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Found 284 results

  1. I don't know if you guys played the Two Worlds series or not, just like the title says a new Two Worlds is currently in development. Now the first was horrible, the second wasn't the greatest, but it did improve on the graphics, story telling, the combat and the most innovative and deep magic system of all time. Here's the link to the article: Two Worlds 3 Announced, Two Worlds 2 Getting New Engine and More DLC
  2. pc

    Hey, I'm an avid league of legends player. Played for about 4 years now. I really enjoy the game and like to play competitively in ranked. I'm currently gold 5, was gold 3 until a loss streak. Had a uhh.. really bad luck streak of afkers and such haha. But I should be able to climb my way back with effort. I'm looking for someone around my tier level to play ranked with if interested. Leave me a comment if interested. (:
  3. pc

    Hello everyone o/ Since you've clicked on this thread I guess you're one of many League players, aren't you? I'm creating this thread in hope of finding some nice and funny people to play League with, since most of the community is... well, not so nice, eh? I, myself, don't judge anyone and am not "in it to win it". I just enjoy doing the stupidest things, and tbh, I'm not very good at the game in general x) So if you're someone who doesn't rage/flame and just generally enjoy League, be it by trying out the weirdest/most stupid builds, or what ever, doesn't matter what rank you're in, feel free to add me on there and invite me to games. Hopefully I can find 4 more people, who are just as funny and weird, who'd enjoy doing bs together ! :3 If you want to add me, ask me over PM for further information! :3 Cya out there! :3
  4. pc

    Anyone interested in playing this? I got to do the stress test with @Crocodile and it was pretty awesome. I plan to make this one of my main games of 2016+ For those of you not aware, Overwatch is a new team based objective shooter game by Blizzard Entertainment (The creators of World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo and Starcraft and So forth).
  5. pc

    Hello, I've made this thread to talk about terraria. Pc, Console, or even mobile. Go right ahead. Oh and ps. chlorophyte is a bitch to get
  6. So recently I've been thinking of getting overwatch. Just so everyone knows I have played TF2. So I just wanted to know if you guys would recommend it?
  7. Hello, name's arty here! I am DESPARATE for a good commander, as I'm stuck on a level in Panzer General. I will be sending screenshots to people, and they'll tell me what to do, such as "advance tank". I think it would be a fun thing to do. Here's the room~ Chatzy - Battleroom
  8. pc

    After watching a play through of the latest DOOM, and remembering fondly of the times I've had in the past with the rest of the series, I've realized just how unkillable/much of a force of nature Doom guy (or Doom Marine, whatever you prefer) is. So, I got to thinking, what would happen if someone tossed the guy who literally cleared his way through Hell into another universe, where the protagonist(s) usually find themselves at the mercy of some sort of monster(s) and/or supernatural threats? Example: Doom guy in Dead Space. Doom guy doesn't even blink as he tears through necromorphs more than ten times his size. Many times, he just rips them apart with his hands or punches them so hard the body explodes.
  9. pc

    So I made a thread about this the other day in the wrong forums >.< anyone who's interested in a big rpn sever contact me please I wont rent the sever of we don't get enough people
  10. pc

    So you want something on a new game? Cant get it because your on the other side of the map? You've come to right sign. We can get you anything for the right price.
  11. pc

    Looking for more people to talk to on Steam.
  12. pc

    Basically, I've got myself a few games that I'm either not interested in, or already have, from the Humble Bundle Monthly. So instead of just letting them sit around unredeemed, or just unplayed in my library, I figured I might as well give them away! I'll put a list here, and just post the (single) game you want below. I'll pick people at random in some undefined length of time. Rocket League This War of Mine Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Infinifactory FranBow I Am Bread Broken Age South Park: The Stick of Truth
  13. pc

    So, I at times enjoy a good round of OJ, a game that might remind alot of Mario Party mixed with hints of Dokapon Kingdom. Who among the forum happens to play the game? Any favorite characters? Any stories about how much of a nightmare some boards are?
  14. pc

    Found this amazing 4x title. It has really innovative character mechanics where I can't find anywhere else in the genre. It remembered me of role playing, so I though you guys/gals may want to take a look at it.
  15. pc

  16. Just curious to see what people like as far as champions. I know for certain Shen is my favorite champion design-wise, and his rework really got me excited. I was not disappointed with what I got. His whole kit really feels like a challenge, and I love it. But that secret main I love to pull out probably has to be Thresh. While not my favorite champion, I've managed to get really good at him over the time since I began playing League of Legends. He's fun, and I like bringing him around ADC or Top on occasion, though mainly just support with him. So, what about any of you? What champion do you absolutely love, or found yourself to be really good at?
  17. pc

    Alright, I've been noticing some strange similarities between Tracer from Overwatch and Scout from TF2... Anyone else? I just think they're a bit too similar.... Whatever, the point is, who do you guys like more?]
  18. So, I was playing the agarian sky modpack and I clicked on the first quest. after completing it, i tried to go back to the quest page, but i couldn't figure out how. Any suggestions?
  19. pc

    I will always find you, like it's written in the stars; you can run but you can't hide, try. They made an incredible setting, but due to the game's ending, I find it difficult to imagine a sequel. A prequel, perhaps, but the story's been finished and told. Sidenote: What do you call sword bf?
  20. pc

    I'm not new to the Dragon Age series or Bioware's games. I did play Inquisition on my PS3 and loved it, and I also own the Mass Effect trilogy. I was wondering if Dragon Age 2 would be a good game to get. I've read a lot of reviews and am aware of the criticism. Recycled levels, no race options, smaller world, but I'm wondering if the story is good. I am very story driven and I need something good to satisfy me. I know the combat is far better, and Hawke is voiced (which is also a factor of why I want it). I'll admit, because Bioware is so good at writing, it's totally jarring for me to play Origins with a voiceless protagonist. It breaks immersion for me for some reason. I would have liked a voiced protagonist. I'm also wondering how combat is in Origins (turn based or being able to control your character). Does Dragon Age 2 have good dialogue options? I know Bioware put the conversation wheel in like Mass Effect, and I was also wondering if it's as fluent like their Sci Fi opus. Despite the second game's flaws, should I end up buying it, or should I get Origins instead if it isn't?
  21. just cheking how many ppl play dota 2 here. If you do who do you main and your top 5 fav. my main is shadow shaman 1.Shadow shaman 2.Omni 3.Witch doc. 4.dazzle 5.Lich (yes ik i am a support only pls no judge.)
  22. pc

    I absolutely love Bloodborne, and I'm really curious if anyone here knows and likes Bloodborne. If so what makes you like it? For me it's the gameplay, speedy souls, and the enemy designs which I absolutely adore.
  23. pc

    I suck at drawing
  24. Are any of you fans of this genre of games? I am curious, because we are hosting a game on our own on this site and we're missing seven people before starting. Please do join us if you're interested. The link is below: Fantasy - Worlds Collide AG (Sign Up)
  25. pc

    Introducing: Velvet Sundown Velvet Sundown is a free, open-ended roleplaying game for Steam that I'm currently maybe a little obsessed with. It’s a 3D, dialogue-based game (with the potential to be pretty great) that provides limited direction/small objectives to which your character is randomly assigned. It takes place on a cruise ship. The free scenario rotates every 2.5 hours and the scenarios currently released are: Murder! (1 murderer, 4 other people, 3 bits of evidence, a few randomly supplied alibis) Story of Fathers and Sons (a rich playboy who hates his father, a secret bodyguard, a drug deal, lots of booze and a taser) Sea of Fire (spies from two opposing companies who need to find data to blow up the other company’s oil rig, usually a taser or two, sometimes a cult leader) A few of the things currently making the game somewhat less than ideal are: Wait time for scenario can be long (at least while a few of us are trying to build a stronger player base), so it’s best to have something else to do while you wait. Trolls, obviously. People who join a scenario and then disconnect, which can disrupt the flow of the story for people who don’t either ignore it or roleplay around it. In my opinion, it tends to be more fun when someone has an idea and everyone runs with it, rather than strict focus on or adherence to the plot. Regardless, with a creative, responsive and engaged group of people it’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a game! Steam page: Velvet Sundown on Steam Brief description, list of characters, controls: Velvet Sundown The button-worshipping c̶u̶l̶t̶ group I accidentally created which we could, in theory, use to coordinate play sessions: Steam Community :: Group :: The Buttonists of Velvet Sundown Hope to see some of you in game!!!