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Found 283 results

  1. pc

    I was grinding in Undertale to get kills for No Mercy. Basically, I was trying to kill a bunch of people and to do so I had to walk around a lot...for a long boring. Eventually, after a while of falling into the holes in that "don't step on the leaves" puzzle, I stopped falling. Then, to top it all off, I went inside the wall. I'm not using any mods, cheats, etc, this just...happened. It's really weird. xD I have proof! These are some screenshots I took. It was (?)
  2. pc

    So recently I have gotten back into Skullgirls, and I was hoping to find someone who is also interested in the game. I am pretty amateur at the game, I can do a successful combo at least a few times. But overall don't expect a real amazing player, but one that tends to try to string together combos and ends up inputting them in the wrong order. My favorite characters are Squigly, Fukua, and Parasoul. Though the only one I am partially familiar with for combos is Fukua and Squigly. I haven't played the game often mostly because I like to find someone to play with and learn with them as we play together. Now the great thing about posting on RpN about this, is that hopefully someone who is interested in the game would also maybe like to role play together as the characters are create a world similar to Skullgirls and create our own characters. Maybe just create a Colosseum Rp, and just have our characters fight. Anyways hope to find some average players like myself. someone interested in role playing the world, or even a tutor to help me improve at the game.
  3. pc

    Sooo... I've been replaying the Might and Magic games, especially Heroes that are set in the Ashan world; Mainly Heroes 5 + 6 and Dark Messiah. I read that the H7 is also set in Ashan, after the events of the 6th... but I also heard bad things about it. Is it worth my money to buy and play? I do want to play it, but also don't like giving out money for something I end up disliking, y'know? if anyone want to roleplay something in the setting, I would also love you forever
  4. pc

    Try to talk about random Dark Souls series experience. I'll go first. Since I have only the third one, DS3, my story will only be in that game. So I tried running a small arena in High Wall of Lothric.(dried finger, standing near bonfire and bowing.) I met many, and was victorious over all of them. About 7 different people it was. Many fought me in a respectable battle.... Some used yellow estus(undead hunter charms were thrown), one just charged in when I was bowing. Was a pleasure fighting guys one on one. Was at the end of the forties in level, pretty sure that wasn't even a real pvp experience, but eh. It was fun.
  5. pc

    It's an indie game that came out a few years ago and was a pretty big hit. I've recently gotten interested in it but I haven't seen anything recent in lieu of its fandom being active. Is anyone on here still a fan of the game? (Also, if you don't know about it I recommend you check it out! I'll leave a download link. ^^ )
  6. pc

    I just want to get the word out on a nice little game in early access on steam. Crosscode is a 16-bit styled RPG with modern controls. Can be played with a controller or mouse and keyboard and playes really well. The story so far is interesting and gameplay is awesome. I was genuinely surprised and I would recommend the game to anyone who wants to play a game that feels like the classic SNES era JRPGS like Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger.
  7. pc

    I was thinking about ways to publicize my WT squadron on RPN. I figured, why not start a WT community here? If you have a squadron already, post in the reply and I'll add it to this first thread. If you're looking to join a squadron, read the short biographies of each squadron so that you may find what's best for you. If your squadron wants to compete against another, contact them here so that we can set up a date to compete. Current War Thunder Squadron: JG-27 "Fly In Together"
  8. I know some people don't consider the sims series an actual game, but this thread isn't for you. I played sims 2 and sims 3, but not sims 4. I noticed as you go up in the generations of sims you're given a lot to do, sims 3 being the most (sort of) and sims 4 being the least. However, I think sims 2 was the best in the series. I never played the first sims but it had the same sims 2. Personally, I think the sims have increased customization and graphics, but lack character and emotion. The sims is trying to be realistic when that was never the goal. It was supposed to be zany and whimsical, cartoonish even. Anyway, what is your thoughts?
  9. pc

    Hi everyone! How´s it going? So basically, I wanted to ask if anyone here has hearthstone in an EUW server and likes to play for more than competitive matters, such as myself.
  10. So, seeing as I once again picked up the torturous game that is Maplestory, I was wondering if there were any other masochists that played as well. If so, what's your main server?
  11. Sacred Fire is a turn-based, psychological RPG about survival, power, and the search for meaning, inspired by ancient Caledonia. Build your will to show courage in battle and cunning in the throne room. Rise through renown, blackmail, or loyalty. Inspire others to crush Rome or to build a nation. This is our new teaser showing gameplay, visuals and storytelling, voiced by Doug Cockle, the voice of the Witcher: THE GAME: Inspired by the pen & paper RPG experience, explore NPCs’ motives, stay in character and play to your strong sides. Use tactical thinking in a story full of risk-based choices and combat. Enjoy a fast flow of narrative twists and turns. Choose how to solve conflicts: use force, smarts, skill, looks or empathy. Express your take on story events in inner monologues shaping your personality and inner strength. Manage your relationships and renown to increase your impact on the story. No magic, no dragons: solve real conflicts, fueled by real motives, with real solutions. Your heart hides all the monsters. Steam Greenlight:
  12. pc

    So yeah, I have this game sitting in my hard-drive for months and I've yet to truly try it. I absolutely played and loved the stuffing out of Tales of Symphonia back in the Game Cube days and have a request to make: Tempt me into playing ToZ, please, you lovely people!
  13. [A Soldier Without A Home] Name: Lucius Montagu Age: 17 Gender: Male Homeland: Holy Britannian Empire Social Status: Vagabond Organization Affiliation: None, Freelance Mercenary Personality: Lucius is a melancholic young man who keeps to himself for the most part. The horrors of a life spent on the battlefields of wartorn Africa have hardened his heart. To his 'comrades', Lucius is merely another cold professional - albeit, someone who's seems too young to be working as a mercenary. It seems that he has no problems gunning down others and taking lives - years of fighting in desperation for survival have instilled the mentality of a soldier within this young man. On the battlefield, Lucius is notable for his lone wolf nature - he engages the enemy on his own without back-up or support of any kind. Deep down, however, Lucius is naturally a shy individual - though the secrets he burdens himself with are more than enough justification for keeping an even further distance from others. Though he's surprisingly intelligent and well-read for someone who has stopped formal education at the age of 12, above all else Lucius would trade away the knowledge he's acquired for a chance at companionship or even a normal life. As a mercenary, he's loyal only as long as his employer continues to deliver paychecks. But, if he could find someone worth fighting for, Lucius would surely serve them loyally. Biography: Lucius hails from a minor blue-blooded family who have held the title of the 'Earl of Sandwich' for quite some time. His father, however, was a researcher who married into the distinguished family and abandoned his own surname of low birth. Following Lucius's birth, it became increasingly apparent to both the Montagu family and Britannian high society that his father had only married his smitten mother to advance his research through the family's wealth. The estrangement of his parents left a distinct divide in the young boy's mind, though gifted with the same thirst for knowledge and talent as his father he suppressed them in the presence of his mother - he knew that he was just a reminder of his father. His life took an unfortunate turn at the age of 12. At this point in time, his father had made great breakthroughs in his research - he had developed an A.I. with the potential to develop self-awareness. It was an unheard of development that was leagues above the rudimentary A.I. programs used in the prior century. However, in order to accrue further funding and grants for his research, he had also salvaged an abandoned design for a Knightmare Frame in order to appeal to the militaristic court. Though, he had also made several backdoor deals with some of the other developing nations as well - to him, his pursuit of science transcended national boundaries. While accompanying his father one fateful night, Lucius became caught up in what seemed to be an alleged terrorist attack on his father's lab. Both him and his team were murdered and the facility was set ablaze - it was only through the intervention of the prototype Knightmare Frame that he survived the assault. Presumed dead by his family and now a target because of the prototype, Lucius found himself completely abandoned by the world. For the next two years, the young boy traveled the world with his Knightmare at his side. In order to survive, he became a child soldier who fought for the highest bidder - a wandering mercenary. At times, he fought against the personal armies of a politician's rival. Other times, Lucius fought against insurgents or bandits raiding villages. As he fought for his paycheck and his survival, the young boy stoked the flames of vengeance within his heart. He vowed that he would not die so long as those responsible for the death of his father and his fall from grace survived. Lucius believed, at that time, that once his goal was accomplished he'd finally be able to return home. Things came to a head at the age of 15 when Lucius finally found himself cornered by the very same group of individuals who had targeted his father all those years before. The next few months following his first encounter resulted in the complete elimination of his hated enemies - along with certain revelations that shook him. Contrary to his own beliefs, it wasn't the Britannian Command that had sent their agents against his father. Rather, it was his own mother who had hired mercenaries to eliminate her husband and her son. It wasn't the insidious plotting of a an evil empire, no, it was his own mother who he believed to have loved him in spite of his father. Having already been scarred by the conflicts he partook in for the sake of his own survival, Lucius resigned himself to a life upon the battlefield. To that end, he retreated to the African Continent where the turmoil seemed to never end. And indeed, in two years time, Lucius still finds himself fighting for causes he doesn't believe in. Physical Description: An adolescence spent fighting has left Lucius's body marred by various scars. From burns to cuts, it's remarkable that he's still able to even function after years of accrued damage. Stress and emotional trauma has caused his once jet black hair to gray out early. He's 5'11'', though most of the time he finds himself shorter than the grown soldiers who fight either alongside or against him. His face is remarkably free of scars, though the ever-present frown of his face tends to turn most would-be paramours away. Inadequate sleep has left him with dark bags under his eyes. Lucius's clothing is patchwork and ragged, the money he receives from his contracts go mostly to the maintenance of his Knightmare Frame. Likes: Reading, Sleeping, Sweets. Dislikes: Loneliness, International Politics, Terrorists and Rebels. Extra Fluff: ASIMOV [Z-0? XXXXXXXX]: Lucius's stalwart companion, ASIMOV is the culmination of his father's research. ASIMOV could accurately be called a 'true' A.I. due to his potential for self-development. Years of continuous combat with incredibly brief solaces have not allowed for much growth with regards to his personality matrix, however. As he's installed in the prototype Knightmare, ASIMOV effectively serves as Lucius's co-pilot and handles the data analysis from the unit's Factsphere. While he typically plays a passive role in combat, ASIMOV has the ability to override his pilot's control in order to ensure his own self-preservation. The relationship between the two seems almost business-like despite the time they've spent together. As a result of constant combat and its status as a one-off prototype, the Knightmare Frame that houses ASIMOV has become a sort of 'Frankenstein'. The legs of a Vincent Ward have replaced the prototype's original pair and a salvaged arm from an Akatsuki has taken the place of its left arm. However, it seems that its original head is merely hidden with the armor plating from a Gloucester. Its main body is hidden by its tarp-like cloak which also serves as a protective dust cover - though this disguise does reduce its mobility considerably. The only visible hint to its original identity is Knightmare Frame's right arm. The silver limb seems to possess some hidden mechanisms, though Lucius has been careful to keep it hidden as a trump card. Curiously, it seems that ASIMOV's Knightmare Frame lacks the standard elongated cockpit. Though it does seem that there are mounting points for a Float System underneath that cloak. While it seems to have been intended to be a high-spec unit, perhaps intended for a Knight of the Round. Internally, it was referred to as a 'Lost Generation' Knightmare Frame as the design has been picked up by other research teams but abandoned in favor of other projects. Though it seems to have been contemporary with the Z-01 Lancelot, the fact that it was never produced and the design changes created by the various, independent R&D groups that had a fleeting interest in the design have made it impossible to pinpoint what generation the finished Prototype would fall under. Its performance has been severely hampered due to the unit's cloak and the use of mass-produced parts as replacements. As such, at this current point in time it's no better than the standard mass-produced units of this time period. ASIMOV's co-piloting was what made it possible for the 12 year-old Lucius to operate the Knightmare Frame initially and compensated for the young boy's lack of experience.
  14. pc

    For all those wondering "What the fuck is Osu?" Lemme explain. It's a free game (only a donator rank that doesn't really mean anything) with 8 million active accounts that can be compaired to Dance Dance Revolution, kinda. You use the mouse (or tablet and stylus) and keyboard to tab to the beat of the song while aiming at the notes. (It's much faster on a monitor) Example: Almost all of the maps (called beatmaps) are made by the community for a variety of songs that can be downloaded whenever. (The game comes with a few but I prefer to get songs I listen to.) I HIGHLY recommend trying it out if you have some free time. A beefy PC is not necessary as my potato of a window's laptop can run it just fine! Website: (Looks shady I know, ignore that >.>) If anyone is magical enough to have heard, played, or try it out from this thread, TELL ME! ;~;
  15. pc

    So, apparently Steam is having a sale where Skyrim and the three DLCs are $18 and I'm really considering downloading Steam and buying it. But, I'm not a gamer, so I was hoping y'all could answer a couple questions. First off, I need to know about their refund policy. I looked around the website but didn't come across it. I'm concerned about my computer not being able to handle the game (like I said, not a gamer) and want to be sure I can get a refund if it doesn't work. I looked through the requirements, but I don't really know how to figure out what my computer's specs are, so that doesn't do me much good. Secondly, if a friend and I agreed to split the cost and share the game, would that be allowed? Or is it a one person per account thing? Finally, does Skyrim work well on a computer? I've only ever played it on XBox and don't have much experience playing games on a keyboard. Is it very hard to learn compared to a console? Also, are the DLCs good? Thank y'all very much for your time and answering my silly questions... (x
  16. pc

    So I bought the game on Steam's Autumn Sale yesterday, and now I can't stop playing it. Anyone else playing this? I created an empire of space communists called the Union of Stellar Socialist Republics. Their home planet is called Mother Russia, and is located in the Rush B System. It is currently being lead by Supreme Overlord Cyka Blyat. It has so far crushed almost every single opposing alien empire under the wrath of waves upon waves of Red Army conscripts cheap corvettes spamming tons of missiles. The USSR has also proceeded to enslave and vassalise defeated empires under the mighty hammer and sickle. But everyone gets free vodka, so it balances out.
  17. pc

    For the first time ever, the Steam community decides the prestigious Steam Awards! I want to share my nominations here and encourage others to do, too. I'm curious. And I have a feeling that I'll predict a couple winners at least *woof* I made mine fancy by stitching together some cutout screenshots, but I'll list the awards here so the rest of you can copy/paste and complete with your entries: "Test of Time" Award: <your_nomination> "I'm Not Crying, There's Something In My Eye" Award: <your_nomination> "Just 5 More Minutes" Award: <your_nomination> "Whoooaaaaaaah, dude!" Award: <your_nomination> "Villain Most In Need Of A Hug" Award: <your_nomination> "Game Within A Game" Award: <your_nomination> "I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award" Award: <your_nomination> "Best Use Of A Farm Animal" Award: <your_nomination> "The Game That Deserves A Sequel" Award*: <your_nomination> *this is a user-specified name, but I took the liberty of biasing the award >:)
  18. pc

    Anybody likes/plays Touhou? If yes, then what's you're favorite game? Character? Music? I personally really like EOSD (first touhou game I learned about), my fave character has to be either Sakuya or Moukou and my favourite song is either Mokou's Theme, Inaba's theme, or Satori's theme... the songs are all super good though :,3
  19. pc

    Looking for people to play often with me, I will post the doays team link and I hope poeple will come play ^-^
  20. pc

    Anyone else play CS:GO I'm only Rank 3 but I just started playing
  21. So I haven't seen anything like this and, honestly, I don't know how many people even play this game, but I thought, hey, if there are people, then it'd be interesting to learn some stuff about other possible players here on RpN, so I've decided to ask how all of you guys handle a standard match of Dead By Daylight as both the Killer and the Survivor and what's your preferences when playing. Since I would never ask anyone something I wouldn't answer myself, here's my answer. As a Survivor, I usually play as Jake Park with Altruistic tendencies, using Dark Sense, Premonition, Spine Chill (these two are for Michael Myers) and Saboteur (for disabling hooks near generators). If I see someone on the hook, unless they're face camping (staring right at them) and they have an instant down ability or trap, or I can't reach them in time or without help, I will try to rescue someone whilst tanking any hits meant for them. I rarely use my better items without the White Ward (sadly most of the time killers quit when I use it, wasting it). As a Killer, I am at a tie between Michael Myers, The Wraith, and The Trapper, as I like to keep the Survivors on edge and paranoid, so they'll make more mistakes and take their time and gives a strong sense of paranoia, not knowing where I or my traps are. I...might've gone into too much detail . So what's your guys' preferences?
  22. pc

    Any total war fans out here. Games I Own: Shogun 2 Empire, Atilla and rome2 Please don't judge me but I actually enjoy empire in fact it is my fav game.(after Tf2)
  23. I set all the world-gen options to max, so that I have a large, resource rich world with plenty of wilderness thingymajigs and more than enough time to develop. The kicker; My computer only has an Intel i3. It's been rendering the world for over an hour now, and I'm still only on year 465 of the history.
  24. Greetings fellow Pilots, Tankers, Captains... this is a thread for a roll-call (no pun intended) of the many RPers here who happen to love playing games like War Thunder, World of Tanks/Warships, Armored Warfare, and also more hardcore level sims like the IL2 series and DCS.
  25. pc

    Hello everyone! I've seen a good amount of posts about League of Legends and such, yet have I never seen one about Heroes Of The Storm. So tell me, on what region do you guys play? (Are there even different regions?) Who's your favourite hero? Maybe we can all play together sometimes :3 I, myself, play on EU servers, if that's a thing, lol, I mostly enjoy playing Lieutenant Morales or Tyrande I don't play to win, I just do it for fun Feel free to leave your IGN in the comments/Inbox if anyone's interested in playing together o/