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  1. Hella Downweather

    Fantasy  Aren't Harem games supposed to be fun ? (1x1 with Idea and Hella)

    People who got run over by a truck had it easy. There was a clear distinction to where their old life ended and when their new, usually way cooler, life began. It was often paired with meeting a goddess and her, with all her gentleness and frilly laugh, would grant the foreign hero a boon of his...
  2. Hella Downweather

    Chitchat  Some days are just urghhhhh

    <rant> So I'm sick, and I can't talk to save my life just in time for when I have 4979872 presentations at school and formations to give at work. So now I'm stuck with a backlog of code and RP to do, no inspiration/motivation for them and my computer just in front of me. Urgh. Oh and my...
  3. Hella Downweather

    Multiple Settings  The search begin - Hella's ideas basement

    Hello ! Welcome ! Please make yourself comfortable, because I have a lot to tell you. First off thank you for reading me ! I'm currently searching for one or two RP partners. But before we go to the main course, the plotting ideas, a bit about myself. I am a 23 years old girl from North...