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  1. ManyFaces

    Deja Monreau (Mama Odie)

    Name: Deja Moreau Incarnation of?: Mama Odie, The Princess and The Frog Age: 199 years so close to 200 Occupation in town: Deja owns a small store with herbal remedies and she sells spices too. She'll only show you the potions she has if you ask. Past Life: After...
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    Francois Monreau (Dr. Facilier)

    Name: Fᵣₐₙcₒᵢₛ ₘₒₙₜᵣₐₑᵤ Incarnation of?: Dr. Facilier, The Princess and The Frog Age: 31 years give or take, looks like it atleast, a gift from his friends Occupation in town: He owns an Emporium of various charms among other things including bones, enchanted charms...
  3. ManyFaces

    Hades, Lord of The Underworld

    Image: Slender, muscular, blue-gray skin, blue fire as hair (the fire changes to yellow and his face turns red when he's angry), yellow eyes, sharp teeth, black robe with skull garments.   Name: Hades Movie: Hercules (1997) Grade: Junior Personality:  What Hades lacks in physical...
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    Thorn the Reaper

    Name: Thorn the Reaper Age: 21 years Appearance: Always wears a mask to hide scars. Ebony skinned, thick build. Grey eyes, Gray-scale clothing helps blend. Personality: Thorn is the fighter in her family but not violent, she enjoys spending time with others and helping out, she always...
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    Majin Ketastrophe

    Appearance: Ket is usually standing at 8'3 feet not counting his head tentacle. His onyx colored skin is oily and in right lighting can show trippy rainbows on it. His eyes are green on the outside with with black slit pupils. His physique is toned yet lean. He has white nails which have grown...
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    The Friendly Fire Pub -OPEN

    Welcome one and all to the Gotham Friendly Fire Pub run by your friendly hosts Emily and Frank Patuzi Here at Friendly Fire we accept people from all walks of life and we don't care who they are as long as they've got cash to spend but there are a few rules needed to be followed while in our...
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    Harvey Dent / Two-Face

     Two faces... just like this mirror. Two faces and two minds. Can't fix them until they're one. Right? Right? -- Two-Face Name: Harvey Dent Aliases: Two-Face, Big Bad Harv, (Previously) Apollo, Harv Age: 28 years Gender: Male Occupation: (Previously) District attorney now...
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     All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day. You had a bad day once. Am I right? I knowI am. I can tell. You had a bad day and everything changed. Why else would you dress up like a flying rat? You had a bad...
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    Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze

     I promise you...soon, everyone will know how cold Hell can be.  -- Mr. Freeze  Name: Victor Fries Aliases: Mister Freeze or Mr. Freeze, Previously Mr. Zero Age: 38 years Gender: Male Occupation: Criminal Appearance:  Skin Color: Pale Blue Eye Color: Red Height: 6'3"...
  10. ManyFaces

    Fandom  What time is it! (Adventure Time roleplay)

    First off lets start with rules 1. Don't use OOC in the roleplaying tab 2. Follow Rpnation rules 3. If push comes to shove fade to black 4. To apply for a canon character note me 5. Don't auto-hit or control other characters 6. No one liners this isn't a Simple roleplay 7. Try and keep...
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    Fandom  What time is it! (Adventure Time roleplay) -OPEN-

    Welcome to the land of Ooo A post apocolyptic land filled with magic and adventure But the choices are endless here, who are you and what do you do? Why the choice is yours and your story shall be one amongst many. The roleplay will start with all OC's waking up in the grasslands, whether...
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    Fandom  What time is it! (Adventure Time roleplay)

    Put all your crazy OOC in here to avoid cluttering up the Roleplaying tab!!!
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    Fandom  What time is it! (Adventure Time roleplay)

    Appearance: Name: Species: Gender: Personality: Biography: Powers/Skills: Gear: Relationships: Home: Alignment: Other: (Like=Accept) Taken Canon characters: Finn the human (Birdsie) Jake the dog (Gabriel97) Lemongray (Me)
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    Fandom  Adventure time rp

    Would anyone be interested in an Adventure time Roleplay It could start out for fun but develop a plot based on the actions that people make Canon characters and OC would be able to be used Anyone interested? I'd like active members so that the group doesn't die instantly Also my first...