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  1. Matamoja

    Multiple Settings Searching for dedicated roleplay partner(s)

    I might be interested in working something out. Any sort of genres or something that would interest you?
  2. Matamoja

    Other favourite creative insults?

    I was always fond of the old twatwaffle.
  3. Matamoja

    Other What's your Myers–Briggs personality type?

    Done the test multiple times and always get INTP-A, which fits pretty well I guess.
  4. Matamoja

    Experiences RPN-like sites in other languages? (Questions/poll for bilinguals!)

    This seems interesting~ So my native language is Norwegian, but I actually prefer RPing, and generally writing, in English. I don't know why, just something about how expressive the language is and that I am better at finding fitting words to describe things.
  5. Matamoja

    Multiple Settings Let's Get Down to Business

    Oooh yes, character building! I'd be up for either some lighthearted comedy or a super gritty crime drama.
  6. Matamoja

    Realistic or Modern Searching MxF, FxF

    I'm interested in some FxF, maybe bad girl/good girl or criminal/ detective.
  7. Matamoja

    Fantasy So basically I want to do a Highschool Rp

    I think we might be able to set up something if you want ^w^
  8. Matamoja

    Realistic or Modern Blackwood Academy - Vampire Enrichment Club (2 Human Spots Open)

    Not that new, just asking since there weren't any directions in the post.
  9. Matamoja

    Realistic or Modern Blackwood Academy - Vampire Enrichment Club (2 Human Spots Open)

    I'd be interested! No idea how to join, I hope this is OK?
  10. Matamoja

    Fandom Looking for a partner!

    Black butler with only OCs sounds like fun~
  11. Matamoja

    Realistic or Modern Would anyone be interested in an rp?

    I might be interested in two friends trying to battle daily struggles. We can flesh it out more over PMs?
  12. Matamoja

    Multiple Settings Big fat juicy search

    How about something with divinity and detectives? I am sure we can come up with something good if you are interested ^^
  13. Matamoja

    Multiple Settings o one on one search o

    So Stockholm syndrome seems interesting, pretty easy to pair with captor x captive too. You up for it?
  14. Matamoja

    Realistic or Modern Yandere RP (Closed)

    Definitely interested if you are still looking~
  15. Matamoja

    Multiple Settings Hello roleplay, my old friend

    I would still be interested in the angel x demon plot. I can't for the life of me remember if we got that started or not.
  16. Matamoja

    Multiple Settings  Looking for Fxf RPs {added some pairings}

    So, exactly as the title says. I am looking for some FxF roleplays and it can be anything really. Platonic, romantic, enemies, frenemies, anything! ~Let's create a world and play in it~ Here are some pairings if you don't have any specific ideas (more to be added as I come up with stuff)...
  17. Matamoja

    Multiple Settings I've been searching for someone that won't vanish in the wind

    I'd be interested in rivals to friends or a Fxf open/closet thing to mix things up. I think constant flirt/doesn't get it could fit nicely into that as well.
  18. Matamoja

    Multiple Settings Looking for someone to rp with!

    I'd be up for priest/demon, Human/Supernatural, Soulmate, Alpha/Omega, Angel/Demon, Hero/Villain, Abused child/Bully, High classed arranged, Magical girl/Villain (totally reminds me of Tokyo mew mew and I love it) I mostly prefer playing Fxf if that's alright by you? Also since I listed up so...