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  1. Limerick.Grimoire

    Attack On Titan: A new batch of soliders for humanity.

    -Join the fight for humanity- It has been many, many years since the fall of Shiganshina, many new technical advancements have been made and we are close to taking back wall maria, you -loyal readers- have the choice to fight for humanity beside humaniy's strongest soliders, will you make it...
  2. ReddShark

    Fandom My Hero Academia Search

    Hi, I'm Redd! I used to be on here really actively, but I had to grow up for a while, and now I’ve caught the RP bug again. I miss writing, and I'm looking for some new partners. I don't have many 'requirements' more like suggestive guidelines. Message me or comment here if you're interested! I...
  3. Venom Adhamm

    Fandom Looking for someone to GM a one-on-one RP from this list of fandoms!

    Hey there, I'm currently looking for someone to GM a one-on-one RP. I have an idea in mind for each of the fandoms I've listed, but I'm open to whatever suggestions you may have. I want you to be the GM. That means you would control the world, NPCs, events, and the outcome of my actions, while...
  4. Profitis

    Fandom Looking for an AOT partner (Semi-Lit)

    Hi there, I'm looking for a long term partner to roleplay the anime Attack on Titan. I ask to not do one liners, and be fairly descriptive. Of course I'm okay with the occasional short responses, especially if I'm slacking off. 😓 We can discuss some starters, plot, and what characters we would...
  5. Jean Otus

    From Hokkaido With Love (Golden Kamuy)

    The year is 1907. The northern island of Hokkaido in the Japanese archipelago serves as the frontier between expanding and receding empires. Following the Russo Japanese war, the Meiji empire had grasped the title of the rising power in the Pacific. To the south, the Japanese prepare themselves...
  6. jackinthebox

    Fandom Looking for some anime RP?

    So before I get into my expectations/about me, here's a quick run-down of what and who I play. Castlevania Trevor Belmont Adrian "Alucard" Tepes The Devil is a Part-Timer!/Hataraku Maou-sama! Sadao Maou/Satan Jacob Shirou Ashiya/Alciel Hanzo Urushihara/Lucifer Mitsuki Sarue/Sariel Devilman...
  7. NeonRain

    Fandom Searching for BNHA RP Friend | No-Onelines/Detailed

    I posted something similar yesterday, but I only found two people who wanted to do an rp with me, so I'm posting again! :xFgrin: I'm looking for anyone who is interested in a My Hero Academia Roleplay, you don't have to be up-to-date on it, just have watched at least up to the forest training...
  8. Destiny111

    -Attack on Titan-

    Hi all, I am looking for long term descriptive AOT RP's whether it be group RP's or 1x1. Oc x Cannon is welcome. Levi Ackerman will be taken. I am currently on season 3 of the Anime but not caught up Any plots are welcome
  9. mochimochi

    Multiple Settings Looking for fellow trash to rp with! ^^

    Hey! So I thought that it would be a good idea to put down some of my ships/animes that I like to rp, and see if anyone would be up for a roleplay? Anime: Fruits Basket Kyo/Tohru Haru/Ren Shigure/Akito Hetalia Spamano (Spain/Romano) PruCan Franada Vampire Knight Kaname/Yuki Free Makoto/Haru...
  10. Mariah_Ralston

    Fandom Fandom Roleplay? [Quite A Few Fandoms But Please Read All Info]

    Hello! I'm going to jump straight to the point; I'm looking for someone who is okay with only playing my character's love interest. The only things I'm asking in the way of rules are that you have at least decent grammar and spelling, I would prefer to not do smut (sexual jokes/advances are...
  11. Sir Les Paul

    Claymore — New Isle

    Chapter One: Every End A Beginning
  12. NeonRain

    Fandom Searching for BNHA/MHA Roleplay Buddy | No One-Liners/Detailed

    This is my first search post, please be gentle on me I'm still new to this site 😅 (just joined) I'm looking for anyone who is interested in a My Hero Academia Roleplay, you don't have to be up-to-date on it, just have watched at least up to the forest training camp arc. Or read. OC's are more...
  13. norway


    Anyone want to write Pokemon with me? I’m not looking for PMD, or gjinka. Mainly just trainers or humans of some kind, perhaps a spin on the “Detective” universe —- I def don’t mind manga, anime, or game verse. Would probably prefer the games, as I’m most up to date on them. I don’t mind...
  14. hwayi

    Multiple Settings hwayi's search for long-term 1x1 pals

  15. XxDarkAngelxX

    Multiple Settings Ereri or Eruri roleplay

    Hi there ! i recently got back into roleplaying and was just wondering if anyone was up for this fandom ? I can roleplay on here, discord or tumblr.
  16. Destiny_Dreamer

    Seraph of The End: Fates of War

    Long ago, a lethal virus spread across the world, wiping out most of humanity and setting the world in ruins; only children under the age of thirteen would be able to survive, they said. A new age was born. Vampires, demons and angels were no longer only story characters. With humanity almost...
  17. Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

    1on1 Test Fight (Illyasviel von Einzbern vs Ichigo_Kurosaki)

    Role: Master of Darkness Name: Ryuga "Yamimakai" Age: Appears 18, Actually 30 Gender: Male Nationality: Japanese Appearance: Short Black hair with spikes facing forward in a overlapping fashion, Horn like protrusions amongst his hairline , Slight pale skin, and red eyes similar to a reptile's...
  18. TheUrn2019

    Fandom Looking for semi- literate partner who is into MXM, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a partner who is into MXM, likes long term, romance, angst, emotional stories. For more information please message me through PM.
  19. SimAlley

    Fandom GRELL GENDER REVERSAL | Black Butler Roleplay

    So a random idea came to me for a very funny idea. Recently, I finished watching Cheeky Angel (an old anime from the 90s where a boy's wish to be the manliest of all men is reversed an he is turned into a woman). It got me thinking . . .. what would happen if some supernatural being played a...
  20. Lunar

    Realistic/Modern 『a silent voice』(OPEN)

    background-color:White; Border-radius:5px; margin: 10px auto; text-align: center; width: 300px; padding:10px; font-family:Courier New; color:black;] [div class=Gif]Shoya 'Why am I even here?' You thought to yourself. She stood in front of you, obviously shocked at your presence; was it fear or...