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  1. Kanakazawa M.

    Fandom  BNHA roleplay search! OC x cannon

    I am searching for a bnha roleplay partner. I prefer Oc x cannon but we could also try OC x OC. and , I'm straight so there's that. I'm used to doubling and making up creative ideas, also I make a new Oc for just about every roleplay. And no one-liners, unless it's absolutely necessary. If...
  2. Kanakazawa M.

    Fandom  Bnha roleplay search!

    Heller everyone it's your acquaintance Kanka! I'd like to start a BNHA roleplay. We can come up with a plot together or I could make one myself, I don't really mind, either way, but I do have some preferences. Firstly I'd like the roleplay to have a little romance, preferably doubling, and...
  3. Kanakazawa M.

    Multiple Settings  The Driver and his Passengers - The Last Storm Unit - A Chase Plot RP (Fantasy, futuristic/modern)

    A quiet place where no normal civilians resided, in the posh but unearthly Babylon, resided a group of unsuspecting heroes about to take there first step into an extraordinary chase... In the past there was a special organization built, providing the service of taking down the monsters of...
  4. Kanakazawa M.

    Multiple Settings  Saving the lost: A tale of those who did the most (long-term)

    "I do the most, and I doubt that you could prove otherwise..." A Fantasy roleplay taking place in medieval, modern, and futuristic settings. "Saving the lost" is a roleplay about a band of unlikely heroes, brought together by crisis, and tasked to save the people from a spreading sickness...
  5. Kanakazawa M.

    Realistic or Modern  Monster Condo: Character Page

    First name: Middle: Last: Birthday: Age: Height: Hair color: Eye color: Skin tone: Mental age: Species: Stereotype: (if any) Sexuality: Relationship status: Piercing: Tattoos:
  6. Kanakazawa M.

    Realistic or Modern  Monster Condo: OOC

    This will be the OOC where everyone can discuss happenings outside the roleplay! Feel free to ask as many questions as you like and be friendly to newcomers.
  7. Kanakazawa M.

    Realistic or Modern  (Open) Interest check: Monster Condo.

    Silent, and secret, but only in the human world. :ghosthorns::ghosthalo: Welcome, I'm seeing if anyone would be interested in a sort of different slice of life roleplay? It's about "Monsters" living in a condo, every monster would be disguised as a human, and every monster they interacted...
  8. Kanakazawa M.

    Photography  My cool cat

  9. Kanakazawa M.

    Introducing Kanakazawa-Kun

    If you couldn't tell from my title I like anime. Although I know that Kanakazawa could pass for a Japanese name Im not actually Japanese. One of my hobbies is role-playing. I've tried on other sites with other people and friends alike but none of them are as experienced as myself so its usually...