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  1. BlindedZombieBat

    Multiple Settings  *Snaps knuckles* Okay Let's get Rping...

    Hello my sweet little Darklings You can call me Batty... I've recently came out of my writers block and I am in search of a few new rp partners. I am a prolific writer whom is on almost every day. I am not a stickler for strict literacy given English isn't my first language but I do strive to...
  2. BlindedZombieBat

    Fandom  Final Fantasy XII

    Hello my beautiful people. I am obsessed with FFXII and I have been since it came out. (I am aware I am aging myself) I would love any paring I just crave this being a thing.
  3. BlindedZombieBat

    Fantasy  The good Captain's off time.

    Finally at port once again, the tired and now nearly torn apart ship barely hitches to the dock as you hear her Captain yell from aboard. "Get away from me! You have all done nothing for me or this ship! The lot of you that are left are dismissed." He hissed his piercing eyes enveloped with rage...
  4. BlindedZombieBat

    Fandom  Dark DC, Dark Knight, all things DC

    Hello all I am an avid DC fan in search of a good 1x1 dark and heavy Batman rp. The more blood the better! I am a very descriptive roleplayer though I do not expect the same level from my partners I just enjoy doing so. If anyone is at all interested or interested in any other dark, scary or...
  5. BlindedZombieBat

    Greetings and Salutations!

    Hello to all my fellow writers and fun seekers! You can call me Death, Zombie or any amalgamation of 'hey you'! I am just prolific writer hoping to find like minded people to role play and create with. So please don't be shy, come swoop on by and say hi! ~Truly Yours Captain Death