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Found 283 results

  1. pc

    7Days to Live anyone? Looking to start a group.
  2. cross platform

    so it's finally here on ps4 at least !! man i feel like i've been waiting for this game forever. so, has anyone else here been playing it? i've heard a lot of different opinions since its release and i'm so curious to see what people think. personally i've been enjoying it loads -- yeah, there are some things that could probably have been better/different/whatever, but i definitely don't feel let down at all. i feel like the game i've been playing is the game i was promised by the devs, and if nothing else, it's absolutely beautiful, visually. and i found it so captivating, at least to begin with -- i probably spent a good solid 8 hours on my first planet, simply because i couldn't stop thinking about the fact that i would probably be the only person to ever be on it, and if i didn't document it, nobody else would. that's quite a feeling, honestly. i feel so small while playing. but yeah, thoughts? wanna share opinions or discoveries or anything? i can't get enough of seeing peoples' screenshots, i love it! SPACE, guys !!!
  3. pc

    I've just gotten this MMORPG game called TERA and it's quite fun. I was wondering if anyone else has this game and wishes to form a party and do some stuff or act like idiots together?
  4. pc

    Who is in the right and who is in the wrong? Are they both gray, or are black and white. Offer your comments below, and lets have a discussion about these two great factions here. Your opinions, facts, speculations are allowed. Just don't go too over-biased =3.
  5. pc

    Welcome Summoners! Feel free to talk about any league-related question or just post random stuff here. I really dont care. By the way, what are your main champions and lanes?
  6. pc

    Hey so I got this gane not long ago and it plays so slow! It takes ages to turn and it lags...a lot. Is there anything I can do to try and help it run smoother? (On pc)
  7. pc

    Post below if you'd like to join a game with me and some others. My username is SilentFuse. Also, who is your favourite Champion and why? You can also join my clan if you'd like; Xelium.
  8. I know what you're thinking, that's ridiculous but please give it a chance! It's called wynncraft and it's actually really good you should definitely try it!
  9. pc

    So, I play BDO (Black Desert Online) NA version and we were a B2P (buy2play) format to avoid having a F2P (free2play) model where cash shop items were allowed to be sold in the game for ingame currency; aka P2W (pay2win). We were promised that our market wouldn't have to worry about P2W because they knew that in the NA/EU market it doesn't end well (anyone who played ArcheAge knows this very well). It appears that they've lied to it's users and are going to implement a "restricted" P2W model. If implemented, those who throw money at the game (whether they can afford it or not, I know someone who maxed out their credit cards on P2W games because they have a shopping addiction and wanted to easily get ingame money to buy ingame items to progress faster) will have a much easier time progressing through the game with very little effort. That leaves players like myself, who don't spend thousands on pixels to compete against players who have bought the best of the best items without having to work for it at all. And generally these same players will grief us "peasants" as they called us in AA. It's a bit distressing because I really like the game. I probably won't quit, but I also won't be nearly as invested in the game anymore. I'll probably just AFK fish 24/7.
  10. pc

    I started playing Smite a month ago or so (before my Pc started crashing non-stop ヽ(`⌒´)ノ) I was curious to know who your favourite god was (lore wise, design, gameplay) and what god you'd enjoy seeing in Smite. Personally I don't have many gods unlocked yet, so I don't really have a main. For now I quite enjoy Ra's abilities cause - do I really need to mention his first ability? - I also like his aoe heal. Lore wise I prefer the Greek and Norse gods, especially Medusa and Hel. I also really like Hel's concept, changing from and all. A goddess I'd enjoy seeing in game would probably be Persephone, which would probably be more like a support, healing, buffing etc. I'd also love to see Pandora, but unluckily she's not considered a goddess. Or maybe Jesus. (Jk.) So what are your thoughts?
  11. pc

    I'm looking for something to spend my time on other than League or NBA. Is it actually dead? Even after the Reboot servers came on?
  12. pc

    Anybody know of any good indie games or even just ones that are a little different?
  13. pc

    So I bought Star wars battlefront on orgin and it keeps crashing on my laptop I have a windows 8.1 and when ever I launch the game it says Detected Intel driver version 01/22/2014 00:00:00 the recommended driver version is xx.xx. 14.4264 or later. Please update your drivers at Drivers & Software before playing game. Do you want to try and run the game anyways? There may be stability performance or visual corruption issues. Please help me fix this if you play star wars battlefront 2015 I want to play it and if I get it fix then maybe we can play together.
  14. pc

    Yeah. It's that thread again. honestly why is there no league thread pinned to the top smh Anyway, is there anyone who plays on EUW or PBE? Some people to play or just chat with would be grand.
  15. pc

    So, I've seen recently on YouTube a few Overwatch Hide and Seek videos and thought it might be fun to play a few games myself. However, I don't have nearly enough friends on at once to play one that's not just a game of cat and mouse between me and one or two other people. So, If anyone would be interested in playing some Overwatch Hide and Seek some time, I'd be more than happy to add some of you on Battle.Net and get that goin here and there. How it would work: With 7 or less players- Hiders vs a seeker, seeker finds the hiders, last hider found gets to be the seeker in the next round With 8, 10, or 12 players- Two teams, each appointing a seeker. Said seeker must find all opposing team's hiders and then kill the opposing seeker. First seeker to find all enemy hiders and kill the enemy seeker wins. Regardless of player number- 25% health, 200% damage, 0% cooldown (infinite abilities), no hanzo sonic arrow or widow ult though the characters will still be available due to their high mobility Let me knwo if you'd be interested!
  16. pc

    Well uh, I saw that this type of thread existed so uh... Yeah hi! Just wanted to know fellow warcraftians who are about as hyped as I am for the up coming installation legion next month!!!( didn't pre-order it twice for no reason after all! ) I just realize how close that really is.... nNNNyUH. -dying-
  17. pc

    Here is my undertale fanart with better resolution. Please give me constructive feedback to improve my skills as much as possible. (And please no hate comments.) <p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_06/57a8caff6e4e0_UndertaleFanart1.png.7c443a86f8fb95ed82e3a235d0ce8905.png" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="136182" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2016_06/57a8caff6e4e0_UndertaleFanart1.png.7c443a86f8fb95ed82e3a235d0ce8905.png" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>
  18. pc

    horror rpgs like Ib, Mad Father, Misao, Paranoiac, Ao Oni, The Crooked Man, and all the others. what about them interests you? and what would you like to see in one? i'm currently developing an rpg and i wanted some input to see if i should change anything or add something into the game.
  19. pc

    Who plays smite in rpn? Want to know why i'm asking? I would love to make a RPN Clan!
  20. pc

    I must know where my kin is. I've met three now. (@loftilyhonest @Ammy @Noire Tukino) WE MUST UNITE AND TALK ABOUT OUR FAVORITE BIRDIES AND JUST CHARACTERS IN OTOME GAMES IN GENERAL. I mean, who doesn't love birbs? Pigeons, especially. Cute pigeons~
  21. pc

    Anyone playing Life is Strange, the episodic game? Anyone finished the third episode and are completely shocked about the events? I know I am. I guess that answers my question if I'm ever going to see Kate again...
  22. Hello guys,i never ask this but is there is some players from League of Legends or Hearsthone?
  23. The Sims. You gotta love it - whether it's the very first one, or Sims 4. You can create your own story with your own characters - heck, you can even have add-ons such as dragons or unicorns. Until it all goes very, very wrong. I'll admit that I usually play with cheats on Sims 3, seeing as my household would die almost immediately without them - either they starve because the fridge is around the corner, or they set themselves on fire while making a salad. Have you ever drowned while standing next to the pool? Can you swim through concrete? How about taking a shower while the house is on fire? What kind of situations have your Sims ever gotten into, and what glitches happened while playing?
  24. pc

    I've lately been introduced to Town of Salen and was wondering who would like to form a party? If you want more details on this then or are intrested then send me a PM ^^
  25. pc

    I admit I have used console commands for this game, haha. (though changing my race does crash the game for me idk why) where are the best quests/things to do? i already played bloodmoon, so i kinda want to do something vampire-ish. Is there any vampire quests that heavily include Molag Bal? (I know theres like vamp clans and shit).