1. Midnight_Light

    Fantasy  Horror/Thriller/Mystery prompts!

    Hello! Welcome to my search thread. I am Midnight and I am into super spooky, twisted tales of mystery, murder and fright. If you are not looking for something scary, dark and twisted then this thread is not for you. If you wish to continue further into the thread, please take time to read...
  2. JitterBuga

    Fandom  1x1 Longterm RP [Open]

    Please Read! Hello! I’m looking for a Outlast 1×1 RP. Preferably long term. Please keep in mind that I only accept 18+ RP partners. My sole focus is for something along the lines of horror, suspense, a lot of tension and fear! I don’t have any trigger warnings considering I love...
  3. mustardtiger

    Fantasy  Spooky Rp Ideas for October

    Looking for long-term rp partners. I've been off the site for about a month and now that my schoolwork has died down a bit I think I'm ready to take on more partners. Here are some ideas I have. (18+, LGBT friendly) Plague Doctor Romance - two plague doctors or one plague doctor and a plague...
  4. Caffeine_Obsessed

    Fantasy  ..

  5. Jewel

    Multiple Settings  Original Plots - Partner Search

    1x1 partner search About Me Hey, how's it going? I'm Jewel. I'm looking for some 1x1 roleplay. I am +18, and while I'd prefer that my partners were also above the age of 18, I do not require my partners to be as long as they are respectful. I consider myself a literate roleplayer. I like to...
  6. mustardtiger

    Realistic or Modern  First time role playing in years!

    Hi! I'm new and I'm looking for 1x1 rp partners. I'm looking for maybe 2 or 3 partners who I have chemistry with!! Don't be shy let's try things out. Attached are the genres I'm familiar with.
  7. AngstyAnarchist

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a sadist...(angst, whump, h/c and so much more! search thread)

    Heck... I wrote waaaay too much. I'm so sorry! Hello! I'm AngstyAnarchist- and those two words sum me up amazingly -you can also call me River. I use they/them pronouns, am 24 and am a full time student in social support work; which means I can reply most on the weekends, but may be able to do...
  8. little-alien

    Multiple Settings  Longterm Horror/ Psychological Thriller RP

    Hello everyone! My name is Ashley and I'm looking for someone who is okay with a more dark-themed RP. I really like horror/gory plotlines and I know not many people are okay with that, which is why I'm posting this to hopefully find someone with the same interest! I am very open to ideas and...
  9. JitterBuga

    Fandom  1x1 Outlast Roleplay

    Please Read This is only for the game; Outlast and Outlast Whistleblower. And this roleplay is only for Outlast. I'm looking for an RP partner. Preferably someone who has experience and writes advance paragraphs as I do as well. Semi-lit is okay as well. I just want to have a detailed...
  10. xCeleste

    Multiple Settings  Modern and fandom 1x1 search

    Hello all! I’m new to this forum but not to role playing! I’m am currently searching for a couple 1x1 partners. I normally make long search threads and found they were more effective if I just put the main points! (Plus I’m currently on my phone an that makes for slow typing.) - I tend to...
  11. Satanic Nightjar

    Realistic or Modern  The Madhouse || Asylum Horror Roleplay

    THE MADHOUSE > THE STORY Cherrinford is a small town like any other - a few houses, a grocery store, a bank, a school, and the typical just-a-little-too-cracked pavement. The only thing that sets it apart from any other town in the world is that fact that it is home to one of the most famous...
  12. Clarathebell

    Fandom  Fandom Roleplays {10 Slots Total} OPEN!!!!

    Rise of the Guardians (3 slots) The world has been in a dream-like state ever since the fall of Fear three years ago. With the riddance of anything to be afraid of Jamie, Sophie, and {Insert your human OC/OCs} feel like they will never be able to see their beloved Guardians again. Meanwhile...
  13. Harajukubabe

    Fandom  Looking for a Cioccolata for my Secco

    Hello everyone! I’m Hunny and I’ve been roleplaying for about ten years. I’m really in a Cioccolata and Secco (Seccolata I think it’s called!) from Jojo mood right about now. If you’re interested, please tell me and I can give you my Discord! I’d like to say that I’m pretty good with most...
  14. idiot sandwich

    Realistic or Modern  𝐘𝐎𝐔'𝐑𝐄 𝐈𝐍𝐕𝐈𝐓𝐄𝐃🗡(𝙖 𝙝𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙤𝙧-𝙨𝙡𝙖𝙨𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙧𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙮)

    — YOU'RE INVITED. a horror-slasher movie-esque roleplay. --img here... CODE by LEVIATHAN. -- 01 here introduction. A number of bigshots in the Miami University society world have seemingly invited you, among other students, to a Halloween party. Set within Ohio, the party is to be hosted...
  15. Elegant Catastrophe

    Realistic or Modern  Cure the Itch 1x1 search

    Hello my dudes. We all know what we're all here for, so let's get started, shall we? The name is Kat, and though I may not have a high post count (yes, I lurk) I've done my fair share of rping. I created this since I have a craving and I'll be honest, I'm lazy. Rather than searching through the...
  16. GloOfDiamonds

    Fandom  Joker Roleplay

    Looking for someone who is interested in doing a Joker roleplay and doing multiple characters each in the roleplay. Prefer paragraph roleplay let me know if any interest and we can go from there!
  17. Zero.Soul

    Multiple Settings  This dude needs some tasty RP! OCs, Canons, Original Settings and Fandoms

    Hello! I hope you are all keeping well during this weird time out there! I've been in Lockdown for a couple of weeks, and as a roleplayer of a little over 10 years, I'm getting a few cravings to RP for the rest of quarantine and beyond! I'll start with just a bit of info about what I'm looking...
  18. Clarathebell

    Fandom  Fandom Roleplay CLOSED :(

    Hey there! I'm just looking for someone to do fandom roleplays with! There are some things you should know about me first! 1) I'm in school! I should be able to answer more frequently as summer is upon us. 2) I like writing as much as I possibly can in response so if I don't respond right away...
  19. jinkx

    Realistic or Modern  St Ivy's Youth Institute

    8:00 - wake up (sounded by ringing of the old bell. patients who need to be monitored, such as eating disorder patients, will be weighed and have vitals taken) 8:30 - breakfast (some patients are on specific meal plans. others are not. patients line up in a cafeteria and can choose their food...
  20. Squad141

    Realistic or Modern  Isle of Madness [Reboot]

    No One Expected the Bombing. It was after WW2, and still the island was almost completely decimated by the explosions that gripped it by the helm. De Pausa Isle had a small village on it, yes, but a village nonetheless. People were killed, and the island was sanctioned off from any visitors...