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  1. SquishCat

    Multiple Settings  Work In Progress

    TLDR: a very casual interdimensional/zombie apocalypse rp with an actual end goal in mind. All species are welcome, original or otherwise. Non-human-like encouraged! If you're interested leave a comment below and I'll give you a shout when everything's been properly finished! Story: WIP Rules...
  2. Potatodude_12

    Fandom  Looking for anyone that wants to do an action/war rp

    Hello! So in this action/adventure this rp it takes place in another planet called cybertron and there’s two sides, the decipticons and the autobots. The descipticons are fighting to take control of the entire planet while the auto bots are fighting for the planet and freedom I’m pretty sure...
  3. xXMisfitzXx

    Multiple Settings  !NEW! Partner Search

    Hello hello! I am Misfitz! Currently still 18 and still in high school so replies can slow down every once in a while! Will roleplay with 17+! As I do prefer rather Darker Themes in storytelling, I am a HUGE horror junkie, in love with the genre and the diversity that comes...
  4. Potatodude_12

    Futuristic  Transformers; war for cybertron

    In this sci-fi action like roleplay you are a cybertonian that has to choose between two sides The decepticons that are fighting with the he auto bots and who are the antagonist organization/group The auto bots who are fighting the decipticons for freedom of cybertron It’s your decision to...
  5. Potatodude_12

    Futuristic  Transformers?

    Is anyone up for a transformers rp that I’m making I just wanted to know and it’s seems cool
  6. The silent

    Fandom  Invader zim rp

    Hi! if anyone is up for it right now or just have nothing going on in their lives { like me } , if anyone want's to do a zadr rp? I'm going to play as zim but zim has a convincing human disguise { witch I will attach on this } , you can change up dib too plus any other character and we can play...
  7. AngelCloud

    Fandom  Among Us Rp?

    Ok So I play Among Us HEAVILY and have racked up 38 hours so far over the course of 4 months. I have a really cool story in mind for an Impostor x Crewmate Love story. My Character is usually a Crewmate But I can go Imposter if needed. So here's the Story i devised regarding my...
  8. idiot sandwich

    Futuristic  ://𝗦𝗜𝗚𝗡𝗔𝗟_𝗟𝗢𝗦𝗧... (𝙖 𝙨𝙘𝙞-𝙛𝙞 𝙨𝙪𝙧𝙫𝙞𝙫𝙖𝙡 𝙝𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙤𝙧).

    ----cover tabs---- ----cover page (fill in character's name!)---- ----login (character's name/username)---- ----* * name * * ---- ----* * * character's name here!---- signal lost (a sci-fi survival horror) ----search button---- far fa-search...
  9. argotNaut

    Fandom  sgrub ad infinitum ◉ in character

    Rest, yet work 'till the end of time. Fail, yet have a go again. Die, yet renew your own self. The story of the Fated Twelve begins.
  10. Flame Demon

    Fandom  Voltron: New Beginnings

    Going over the rules again Few rules Please be at least 16 Everyone does one canon character and one OC You do not rp as your own crush No one liner, I don't expect a huge post, but give everyone enough detail to work with. All RPnation rules apply Have fun. And people in the rp @Flame Demon...
  11. Flame Demon

    Fandom  Voltron: New beginnings

    A Voltron rp which will follow the shows plot, but will be filled with our own plots too and this way we can hopefully change the ending (because they could have done so much better. A love interest can be for a platonic relationship as well, please specify that, if you don't, I'll assume it's a...
  12. handabooo

    Multiple Settings  sand dollar funds // partner search CLOSED

    hello dears! welcome to my search thread. i'm looking for a few partners (maybe two to three) that i can write with. i'd like us to come up with a story that intrigues us both; although i've included prompts here, i'd love to find partners who thrive on creativity and aren't afraid of positing...
  13. TheMightyBulk

    Realistic or Modern  Breech- Volume 1: Aegis

    Everyone knows about area 51. But what if i told you that even if everything people believed about that place was right, it still wouldnt be the biggest or most fortified if its kind. Deep beneath the rocky mountains exists a massive bunker called Aegis. This facility has operated since 1918...
  14. argotNaut

    Fandom  sgrub ad infinitum ◉ ooc

    For the chit-chat over the fated gods. - CS and Main threads TBA - Interest check and character slots
  15. argotNaut

    Fandom  sgrub ad infinitum ◉ closed

    The Idea A scratch, as is generally known throughout the cavities of Paradox Space, is a procedure that the players of a failed session undertake to reset their universe and give themselves another go at the game. Most sessions have the option to scratch, sans sessions without a Time Player...
  16. Bacon Bits

    Multiple Settings  yet another 1x1 search drifting across your dash

    Hey! Thanks for popping in. Before I got started, I figured I’d include a little about me. - I’m 18+ and I operate very loosely on EST (typically like 1 pm- 2 am). - I’m in college right now (on break for the winter) so I will get busy soon, just a heads up. I’m going to try and let you know...
  17. Lir_the_witch

    Futuristic  The only human on the ship

    Okay so I'm not sure if everyone has seen posts about how batshit humans are compared to other aliens, like they just try things to see what happens for science or just normal human curiosity. They are also known for being brash and pretty weird for being able to actually pull off their crazy...
  18. Mantarok

    Fandom  Among Us | No One Can Hear You Scream

    The crew of the Skeld and its sister ship, the Ark, and had a simple mission, to explore the new solar system and document their findings. However, when the Ark suddenly goes silent, the crew of the Skeld decide to investigate, discovering only two survivors--one deranged and overcome with...
  19. Pokeking

    Futuristic  Stardust Frontier

    Every one of us has a story to tell. There are as many stories out there as there are stars. Some live privileged lives and other lives are full of struggle. Some are celebrated and others face scorn. Some lives are exciting while others are more monotonous. Life at the Cervantes Institute...
  20. AntCat

    Realistic or Modern  Ultimate Story Omniverse - Aliens of Earth

    !Disclaimer! - This roleplay is open to others to join us, but you must contact either me or @Darklord95 to join. These stories will function similar to Marvel movies (since we are essentially rewriting the Universe) and they will have the body, a 'mid credits' scene, and an 'end credits' scene...