1. Probably George

    Multiple Settings Sonder Links, an Anomalous Noir

    6:22 in the morning; red sun piercing the blue horizon, with its rise comes the people of Slaughter's End. Business rose as the sun did. Fishermen diligently spearing fish revealed by the daylight, Kibbeh makers getting their oil boiling, potters heat up their kilns, most people get straight to...
  2. boydivision.

    Realistic or Modern Generic superhero search! OCs, mxf

    Hello there! As the title suggests I am looking for a superhero plot which I'll go into the details of below! First, I just want to toss out some info about me/my rp style first! With all of that said !! Please feel free to get in touch if you're interested!! Either with a...
  3. BoomerangKarma

    Realistic or Modern 🪐 Teenage Alien Nation 🪐 - a doubling up, OC x OC superhero highschool rp

    Hello! I’m Katya/Boomerang, and I go by she/her pronouns and am currently 22 years old! My rules are simple for role playing, and only have a few specific guidelines, that I will list here, as well as fandoms! • I only double up, OC x OC, and do descriptive! My line count is usually around 15 -...
  4. luna.

    Multiple Settings craving a runaway experiment oc mxf rp

    hello, i am very much in the mood for a roleplay involving runaways with powers. preferably following the premise where the characters have been experimented on and have gained abilities, but have no recollection of this event. some info about me: my name is luna, i'm 23 and my pronouns are...
  5. voided

    Multiple Settings I AM DIVINE. I AM GOD. I AM HOLY — Partner Search [1x1, OCxOC, Long-Term]

    Code by Serobliss // Header --- (Setup) // Header --- (Left Side) ROLEPLAY SEARCHAN EGOIST'S NIHILITYLIT. / ADV. LITOC x OCANIMECode by Serobliss // Header --- (Right Side) // Second Page, Interest Check --- (Setup) // Second Page, Interest Check --- (Image) // Second Page, Interest...
  6. dvds12

    Realistic or Modern Con Artist X FBI Agent

    Hello! My name is Dvds12, and I am looking for someone who wants to RP this Idea that I have. A little bit about me is that I have a full-time job, so I can only reply on weekends or only once a week. My favorite thing to do in Rps is world-build and create characters, and I am looking for...