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Found 298 results

  1. pc

    Welcome to a new idea that a few Staff members and I have come up with. My name is Demon or Kitten/Dk (doesn't matter). I have been a mod for quite awhile, but I am also a huge sims player. Anyways, I have decided that I will be making and uploading (as well as playing) Rpnation people in the sims 4. Currently, I will just do staff, but, after staff is complete, I will take request from others to make them (based on avatar or information given to me) I will be posting screenshots and possibly videos of the game play I have went through depending on how well this takes off. Anyways, Let the games begin!! Love, Demonkitten.... (images will be posted today) 2 Mods Waiting List: Datbrony (I will try my best) The Mechanist Windsock Spookie Spook axelwelrod Cavil (If I didn't add you it is because you might not of specifically stated you wanted to be made) MEREDITH. She is our sweet, lovable ram that has many artistic talents. Traits are: Creative, Geeky, and Loves Outdoors Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire APFELSEINE Another cutie with a geeky side. Traits: Geeky, Childish, and Bookworm Aspiration: Renaissance Sim KAERRI Our wonderful pikachu of the Norse Gods. Traits: Music Lover, Good, Bookworm Aspiration: Friend of the World GHOST The devious, vain moderator that we can't stop looking at. Traits: Evil, Noncommittal, Lazy Aspiration: Grilled Cheese Aspiration STONEWOLF18 The newest mod, but a really good friend of mine. Triats: Geek, Loner, Genius Aspiration: Renaissance Sim FYURI A true ninth wonder of the world and a mother to boot. Traits: Bookworm, Nerd, Creative Aspiration: Aspiring Writer MUSE A powerful force of nature within rpnation. Traits: Music Lover, Self-Assured, Ambitious Aspiration: Musical Genius DEMONKITTEN (ME) Collecting adorable things from every corner. Traits: Family-oriented, Romantic, Bookworm Aspiration: Successful Lineage THE DARK WIZARD The controller of our fates...or he was. Traits: Outgoing, Genius, Insane Aspiration: Party Animal GHAN Know one truly knows what he is thinking. Traits: Loner, Genius, Loves Outdoors Aspiration: Computer Whiz CAPTAIN HESPERUS The second best cat on the site Traits: Evil, Genius, Perfectionist Aspiration: Fabulous Wealthy GILZAR Just a Traits: Loves outdoors, Romantic, Goofball Aspiration: Angling Ace
  2. pc

    Hi there, any of you plays Rift? I played it long time ago, but now that I don't have a computer, I can't.
  3. pc

    Eden Era Chat is going to be hosting steam game giveaways every weekend. Our community mostly consists of roleplayers, gamers, and decent intellectuals. Join us. Tonight's event goes from 8 PM - 12 EST for steam game giveaways
  4. pc

    Alright so this is something we've been hyping about for a while, even had a mini give away and 3 people got into the early access. Who is getting the PC version and is in the early access? If you want an invite to the overwatch rpn discord server just post here and I'll send you an invite privately.
  5. pc

    So I got back into Archeage recently. I think it's a good game, but it doesn't reach that amazing feeling without a group of friends or a guild to play with. If anyone here plays Archeage or would be interested in playing, we could possibly get a group or guild together and have some jolly good times. I REALLY want to get a boat and go pirating with a group, that's one of the most fun things to do in-game. Pirating, group trade runs, questing, raids, etc. etc. Anyone?
  6. pc

    Does anyone else here play league? I play league a lot. I usually main Ashe, Riven or Fizz.
  7. pc

    So yeah just talk about Dota. (Dark seer offlane main) Why valve why u nerf him. Flashback of all those angry and triggered Merle heros trying to get farm. I have found a new main, timber, but I can't play home because he gets banned all the time like why?
  8. pc

    OSU is a rhythm game that you point and click circles to the beat of your favorite songs. In any case, does anyone on RPN play this minimalistic, yet addictive game?
  9. pc

    Tell me about your first league game and make me feel better about myself. My first match? Jinx top with six boots of speed. I tower dived and tried to kill cloud drake ten minutes into the game. We lost to the bots. Don't hate, it was my first MOBA.
  10. pc

    Tell me about your first league game and make me feel better about myself. My first match? Jinx top with six boots of speed. I tower dived and tried to kill cloud drake ten minutes into the game. We lost to the bots. Don't hate, it was my first MOBA.
  11. pc

    Tell about your first league game and make me feel better about myself. My first match Jinx top with six boots of speed. I tower dived and tried to kill cloud drake ten minutes into the game. We lost to the bots. Don't hate, it was my first MOBA.
  12. pc

    Hey guys ! I just made a RPNation Club for the EUW league of legends server. I think it would be a good way to list your fellow league players so we can play together ! Sooo yeah. The club name is "RPNation", you can probably find it on the launcher but if you don't know how to join a club, you can just type down your summoner name and I'll invite you right over ! Till next time summoner !
  13. pc

    For all those wondering "What the fuck is Osu?" Lemme explain. It's a free game (only a donator rank that doesn't really mean anything) with 8 million active accounts that can be compaired to Dance Dance Revolution, kinda. You use the mouse (or tablet and stylus) and keyboard to tab to the beat of the song while aiming at the notes. (It's much faster on a monitor) Example: Almost all of the maps (called beatmaps) are made by the community for a variety of songs that can be downloaded whenever. (The game comes with a few but I prefer to get songs I listen to.) I HIGHLY recommend trying it out if you have some free time. A beefy PC is not necessary as my potato of a window's laptop can run it just fine! Website: (Looks shady I know, ignore that >.>) If anyone is magical enough to have heard, played, or try it out from this thread, TELL ME! ;~;
  14. Hello everyone, I hope it’s fine that I’m posting this topic here on RPnation. If it isn't, I have no problem with removing it. Roleplay on Garry's mod. Alright so there are a lot of different types of roleplay in Garry's Mod: DarkRP, StarwarsRP and so forth… but in this case it’s KingdomRP, namely “Jinxed KingdomRP Server”. Some people might feel that Garry’s Mod is a game that’s not made for roleplaying on and that’s also true, because this is a game that is well known for its’ trolls and glitches, but in reality, there’s actually a majority that likes to roleplay, and thus, they allow for a legitimate and enjoyable atmosphere. If you were to join in and play, for a week or two, it wouldn’t even look like Garry’s mod, but instead feel like an actual roleplaying game. (At least this server does) The server is basically a roleplaying platform for kingdoms, as the title suggests. There are a lot of different jobs and classes that you can play as, and all of these jobs have their own interactions. For example, an Archmage can cast spells and the Witch can suck the life out of people's souls. Sell weapons as a Fletcher, or become an Alchemist with which you can brew a wide range of potions that can affect players in both good and bad ways. And those are just 4 of the 80 classes/jobs you will be able to choose from. You could even make your own class, as long as you have a valid workshop model and a choice of weapons picked out. Since this is also Garry's Mod after all, you could even build your own house if you want to. (As long as it follows the basic rules of the server). The one day I logged onto GMod alone and started playing on some servers like this one, I suddenly realized how connected I got to this game-mode and how I just completely fell in love with it. And that’s exactly why I believe you people will like it too. It has a bit of everything, for everyone, including actual 1 v 1 fights, and wars that are declared between the many types of kingdoms that also exist. (In this instance, there are the the Royals, Darks, Orcs and the Elven Kingdom, and a lot of roleplaying along with them that basically mends the frame of the server on their own. There are a lot of rules guide you into the perfect roleplay experience, and if you don’t know them all, that’s no problem! You can easily scheme through them like reading a book. They are there for those that have never roleplayed on a server before, but if you already know the bases of RP, then you will be very prepared for the fun that can be had. We need new players on the server, so that's why I’m posting this here, and I know that some of you really ache and actually *want* this experience! It truly is a remarkable one. I simply cannot explain what experience is to be had in words, so I think that *you* should instead just give it a shot, and get to know the pinnacle of the roleplaying in Garry's Mod. To join the server, simply open the console with your assigned key, while in the menu, and type the following into it: “connect” You can also find the server in the browser by searching through the “KingdomRP”-tag on the list once enough servers have loaded up. You will find it there as well. That's all I have to say here. Thank you for taking your time I hope to see you join and have fun on the server, should you decide to. Cheers.
  15. cross platform

    What's your guilty pleasure game? Now, I know this topic has probably been brought up a lot... but I was too curious. Basically what is a video game that you play and enjoy, yet it's either controversial or more unpopular than me in middle school. Mine is obviously DotA 2. Rough fanbase, difficult game, controversial to the teeth. Hell, you'd have to be waist deep in geeky-ness to even basically understand how a Moba works, let alone DotA 2. Playing the game is like playing high stakes poker (not that I would know, but hear me out)... winning is pretty much better than sliding off a pair of crusty Hanes in your warmer than snot bed, while losing feels worse than dying of death. It's a bet I'm willing to wager! Anyway, enough of my blabbering. Entertain me with your squabble. (please)
  16. Just wondering if anyone else around here plays that
  17. I know some people don't consider the sims series an actual game, but this thread isn't for you. I played sims 2 and sims 3, but not sims 4. I noticed as you go up in the generations of sims you're given a lot to do, sims 3 being the most (sort of) and sims 4 being the least. However, I think sims 2 was the best in the series. I never played the first sims but it had the same sims 2. Personally, I think the sims have increased customization and graphics, but lack character and emotion. The sims is trying to be realistic when that was never the goal. It was supposed to be zany and whimsical, cartoonish even. Anyway, what is your thoughts?
  18. pc

    So yeah, I have this game sitting in my hard-drive for months and I've yet to truly try it. I absolutely played and loved the stuffing out of Tales of Symphonia back in the Game Cube days and have a request to make: Tempt me into playing ToZ, please, you lovely people!
  19. pc

    Try to talk about random Dark Souls series experience. I'll go first. Since I have only the third one, DS3, my story will only be in that game. So I tried running a small arena in High Wall of Lothric.(dried finger, standing near bonfire and bowing.) I met many, and was victorious over all of them. About 7 different people it was. Many fought me in a respectable battle.... Some used yellow estus(undead hunter charms were thrown), one just charged in when I was bowing. Was a pleasure fighting guys one on one. Was at the end of the forties in level, pretty sure that wasn't even a real pvp experience, but eh. It was fun.
  20. Hi! We're looking for 3 girls ( or boys ) to play Minecraft, Sims, and roleplay with! We love Sims 4 and Minecraft. WE L O V E to roleplay and sometimes we do record it and we're thinking of posting videos on YouTube! We accept 13-16 and if you could fill out the form below, that'll be great! Post in the comments below and I'll get to you as soon as I can. I'll only be accepting 3 girls ( or boys ), and if we need 6 or more I'll definitely take some if I have to! The deadline is February 1st but I'll be looking at the comments and I'll see how this goes! Love, K & A Name: Age: ( YOU MUST BE 13-16 ) Social Media ( example: instagram, facebook, ect // not your username! ) : ------ Questions ------ Are you comfortable sharing your age? Are you comfortable with sharing your address? ( you don't have to, we're asking because in our squad we trust each other and after awhile it's like we're best friends! ) Do you have Minecraft? Do you have Sims 4? ( if not that's alright! ) Are you comfortable with Internet friends? Are you mostly free after school? Do you roleplay? Are you comfortable sharing your drawings?
  21. pc

    When i joined, I never really expected that such a large video gaming community would exist. I suppose that it makes complete sense. Anyway, Battlefield 1 is my primary mode of wasting time and unwinding these days. Does anyone else have Battlefield 1 for PC and wish to squad up sometime?
  22. pc

    The Dark Brotherhood DLC really pisess me off. I rage quit at that ridiculously op Grand Sermonizer. But anyway, any ESO players? Should I regret making this mage character? I started actually liking my Templar, but I slightly regret making my Templar a khajiit. And I'm tired of making multiple characters, leveling them up, only to realize, "I want to try something else" I always have to have some type of healing. I cannot tank for shit. I am a little craven who finds it easier to hit from afar rather than close up, which is why when I made my Templar, it was to get out of my shell. It worked well, especially since I had my restoring light skill tree.. I first started doing one hand and shield, but then went on to two handed. I barely died. Now my stupid self made a dinner mage who keeps dying because of that over powered grand sermonizer!! *Grumbles* I know I have to keep moving and dodging her attacks, but apparently I'm supposed to be an octopus? Pressing the move keys, moving the mouse to move the camera, pressing number buttons to use attacks, clicking mouse button to do normal attacks, etc. Like?? I hate keyboard. I want to figure out a way to improved mage, because I like her and she's a vampire so I don't want to spend time trying to do the same with another character.
  23. pc

    I was grinding in Undertale to get kills for No Mercy. Basically, I was trying to kill a bunch of people and to do so I had to walk around a lot...for a long boring. Eventually, after a while of falling into the holes in that "don't step on the leaves" puzzle, I stopped falling. Then, to top it all off, I went inside the wall. I'm not using any mods, cheats, etc, this just...happened. It's really weird. xD I have proof! These are some screenshots I took. It was (?)
  24. pc

    So recently I have gotten back into Skullgirls, and I was hoping to find someone who is also interested in the game. I am pretty amateur at the game, I can do a successful combo at least a few times. But overall don't expect a real amazing player, but one that tends to try to string together combos and ends up inputting them in the wrong order. My favorite characters are Squigly, Fukua, and Parasoul. Though the only one I am partially familiar with for combos is Fukua and Squigly. I haven't played the game often mostly because I like to find someone to play with and learn with them as we play together. Now the great thing about posting on RpN about this, is that hopefully someone who is interested in the game would also maybe like to role play together as the characters are create a world similar to Skullgirls and create our own characters. Maybe just create a Colosseum Rp, and just have our characters fight. Anyways hope to find some average players like myself. someone interested in role playing the world, or even a tutor to help me improve at the game.
  25. pc

    So I recently joined this dragon filled world... I'm loving every moment of it *^* As someone who loves dragons, I had been keeping my eye on it for some time now, just waiting for registration to open again. I somehow managed to catch it and now have a dragon (or several) of my own. To not ramble on too much, I'm just checking to see who else plays, any tips you may have, and other such things. I'm also looking for friends on there, so I'm open to messages ;-; Thank you for reading! And happy dragon rearing ^0^