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  1. Stray Cat

    Other What are you afraid of? (Animals)

    Birds! Or at least the big ones, I don’t know but they creep me out.
  2. Stray Cat

    Other Who else is sick?

    I’ve been sick since last Saturday, bad flare up it seems.
  3. Stray Cat


    Now that the show is completed I started to rewatch it on Netflix. I’m slowly making my way through season one, it’s so strange watching it again after all this time. Yet, I can’t deny the nostalgia the comes with it either. ?
  4. Stray Cat

    TV & Film SU "A Single Pale Rose" Discussion SPOILERS

    It's funny because there were rumours for awhile about Rose being Pink. Some people didn't believe it to be possible; myself included. Which is why last night's episode caught me off guard. Honestly, I more believed the theory about Pearl shapeshifting into Rose and shattering Pink, which was...
  5. Stray Cat

    Video Games Favourite Pokemon?

    Espeon is not only my favourite Eeveelution, but also my all-time favourite Pokemon.