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  1. Seiren Kuosaki

    Realistic or Modern the right one won't run.

    Cian stared longingly through the window in front of Slice of Italy, the place he was meant to meet his blind date set up by his friend Ivy. Callen, the man he was meant to meet, was in there and Cian was loosing his mind from nerves. He hadn't been able to bring himself to touch the door handle...
  2. Seiren Kuosaki

    Realistic or Modern ON & ON // blue's search

    Hello! I'm really interested in your first two plots! They should right up my alley!
  3. Seiren Kuosaki


    We totally should! Dm me any ideas you have. I’m game!
  4. Seiren Kuosaki


    Yessss! Absolutely!
  5. Seiren Kuosaki

    Other Where did you roleplay before you came to RPNation?

    Oooh. My first role playing site was GaiaOnline. It’s been wayyyy too long since I’ve been on that site. XD
  6. Seiren Kuosaki

    Multiple Settings 1x1 Search (MxM preferred~)

    Hello! Are you still looking for something with BullyxNerd? I've never played a bully role before. I think it would be a fun challenge for me!
  7. Seiren Kuosaki

    Realistic or Modern My RP search (MxM pairings)

    Are you still looking for a partner? I'd be very interested in doing an OC roleplay.
  8. Seiren Kuosaki


    Mixing genres is sooo much fun. I don't like to be caged when it comes to creativity. The more stipulations that are put on, the more boxed in my creativity feels. That's why I enjoy helping to create my own worlds. I don't like limitations. xD
  9. Seiren Kuosaki


    How do you know I'm not a Decepticon? owo
  10. Seiren Kuosaki


    Hi! Thank you! =D Bye!
  11. Seiren Kuosaki


    I really enjoy fantasy and modern, especially when you mix the two together. I'm more into original content roleplaying, over roleplaying fandoms. I'm willing to do just about anything though, because each experience is different and can broaden your horizons. How about yourself?
  12. Seiren Kuosaki


    Hello! I am very new to this site. Its been years since I have been able to role play. I've been itching to get my creative juices flowing and get back into it. I hope to find a good partner/thread on this site to join and start back up on one of my favorite past times. ~Seiren
  13. Seiren Kuosaki

    Multiple Settings Looking for partners! (Preferably ones that can roleplay as male but either gender is fine!)

    Hello! Do you still have an open spot for your Ice Goddess plot idea?