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    Mega Video Game Crossover World - Notes

    Full Guideline for Character Sheets Name: Code-Name: (Optional) Age: Species Gender: Appearance: Hired by: (Insert government/mercenary group/faction here) Powersuit: (Mercenaries are able to buy powersuits from any faction. What powersuit do you have?) (Optional) Favorite...
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    Mega Video Game Crossover World

    Crossover Timeline Universe Guideline Setting: The year is 2537, you have found yourself in the middle of the Martian metropolis during the most controversial debate of the decade. As mars debates whether it should withdraw it's resources from the outer colonies, a Covenent fleet attacks...
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    Mega Video Game Crossover World

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    Mega Video Game Crossover World

    Hello! I'm new to this website. I've done Rps in other websites, but I'm hoping to try a website with a new community. I've had this Rp idea in my head for a very long time. Two years I ago I decided to make a massive timeline mashing together every sci fi video game I could think of. At first...