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  1. Taska Vilna

    Fantasy  Men Of Their Word [Lore]

    Here be lore.
  2. Taska Vilna

    Fantasy  Men Of Their Word [IC]

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's been almost two years since the taking of Castle Camelot by the dread evil, Lilith, a foul sorceress from lands unknown. Once, Ardenia was a pleasant country, her towns and cities as bustling and lively as the very trumpets of the...
  3. Taska Vilna

    Fantasy  Men Of Their Word [Characters]

    Here be Characters. feat. art by the incredibly talented Pete Mohrbacher.
  4. Taska Vilna

    Fantasy  Men Of Their Word [OOC]

    Here's the ooc.
  5. Taska Vilna

    Fantasy  [Title Pending] - Fantasy Crusade RP

    @StaidFoal @eldorado @Spoiled Bread @SP3CT3R Herein lies the story of the Prince/ss of [Country] and their band of knights. Long ago, [Country] was a prosperous country, her people well fed, and her leaders loved. The Queen was Her Majesty Queen [name] [number], and she was often cited as one...
  6. Taska Vilna

    Multiple Settings  What kind of roleplay would you like to participate in?

    I'm gonna write something, im going to make SOMETHING. I just need an idea that people will take interest in. so gimme all you've got.
  7. Taska Vilna

    Futuristic  [Dangerous] - A Cyberpunk Mystery

    -a futuristic espionage and mystery roleplay with elements of classic Cyberpunk lore and Risk: 2210 A.D. thrown in, all tailored around an original mystery storyline written by me.- PREMISE The Yutani-Kandel Corporate Monocity, near of Vladivostok, Russia. The year is 2237 and What's left of...
  8. Taska Vilna

    Futuristic  I really need a roleplay.

    p much anything scifi. hmu anybody. Alternatively: Anyone interested in a cyberpunk (not the game, the genre) roleplay, if i wrote one?