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Found 284 results

  1. The SIFI MMO EVE online is to become officially Free-to-play this November 15th. With it going free-to-play, there is a opportunity to usher in a new generation of personalities to the RP scene. This guide was put together to provide a brief overview of the lore of the game in hopes of interesting those who enjoy RP that have never heard of EVE, or never bothered to try it. The topics i speak about may appear light in detail, but thats only so i won't overburden newcomers with a plate full of lore to shift though. Links will be provided directing you to more detailed information about the topic if available. Your role in the universe You the player, assume the role of a Capsuleer. You are a member of a rare breed of human beings who have been given epic power thanks to a highly advanced implant and "Capsule" that allows you connect your mind to the inner works of starships of any size.The weapons, thrusters , shields and even the lights inside the ship can all be controlled using your mind as if they were a natural extension of yourself. This "Capsule" in which the name "Capsuleer" comes from is the bridge between the human mind and the ship's systems. This technology makes the vessel extremely more dangerous as ships under control of capsuleers can turn faster, move faster, shoot faster, hit harder and take punishment far more than a ship manned by a normal crew. Capsuleers are capable of taking on massive fleets of unsegmented humans by themselves. While some of theses "baseliners" can prove themselves capable of defeating capsuleers, majority of the time a Capsuler's biggest threat is another Capsuleer. Combat is not the only things these capsuleers excel at, some prefer to mine the astriods of the many systems of the universe. Or wander the stars in massive freighters, ferrying goods across borders to sell transporting equipment to the next warzone. Some that choose to venture deeper into the darkness of space in search of what has yet to be discovered. All of theses activities come with Risk, a risk that has been diluted with the other function of the Capsule/. Thanks to advanced cloning technology, the capsule has the function of taking a "snapshot" of the user's mind at the moment of the hull breaching and transmitting his or her's consciousness light years away to their home station and bringing back to life in a clone, making capsuleers immortal. You can kill one, but they will come back with the memories and skills of their former self. They can learn and improve from fatal mistakes until they never make a mistake again. Theses perks of being a capsuleer makes them feared, respected, admired and hated across the universe. These individuals can amass the wealth of empires and cause damage unlike none other. [Wiki link for more details] Why RP in EVE? Because the RP in EVE is real. That may sound cliche but it really is. Every action you take in this world can be taken IC. Since you come back as a clone when you die, you have a reason to bring any death you experience up IC. When your ship is destroyed its gone for good and needs to be replaced, it does not magically reappear out of thin air. When two player alliances go to war it becomes apart of the in game news along with other player actives. Everything you do can be taken IC, thus everything can add to your on going story. Those that don't take part in actual roleplay ARE roleplaying without even knowing it. Where in most RPs you would roll for combat, here we actually FIGHT in real PVP, your skills as a player reflect on your character because YOU are the capsuleer, you ARE the character. The moment you create that character is the moment that character becomes a capsuleer in the world. You start off graduating from one of various universities that prepares those for the immortal life of being a Capsuleer, this is the moment where you join the elite. As a capsuleer you are given the freedom to do as you wish. Become a loyalist to your chosen empire, follow in line with ambitious Capsuleer alliances that wish to gain power and influence in the NULL security regions. Join a humble mining corporation and dig up your fortune or build it though industry. Trade on the vast galactic markets or plunder trade routes and asteroid belts as a lone pirate. Origins To go over it quickly,please refer to the game's Old introduction. The way it summarizes the basic backstory of the world is done perfectly. The game's world takes place 20,000 from our current date. All memories and stories of Earth have faded from the minds of the human race and when asked about their home world they speak of the world they were trapped on after the EVE gate collapsed. Enduring though this dark time, several of theses lost colonies rose up and became the new powers of New Eden. However one bit of information about this intro si out-of-date. and thats the end where its said the empires came together in peace. Today that is not the case as the universe's version of the United nations, CONCORD has had treaties in place to minimize damage should the desire for a all out war between the factions happens. Instead of naval forces duking it out and causing the death of potential billions. The responsibility of fighting the war falls to the capsuleers to sign on with faction militias and conquer the systems of low security space for those they swear their loyalty too. Of course, you don't HAVE to sign on with a faction..again you can remain independent and hold no responsibility for any of these empire's foolish wars Amarr Empire "Amarr is a theocracy and a ritualistic, authoritarian imperial state where the ruling figure, the Amarr Emperor, holds near-absolute power. Below him are the five Heirs, the heads of the five royal families from which a new Emperor is traditionally chosen, along with a sixth one only recently brought back to the fold. The Emperor's authority is unquestioned and absolute, but the archaic and bureaucratic system of government makes it difficult for him to exert his rule unless directly in person. Otherwise, the Heirs rule in his name, dividing the huge empire between them" [Taken from the wiki page] Minmatar Republic "The Minmatar are the most numerous of all the races in the world of New Eden, but their vast numbers are divided into many factions. While the Minmatar Republic is the official state, only a quarter of all Minmatar are part of it. The largest proportion, almost a third, are enslaved within the huge Amarr Empire, while a fifth resides within the Gallente Federation, creating a powerful political bloc which keeps relations between the Gallente and the Amarr in a constant state of tension. The remainder, who are not part of any formal organization, live as freemen throughout the world. Many are itinerant laborers, roaming from one system to another in search for work. A fair number make their living on the darker side of the law, acting as pirates, smugglers and peddlers in all kinds of illegal goods, and many of the larger criminal groups in the world of New Eden are run by Minmatar." [Taken from the wiki page] Gallente Federation Champions of liberty and fierce guardians of the human spirit, the Gallente Federation is the only true democracy in New Eden. Its principles are brotherhood, fraternity, and equal rights to all men. Some of the most progressive leaders, scientists, and businessmen of the era have emerged from its diverse peoples. Pioneers of artificial intelligence, the Federation once relied almost entirely on drone fleets to defend its beliefs and borders. But the limitations of this technology and the lack of a human element—both in terms of a military strategy, and as a means of spreading influence— eventually reached a critical point. Today, Gallente starships are manned by some of the bravest men and women of New Eden [Taken from the wiki..again, just explains it better than i could] Caldari State Founded on the tenets of patriotism and hard work that carried its ancestors through hardships on an inhospitable homeworld, the Caldari State is today a corporate dictatorship, led by rulers who are determined to see it return to the meritocratic ideals of old. Ruthless and efficient in the boardroom as well as on the battlefield, the Caldari are living emblems of strength, persistence, and dignity. [Do you even need to ask where this came from?] -------------------------------------- This the main four empires of the universe in which majority of our characters would come from. Of course there are other factions to interact with, Pirates such as the Guristas and Angel cartel may prove to be fitting for the ones that prefer to live on the other side of the law. Unlike in WoW, where what race you pick sets in stone what faction you will forever be apart of. In EVE your character is not bound to any group in this game and you can work for whoever you damn well want regardless of your origins. Recent Events Yesterday ended a in-game event (that served as its halloween themed event) where the feared Blood raider covenant launched a long campaign they call the "Crimson harvest". This appears to be a new annual thing for them as this "harvest" appeared the year before around the same time. during this period the raids pillage and kidnap civilians and spacefarers at a relentless rate. Those that are taken have their blood drained from their body so the raiders can use it in their twisted rituals. This year had more of a goal. See, new cloning technology was discovered that would allow mass production of capsuleers. Before the requirements to become one were steep and made it difficult to even be capable of using the technology. but this cloning tech will allow them to produce functioning capsuleers more easily, but with some restrictions. If you don't get it already..This is the lore behind the game going F2P. thats right, this big game decision actually has lore and story behind it. Making the new influx of capsuleers entering the world have a explanation behind it. But i digress, the Blood raiders see that clone blood is the pure blood there is in existence so with this new influx of clone bodies the Blood raiders move out to claim as many as they can by raiding secret cloning facilities owned by the empires...As well as any poor son of a bitch that is int he vicinity of one of their attacks. Get a head start on EVE If you are interested in playing EVE but don't want to wait for the game to go officially F2p you can still technically for free by starting a trial. By the time the trial comes close to ending, the game will have became F2P. Thus your account will simply transfer over status from "trial" to "Alpha Clone" where you will never have to worry about your game time running out. One thing to keep in mind is that on the 15th when the game goes F2P, they are too also put out a brand new tutorial that will teach you far better than the current tutorial can. This game has a side server where players can test out new features and this was added there, from the beta alone i can promise you that this tutorial is far more straight forward than the current Tutorial in the game. But its also one of those "you are the hero storylines" and it holds your hand though the entire thing so if you find that shit distasteful go ahead and start a trial account so you can skip that shit and be able to claim you had to suffer though the lack luster piece of shit thing they call a tutorial. I'm sure as shit going to wear that badge proudly. You should too, so come join EVE online with me today and immerse yourself in this rich universe that you can laave a mark on. My in-game name is "Avio Yake"n and I'm willing to help anyone out with learning how to play thsi game, just drop me a mail in game and i promise you i will get back to you in a span of 24 hours. As well as doing live-chats if we are online at the same time. Whatever it be gamepaly or help with making a character that fits in, i can help you out along with my other RP mates who will also be more than happy to help new RPers out. If you are a veteran player and want to RP, still drop me a line, I'll help you out too Also if you are still unsure, feel free to ask any question here and i will get back to you
  2. pc

    Looking for people to play often with me, I will post the doays team link and I hope poeple will come play ^-^
  3. pc

    Anyone else play CS:GO I'm only Rank 3 but I just started playing
  4. pc

    Hey All, So some of us have been playing black desert online. We have a guild going called ShieldHeart. If you want to join us just leave me your name in a post below. For anyone wondering what it is, BDO is an MMO (buy once and no monthly subscription) with an awesome action combat system and lots of management and trading/economy, building castles and all sorts of things. It gets pretty heavy into that stuff as well. We are located on the Orwen server for North America. Black Desert Online, the next gen MMORPG
  5. If you don't feel up to reading my wall of vomit, scroll to the very bottom to get the long story short. ^^ HEY, LOOK, IT'S THAT DORK SHADY TRYING TO START ANOTHER SMITE RP!! Yes, he sure is. I tried this up a while back and got a few responses that didn't end up turning out as I had hoped they would. As I traversed far and wide in hope of finding fellow Smite enthusiasts looking to see if RP for it would actually be a thing, I ended up forgetting about RpN (apologies to those of you who know who you are). Eventually, I just gave up, and left Smite to the battleground, and bought as many new mouses to replace broken ones as I needed, usually after a match with a Loki. However, as about 11:30 pm hit and I had finished a match as Nemesis (don't judge me, I was desperate), I felt another hard hankering to delve further into this fantastic MOBA's actual story. Granted, it mostly lacks one, but hey, isn't that where we come in? So, I started my search back up, hoping, PRAYING that the time had changed things, and Smite RP was as abundant as whatever the hell was going on with Undertale (no hate, just cracking jokes here, my friend). Alas, I was again wrong. Just as I was about to give up again, I had actually found something I at first thought was a jackpot. My original post to this site however many months back. Granted, I didn't know it was my post when I first clicked on it, but, you know how the Internet works, click first ask questions later. Surely enough, I quickly realized it was me, and, though I don't know about you guys, I didn't fancy RPing with myself. Then, I remembered how bombastic this site can tend to be, and figured, 'well. What progress am I making OUTSIDE of this site?' Here's a hint, literally zero. So, I figured, and Pardon my Italian, screw it, let's just put up another post, sacrifice my Xbox and a few liters of blood, and pray to Chaac himself that he rain down willing participants. Long story short, would anyone here be interested in doing some Smite RP?
  6. So I haven't seen anything like this and, honestly, I don't know how many people even play this game, but I thought, hey, if there are people, then it'd be interesting to learn some stuff about other possible players here on RpN, so I've decided to ask how all of you guys handle a standard match of Dead By Daylight as both the Killer and the Survivor and what's your preferences when playing. Since I would never ask anyone something I wouldn't answer myself, here's my answer. As a Survivor, I usually play as Jake Park with Altruistic tendencies, using Dark Sense, Premonition, Spine Chill (these two are for Michael Myers) and Saboteur (for disabling hooks near generators). If I see someone on the hook, unless they're face camping (staring right at them) and they have an instant down ability or trap, or I can't reach them in time or without help, I will try to rescue someone whilst tanking any hits meant for them. I rarely use my better items without the White Ward (sadly most of the time killers quit when I use it, wasting it). As a Killer, I am at a tie between Michael Myers, The Wraith, and The Trapper, as I like to keep the Survivors on edge and paranoid, so they'll make more mistakes and take their time and gives a strong sense of paranoia, not knowing where I or my traps are. I...might've gone into too much detail . So what's your guys' preferences?
  7. Greetings fellow Pilots, Tankers, Captains... this is a thread for a roll-call (no pun intended) of the many RPers here who happen to love playing games like War Thunder, World of Tanks/Warships, Armored Warfare, and also more hardcore level sims like the IL2 series and DCS.
  8. pc

    Hey there! So, recently a friend of mine got me into playing poe. Since I tend to be quite competitive, I want to do secrety secret training on the side when they aren't looking. Also, whenever we play, they dart ahead and kill everything in the area -.- Basically, what are some tips or tricks you may have picked up? Or perhaps, what tutorials/videos/etc do you suggest watching/reading? Or even a general discussion of what class you like playing most and what type of builds you have made. I am just a curious panda who wants to learn more about the game ^-^
  9. pc

    Hello everyone! I've seen a good amount of posts about League of Legends and such, yet have I never seen one about Heroes Of The Storm. So tell me, on what region do you guys play? (Are there even different regions?) Who's your favourite hero? Maybe we can all play together sometimes :3 I, myself, play on EU servers, if that's a thing, lol, I mostly enjoy playing Lieutenant Morales or Tyrande I don't play to win, I just do it for fun Feel free to leave your IGN in the comments/Inbox if anyone's interested in playing together o/
  10. Does anyone have it, if you do want to play it Maybe?
  11. pc

    Not sure if we had a thread for this... Might have once upon a time, but I can't find it. Mainly, if you have any coupons or keys for games on Steam - and you are nice enough to want to gift them to someone - you can utilize this thread to let members know what you've got so they can contact you via PM or through Steam itself and receive the gift. ----------------------------------------------- I just got a -75% off on Serious Sam 2 from crafting a badge and since I have no intentions of buying the game, I'd like someone else to have it so the coupon doesn't go to waste. It will expire on August 7th 2014, which means it is valid for a week from now. First come, first served *bark*
  12. pc

    Hey any one here play From the Depths?
  13. pc

    Undertale is bae. I love talking about canon and AU's
  14. pc

    life is strange was a good game. I don't get why people get salt over the ending. of course, it was a binary choice! it was not only hinted at the very first episode, it's all but impossible to create a time travel game that actually has realistically differing conclusions! the way I see it, when the game has those important choices, the big ones like "shoot/don't shoot" that have the wavy effect, get that effect from MAX. after all, loses her power at the end of episode 2, THAT is considered an important choice, but you don't get the wavy effect. the whole game is set up with max deciding what the important choices are. we forget that after all she's been through, it's only been a few days and she's still in high school. tell the teacher a kid has a gun? important. stop bullying? important. you see throughout the progress of the game that she slowly finds certain choices to be the REAL important ones, like whether or not to kill Chloe in the alternate timeline or if she should kill the dog. As she goes through the week, she truely and wholeheartedly believe these choices are the ones that will shape the world around her. Thats why i think they built it up like that. To emphasize that max is left with this choice. a choice she doesnt want to make, but she also realizes is the most important choice shes ever made. i dunno. i think that just makes the game ending better for me. what do you think?
  15. Hey everyone! If you would kindly help me with my question? The Halloween for TF2 Screamfortress has been going on for a few days and I played a lot of Helltower (the map where you go to hell/skull island.) I recently got the unfilled fancy spell book and I have no idea how to fill it. I tried searching the map for the Halloween Gift Boxes so far but I have no luck whatsoever. Can someone please tell me where I can find the spell book pages? I would appreciate it, Thank you!
  16. pc

    Maybe we should make a steam group for all rpnation members.
  17. pc

    So I'm downloading this game off of steam and I have no idea what I'm getting into, so if by any chance you have this game too tell me...
  18. Glyphs Online is an MMORPG in the works. The goal of this game is to create an environment where people can actually become anything they want in any setting they want. So say you want a scifi setting you would choose a scifi server and go from there(Currently we are working on the fantasy server so one thing at a time haha). Characters are going to have a massive amount of customization options so people can really get creative. Before I go much further this game is in fact being made and will be released before march 2017 The server and client have already been mostly developed. as of right now we are just building the world, and getting the ability system finished aswell as some basic mmo features. FEATURES ALREADY DONE: (Note: we are using some assets purchased at this point so as to speed up the creation process.) Housing: Players may lay claim to land and then build on it increasing its value or sell the property out right if they wish to do so. Basic MMO Features:(Such as in game mail, dueling, different mob types like quest givers and contracters). PROFESSIONS:(Mining, Alchemy, Woodworking... to name a few.) FEATURES PARTIALLY DONE: SPELLS: (Different Spells and Abilities will be crafted at a elemental forging station) RP INTEGRATION:(Players will be able to create immersive plots that other players may partake in and incorporate their own stories as well as the scenario reaches completion) QUESTS:(Quests are Made by players, they may choose from gathering resources that they may want/need to killing a specific mob for them. These quests will give player specified rewards and will be obtainable from a Contract npc that will accept and distribute these quests.) FEATURES TO BE IMPLEMENTED: World Generation:(It is the ultimate goal to make players able to really create everything. Including the world they choose to be in. Although this is far from done, this is a long term goal). CHARACTER MODELS:(This is very close to done). COMMUNITY SUGGESTIONS: Please make a suggestion for things you would like to see in the game. If in reason we will do our best to implement it and it will be added to this section under community suggestions. SOME IMAGES OF THINGS BEING WORKED ON OR ALREADY IMPLEMENTED: Female Base Model: Without customizataions.(Vert count will be lowered) Male Model is in the works at the moment. But this is what we have sofar. The world: (The base world that will be open to everyone.) SPELL EFFECTS If you wish to help / participate in this. please pm me or post in this thread. NOTE: Working on this is not going to need coding at this point. We need people to create If you feel like helping with the project please pm me or post in this thread. I will be giving out the game without any charge to everyone on this site on release.
  19. pc

    who 'members Cry of fear on steam?
  20. pc

    I've made this one for quite some time now. If you wanna here about him besure to notify me. I don't wanna show it unless I know people are gonna see it.
  21. pc

    Feeling a little overwhelmed to be honest. Last time I played this game (Star Wars: The Old Republic) was years ago but with my new PC laptop and all the hype surrounding the new expansions I thought I would give it a shot again. Even still I remember what slowed me in the first place. I'm the guy who plays this game because I love Star Wars and I love the class specific stories of the game delivering on specific experiences. So all this stuff with stats, specializations, gear level, it's all so much minutia to me. Am I going to eventually hit a wall or can I apply WoW thinking and just steadily upgrade armor the way through?
  22. pc

    WAKE OF ALTERAC A World of Warcraft RP-PVP private server based in Alterac ten years prior to the first war. This private server brings to you: -An entire custom map of alterac built from scratch including new regions such as; The Fold, Rivermark, The Red Caverns, Tyrburg, Rosengarde, and Horikstead. Has original regions such as The Capital, Strahnbrad and Gallow’s Corner. -Costume models, and buildings entire built by scratch. -Houses and factions that are entirely player based with it’s own lore and communities. Even including mercenary company’s, bandit gangs and even travelling fairs. -Player driven story-line with little interaction by the staff of the server staff. -Player vrs Player, Player vrs Environment are compatible in this roleplay server allowing for immersive roleplay to be done without staff even being aware of it. -A world of warcraft role playing community that has existed since 2014, bringing a staff that has two years of Wake experience on it’s belt and even more with other private servers.
  23. pc

    So i created a ranked team for just people of RPNation. I am on EUW server... Anyone who might be interested, just leave a comment!
  24. Yoooo pink blobby rhythm game represent! I don't care if you are a standard player, mania player, catch the beat, cookiezi or whatever. I just want to see who here plays.