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  1. Daisie

    Quest  Project Anarchy OOC

    Welcome to Project Anarchy OOC! Feel free to chat it up with the other members of the RP here. Do anything but vote. Voting will NOT happen here. Go to the main thread for that. :) Remember our three rules! Abide by all RpNation's rules. Only one action per post. Be kind to one another...
  2. Daisie

    Quest  Project Anarchy [CLOSED]

    WELCOME TO PROJECT ANARCHY (The RP with 3 rules) An amnesiac waking up in the middle of a field or on a beach is a trope used quite often in stories. Many speculate that it's a cop-out move used so that the writer doesn't have to be bothered making a backstory until later, or even at all. It's...
  3. Daisie

    Quest  Project Anarchy (The Roleplay with 3 Rules)

    Turns around in swivel chair, stroking a cat Well, well, well... Down to business! Welcome to Project Anarchy, an experimental RP. Despite the serious-sounding name, I assure you, this RP is not meant to be taken seriously at all. As the title suggests, this is not your average quest RP...
  4. Daisie

    Experiences  Your Pride & Joy RP(s)!

    Heya, folks! Today I'm here to talk about... well, the reason why a lot of people are here on RpNation. All of us know the grind of taking in RPs only to have them fade away within the first few pages, or even the first post. So that feeling you get when you finally catch onto something...
  5. Daisie

    Advice/Help  Difficulty Connecting to a Character?

    Hey, y'all! Your friendly neighbourhood Demon Dragon speaking. So a while ago I started a new roleplay. I created a character within the roleplay who I decided to go out of my comfort zone with. Now... I've found that I really thrive with a certain character type. I love playing characters who...
  6. Daisie

    Colosseum  Clash of the Memes

    @Peacemaker .45 @LennyTheMemeGod AAAAND over in the first corner, we've got a gun-slinging legend! A Mr. Cowboy who is in possession of not only the greatest jawline and beard stubble, but also his very own, rare, PET VOLCANO! His rival is there in the other corner, looking ready to have at...
  7. Daisie

    Commission  Freebie Quickie Doodles - Closed

    I'm just doodling to kill time and take my mind off things. This offer won't last long at all, just the next few hours or so. Shoot em at me!
  8. Daisie

    Other  The Weirdest Thing You've Googled for a RP

    Not sure what prefix this should have, and I'm 100% sure no one cares. Everyone's Googled some pretty weird stuff for their RPs, from what I've seen around here. The darker the RP, the darker the search, as well. My partner and I were in a situation where their character was sick and going to...
  9. Daisie

    Other  A Question that Rises from Sheer Curiosity

    I know there are certain buzzwords that set off RpN's automagically working, high tech filtration system of safety and utter fortitude... So I was having a very odd train of thought that is too complex to write on the tiny keyboard of a phone, which is already unworthy of my quintessential...
  10. Daisie

    Poetry  Google Translate has a way with words

    @Phadia and I were inputting sentences from our RP into Google Translate and messing them up as much as we could. What we put together from the highlights are Google's best attempts at poetry. Let us begin. The time, the life, the sound of the air, the light of the light of the sun The time...
  11. Daisie

    Flirty February 2019  Lovebirds

    It was a beautiful afternoon at Capperton Highschool. The sun was shining and the birds were singing on this very special February day. Yes, this day was a very special one, indeed, for it was a day for love. It was none other than Valentine's day. A young girl with bright green eyes nervously...
  12. Daisie

    Assign a song to the avatar above you

    Pretty self explanatory. Provide a link. Go!
  13. Daisie

    Other  What Are YOU a Fan of?

    I welcome one and all to my thread where every fandom is accepted. You a big fan of a niche anime or manga? Put it in the list! You love yourself a popular TV show? Throw it in there! Are you complete trash for a guilty pleasure video game? Pile it on, my man! YouTube channels? You bet...
  14. Daisie

    Story  Pixel by Pixel

    (@LennyTheMemeGod @Idea ) Chapter 1: One Less Dimension Pixel by Pixel The power button on Jared's computer was pressed with a satisfying click, the fans humming to life. The electronics powered up slowly, and the monitor was turned on as Jared took his seat. His blue digital clock that laid on...
  15. Daisie

    Poetry  The Beauty of Nihilism

    The world has become bleak And ever so dark Depressingly chic As it makes its mark It's polluted with sorrow Hanging in the air All we have is tomorrow All trapped in despair Life couldn't care less How you feel about it About your success Or if you're chomping at the bit. All will end...
  16. Daisie

    Food  Hi, My Name is Chelsea, What's YOUR Favourite Dinner Food?

    Vine references aside, I'd like to know your favourite food. From how you start your day to those irresistible midnight snacks. Make a top 3 if you want/need to.
  17. Daisie

    Humor  Stupidest Stuff You've Done

    Experiences. Everyone has them. The good, the bad, and the ugly. But more importantly, for the sake of this thread, the embarrassing! Everyone's acted like an idiot at some point in their lives, and this thread is here to bring them to light! Post your embarassing screwups here! Go crazy!
  18. Daisie

    Other  We Are All in Grave Danger

    Dear wonderful moderators and admins of RpNation, There is an issue I have been meaning to press for many months now. One that I simply have not brought up, and I fear it is of great worry. Worlds may be shattered by this fatal error I've discovered amongst your vast lands of roleplay and...
  19. Daisie

    Appetize the Avatar Above You

    I'm undergoing intense treatment which absolutely kills my appetite, so it would be super helpful if you all could help. Post a picture of some mouth-watering food below specially built for the person/avatar above you. Something like this.
  20. Daisie

    Other  "Word Count"

    I was browsing through the general discussion subforum and I came across this thread, which says this peculiar thing. None of the other threads say this, from what I can tell, and I can't figure out any sort of correlation. What does this "Word Count: 17" mean?