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    Fantasy  Different || Relationships

    This thread is meant for character relationships! You can organize your post however you want to and add in whatever kind of thoughts your character has on others, and just write your characters relationships to your hearts content! Please, if you DO post relationships here, update them as more...
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    Fantasy  Different || Character Thread

    C H A R A C T E R - S H E E T Character name: (first and last) ↳ Nickname/Alias: (if none then delete this) Age: (between 17-25, because they’re in college) Gender: Sexuality/Romanticism: Appearance: (Please, do not post a picture unless it is your own art. If you have a FC in mind, then...
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    Fantasy  Different || World Lore

    This thread is specifically for lore of the world (and will be a bit of an info dump), like the characters powers and the creatures and the setting! More info will be added as I write it up and as it's revealed in the RP, so it might interest you to check back frequently. I'll announce when...
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    Fantasy  Different || OOC

    The Discord link has been closed! If you are in need of it, please let me know over PM's and I will give it to you. chit chat here! ask any questions you have about anything, post memes, talk about character relationships, and do whatever! just make sure you follow the RP rules please! <3
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    Fantasy  Different

    It wasn’t supposed to go like this. He had founded the LGBT+ club at the local college at the start of the semester, in an attempt to try to find friends and meet people who were like him. He had always been different - he was queer, and had an accent, and was always teased by his peers...
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    Fantasy  Different - an LGBT+ club with a fantastical twist.

    Click here for main thread! Hello everyone! This groups focus is around a small group of college aged students who are part of a LGBTQA+ group at their local school… but it’s a bit more than that. The students go to a meeting one night, and get trapped in their meeting place by a terrible storm...
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    Fantasy  The Story of a Gremlin and a Leafy Green

    Could this day get any better? He didn’t think so. He had nicked a wallet off of someone. It wasn’t a really terrible crime, he thought, and all he did was take a couple of tens out of the wallet to get himself something to eat later that night. He did this quite often - stealing from people...
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    Digital  Sammy's doodley poodleys

    hello all!! i'm a bit of an artist and moooostly do sketches, but i thought hmm why not post an art thread? i've been drawing for about hmm eiiight or nine years and my art style has changed a lot, and i'm always struggling to draw more manly types of characters!! but... its a big struggle (any...
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    Realistic or Modern  Woe and Whoa! - Characters + More

    Julian Foster Nicknames: Jules, Julie Age: 16 Gender: Male Appearance: Julian has pale skin and natural blond hair, which he tends to hide behind a black beanie. His eyes are a light brown, kind of amber colored, but they're usually hidden behind some of his bangs and eyeliner. He's about 5'9...
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    Realistic or Modern  Woe and Whoa!

    Admittedly, he knew it would be like this. Julian Foster was not a boy that liked to be outdoors. He didn't hate it, per se, but he was much more an indoors type of guy. He didn't like the risks that came with being outdoors. He could get sun-burnt, or bitten by a bug, or stung by a bee, or...
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    Multiple Settings  gay plots?? [MxM, Original, long-term, OPEN?]

    Hello! I've decided to add a couple of additions to this introduction, since I feel like they're important: please be a patient person if you are thinking of reaching out to me. I'm running a group and developing another one/two right now, so I sometimes get stressed (and when I get stressed, I...
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    Fantasy  Pirate Performers: World Info/Lore

    ERIAS Pronounced: Air-ee-az Erias is a fantasy world set during the time where pirate ships roamed the seas and kings still ruled their kingdoms. It's a relatively simple world, full of mostly humans and some seafolk and elemental friends, but that's quite alright because it isn't that large...
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    Fantasy  The Adventures of a Travelling Band of Pirate Performers

    uhhh heyyyy.... circus pirates amirite haha. idk what i'm doing here.
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    Fantasy  Stolen (Get your Character back!)

    Hello all!! This is an idea I've had stored away on a flashdrive for a while that I was going to put on a different forum site, but I've since left that site and thought it would be nice to bring it into this site. Well, before that, let me introduce myself. My name is Sammy, and my username is...
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    Multiple Settings  MxM Search (original ideas/characters only)

    Hello! I've fallen off the roleplaying bus and would like to hop back on, so I thought I'd post this here and see if anyone was interested! I'm looking for a person or people who will be patient with me and who have Discord so we can talk and get to know each other! I'm also looking for...
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    Multiple Settings  MxM search (original ideas/characters only)

    Hello! I've fallen off the roleplaying bus and would like to hop back on, so I thought I'd post this here and see if anyone was interested! I'm looking for a person who will be patient with me and who has Discord so we can talk and get to know each other! I haven't been on this site in a...
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    Partner Search (Only one person - MxM) - Please be patient! ;o;

    Important: - As of now, I am only looking for one person to be my partner. I'm busy on other sites (deviantART, mostly) and don't think I will have time for more than one partner. - Please be open to trying other places to RP! I don't get on this site often, and I'm not sure I will be doing...
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    The Grand Misadventures of a Bunch of Dorks

    The service on the ship had been better than James thought it would be. His things were promptly taken to his room and he was shown around as soon as someone had taken his coat. The food was good and his Pokemon had been given massages. His bed had the best pillows and blankets on it, and the...
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    One x One  The Grand Misadventures of a Bunch of Dorks

    ✧ C H A R A C T E R S ✧ Full Name: James Aiden Sterling Nickname(s): Jamie Age: 18 Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: hella gay Relationship Status: arranged marriage, but he ain't gonna marry that girl Profession: ""Trainer"" (he doesn't really know what to call himself)...
  20. smolfluffball

    One x One  The Grand Misadventures of a Bunch of Dorks

    Plot: Basically, a bunch of bad guys are causing "natural" disasters around the region. Crime's rising, but everything still looks pretty calm on the outside (except for the parts of the region that have been damaged and/or destroyed by the "natural" disasters). The Elite Four Organization have...