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  1. Grimmlock

    Realistic or Modern Exit Here.

    I could play the musician?
  2. Grimmlock

    Fantasy The Multiverse Theory (Recruitment)

    I'm interested!
  3. Grimmlock

    4 Years Later...

    4 Years Later...
  4. Grimmlock

    How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

    What is 28?
  5. Grimmlock

    Realistic or Modern New Entente (Characters)

    Character Sheet Basics Name: Leo Bianchi Age: 20 Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Race: Caucasian Nationality: Italian-American Role: Leader Appearance Height: 6' 3" Weight: 200 lbs Body type: Athletic Skin tone: Tanned Piercings/tattoos/scars: Ouroboros tattoo on right shoulder blade...
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    How High Can We Count Without A MOD?

    What's 9 + 10?
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    Other What were some of your BEST roleplays?

    I couldn't have said it any better myself :) Thank you so much for those great memories. I will never forget the RP that we spent countless hours on, making a ghoulish and heartfelt story, and I will never forget you, the person who helped me with so much and made the entire RP possible. Take it...
  8. Grimmlock

    Fantasy The Mysterious Island: Your Story (RP)

    Leo was still grumbling to himself when the lightning struck the plane. The instant he saw the flash of light, the remainder of his drink spilled all over him, but that wasn't one of his main concerns right now. While everyone else was already screaming and bracing for the dreaded ocean landing...
  9. Grimmlock

    Fandom Sword Art Online Rp || CLOSED

    I would be interested if the offer still stands.
  10. Grimmlock

    Fandom Code Lyoko Rp?

    I probably would be.
  11. Grimmlock

    Fantasy The Mysterious Island: Your Story (RP)

    Leo let out a hefty sigh. Ever since he was a kid he despised the idea of flying. Why did this job have to be across the ocean... He thought as the kid behind him started crying and kicking the back of his seat. Leo's uneasiness was soothed a bit when the stewardess came around with the drink...
  12. Grimmlock

    Realistic or Modern The Red Room Experiment OOC

    oh lmao didnt see that anywhere, my bad.
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    Fantasy The Mysterious Island: Your Story (CS)

    Leo Ashford Age: 22 Bio: Leo grew up in a port town on the west coast in the U.S. His family was rather aristocratic and his childhood was rather lavish, but during middle school, home life became difficult due to his father having an affair. Leo was sent off to a boarding school for his...
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    Realistic or Modern The Red Room Experiment OOC

    Do I bother making a character sheet? @TerrinX
  15. Grimmlock

    Realistic or Modern The Red Room Experiment OOC

    Is this dead?
  16. Grimmlock

    Fantasy Darkholme. (Closed)

    I'm also very interested, but I have to agree with @Devious Dilbert I'm sure that this will turn into something amazing and I would love for you to keep me in the loop ;)
  17. Grimmlock

    Fantasy Nineteen Islands OOC

    I'm glad we were thinking of the same thing lol. One example for a spell that my lineaged would be able to preform would be these types of "secrets," where he could cast a spell on himself and when an enemy does a specific action that triggers the secret an effect would happen. Be it a buff for...
  18. Grimmlock

    Fantasy Nineteen Islands OOC

    I was thinking that I could probably make some cool characters with Awramaar, Arbuzs, and Nixhem. My most thought out so far would be Awramaar if our ideas for Arcana are the same. What were you thinking for that aspect?
  19. Grimmlock

    Fantasy Nineteen Islands OOC

    So what Aspect Dragon is everyone thinking of doing so far? I'm thinking of a couple and I don't want to mess up anyone's plans.
  20. Grimmlock

    Fantasy Nineteen Islands

    I haven't been on in awhile as well and I'd like to join in when you're ready to start it :)