoms Demon slayer My hero academia Fruits basket
  6. Inquieta

    Fandom  BNHA Villain RP?

    I'd usually make this thread look all fancy with coding and stuff, but I'm trying to get back on this site after a long absence and I don't want to overdo it, haha! Anyway, hello! I'm Inquieta, or Nic. A 24 year old RPer from England! I typically write a good few paragraphs per response (it...
  7. Mr. SleepyTimes

    Multiple Settings  Come Rp With Me - 1x1 Anime/Video Game Interest Check

    Want To Have A Good Time? Introduction Heyo! The name is Sleepy (he/him) and I am a fan of anime, video games, dark humor and memes. If you are a fan of any of those things, we will get along just fine. I'm new here and ready to rp with all you lovely people! What am I looking for? Someone...
  8. vampirefang

    Multiple Settings  ·˚*୨୧ fandom or original roleplay ୨୧*˚·

    hey there, i'm fang and i hope you're faring well. i'm currently looking to do a 1x1 roleplay with someone! i do not have a preference for either original or fandom roleplay. as far as rules go, i want that my partner be a literate writer. the only fandom craving i've been having is for...
  9. KT.

    Fandom  Looking for Roleplay Partners!! Both OC or Kiribaku!

    Hi there! My name is KT and I’m a literate roleplayer! I have a TON of starters and whatnot for Kiribaku and I’m totally cool with writing another if we figure out a plot we both like!! I usually prefer to play Kirishima but am perfectly fine being Bakugou, too! I also have a few BNHA OCs so...
  10. .Phantom.

    Fandom  anime fandom interest check! ~ updated with Phan ~

    Hello! I figured I would post an updated thread for this! A few things you need to know: 1. My activity is as unpredictable as Loki. I can be on for three weeks straight nearly 24/7 and then be gone for like two months without meaning to. I'm super busy and roleplaying is a hobby I like to...
  11. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia (Entrance Exam)

    Arc 1: Entrance Exam Arc Like kites two birds majestically soared through the clear blue skies over U.A. The trees and grass danced in the warm rays of the sun as a low whistling sound came from the wind breezing through and tickling everything in it's path. It was a beautiful day. Perfect...
  12. Setsuna__

    Multiple Settings  Mutli-fandom

    Hello! I'm basically looking for anyone to RP with lol. I'm in multiple fandoms from animes, movies, or games! Things like Tokyo Ghoul, Danganronpa, Dead By Daylight, InuYasha/Yashahime, OHSHC, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Yuri! On Ice, LoveStage!!, Princess Jellyfish, Resident Evil, The Walking...
  13. pastelpeaches

    Fandom  plot fandoms with pastel? (fandoms search)

    hello, new member here! so i am excited to get some roleplays going and i decided to make this search thread and as of right now, i am seeking out fandoms. currently craving my hero academia, helluva boss, and danganronpa! about me: one - i am 19 years old. i go by they/them pronouns right...
  14. cinnamon.

    Fandom  looking for roleplay partners --fandoms--

    Hello there, and thank you for clicking on this thread! You can just call me cinnamon and as you can see, im looking for some fandom roleplays! notes + rules ------------------- 1) I go by she/he/they pronouns. currently using they/them pronouns. 2) Slow burn romance is an absolute must for...
  15. hanji

    Fandom  hanji's search thread! (fandoms, 1x1 search)

    Hi! You can just call me Hanji! So I am currently looking for some fandoms and I am willing to do canon x oc, oc x oc, and canon x canon! Rules and Notes: -- Refer to me with they/them pronouns please! -- Please be open to doing multiple gender pairings, I'm more comfortable doing m/m, f/f...
  16. zdo_g

    Fandom  Seeking roleplays!!💕(Genshin, Zelda, etc.)

    Hey there! I'm an adequate rp-er looking for y'know...1x1 (or maybe group if you have one) about specific fandoms. I think I'm pretty alright at roleplaying canon characters, so I'll be what you want. Although, my interpretations are wishy washy with things I recently go into so bear with me...
  17. cinnamochi

    Fandom  a fandom search (always open)(1x1) updated!

    hello there, and thank you for clicking on this thread! so uh... i am currently seeking some good fandom roleplays... hopefully long term! About Me Section: I am cinnamochi but you may feel free to call me mochi for short, and I am 19. Also, I would like to state that I am genderfluid and my...
  18. languid

    Fandom  my fandom list!

    my name is Tarot, and i go by they/them pronouns! my timezone is GMT, for those who are interested. i've only been roleplaying for about a year, but don't let that put you off! i'm fine with playing both ocs and canon characters, and i'm 100% fine with OC x OC, Canon x OC, and Canon x Canon -...
  19. cherrybomba

    Fandom  Looking for RP partner!

    About Me hopefully starting my second job soon! replies may be slow but I’m usually good at responding throughout the day! anime/manga addict planning on learning a new language soon! Current Fandoms - anything underlined is what I’m heavily involved in rn! x Ouran High School Host...
  20. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia Story Briefing

    The OOC for Our Hero Academia!