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  1. SadistPoet

    Fantasy looking for rp partners (long trem)

    Alright shoot me a pm for RP.
  2. SadistPoet

    Fantasy looking for rp partners (long trem)

    Uh... what kind of rp?
  3. SadistPoet

    Multiple Settings Plots and Fandoms and More - Oh My!

    I have a quick concept that I might spark some interest. A highborn vampire in a noire-futuristic setting is publicly outed by vampire hunters and is forced to flee to the lowest levels of society. They find themselves among the worst kinds of people who live day to day finding ways to exploit...
  4. SadistPoet

    Multiple Settings Help im bored

    White hair? Like Dante from DmC?
  5. SadistPoet

    Realistic or Modern  [Dark Hero Roleplay] What does it mean to be a hero?

    (Brief Intro/About Me) Hello! I'm not the most seasoned role-player, but I've made my rounds to various mediums of role-play. I'm open to almost any-type of roleplay situations (barring the obviously outlawed) although I tend to enjoy RPing FxF pairings. PREMISE: In a world of heroes doing...
  6. SadistPoet

    Fantasy A Few VERY weird plots. (Ignore Prefix/Post Count)

    @TheHappyPikachu Hello! I am interested in FxF roleplay. Long Distance and Blind Love interest me. Hope to hear back from ya! :-)
  7. SadistPoet

    Fantasy Tales and adventures (Closed)

    Alright consider your soul saved. I'm interested.
  8. SadistPoet

    Fantasy Silk's Fantasy Thread!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ {NEW PLOTS ADDED}

    Hello... Silky.... I'm interested in Devil x Devil! This would be my first time solo RPing with someone so I don't one hundred percent know how this goes but I'm a fast learner!