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  1. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] One Hundred Percent ==> Start

    @Venchi1986 @Noivian @Orikanyo @brynhild Somewhere around the world, four young men/women are standing in their rooms. Fulton, Elfman, Kromsh, Strong. It just so happens that today is the day where their lives find their true meaning. > Enter names
  2. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] One Hundred Percent ==> Character Sheet

    100% creative potential. - Name: (4-letter, common first name. 6-letter, uncommon/made-up surname.) Shirt Symbol: Gender: Pesterchum Handle: OO, NO, ON, or NN. No repeats. Colors (Players' colors cannot be adjacent (No Orange, Red, Pink, and Violet all at once.), and if both parties are fine...
  3. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] One Hundred Percent ==> OOC

    100% non-canonicity talking. - @Venchi1986 @brynhild @Noivian @Orikanyo
  4. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] One Hundred Percent (RP Edition)

    Four kids learn what it means to become ideal. One Hundred Percent (A.K.A. 100%) is a story about a four-person group of human Sburb players dealing with the odd circumstances of their session's true nature, figuring out how to win a broken and unbeatable game, and learning just what it means...
  5. Eibon Commoriom

    Quest  Homestuck 100%

    A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 12th of April, 2009, is the day this young man receives his beta copy of a game that came out two days prior. He's pretty excited to play, so he should probably go get the mail or whatever kids these days do. ==> Enter Name.
  6. Eibon Commoriom

    Quest  [Homestuck] One Hundred Percent

    Four kids learn what it means to become ideal. People who might be interested: @Noivian @Squad141 @SerbianMounted @Venchi1986 @GamerKitty205 @KAmber
  7. Eibon Commoriom

    Quest  [Homestuck] The Finale

    A force, unrivaled by nearly everything in Paradox Space has been utterly, irrevocably erased from existence. In it's place: A black hole so supermassive that it spans eternity. This is the end of everything. This is the end of Paradox Space. This is the beginning of the end. The Finale...
  8. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] QueueStack

    @Orikanyo @SerbianMounted @Checkmate7 @Venchi1986 You switch your fetch modus from QUEUE to STACK, allowing you to access the story. Now... ... let's try this again. ==> Choose Your Hero... ==> [TT] [AT] [CT] [GT]
  9. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  QueueStack CS

    @Orikanyo @SerbianMounted @Checkmate7 @Venchi1986 Name: 4/6 or 4/7 letters (4/6 for White Haired, 4/7 for Black Haired. Common first name, uncommon surname.) Shirt Symbol: Gender: Guardian: Three letter title (Pop, Mom, Sis, etc.) House: Mansion on a river, Shack in the city, etc. Personality...
  10. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  QueueStack OOC

    @Orikanyo @SerbianMounted @Checkmate7 @Venchi1986 The OOC for QueueStack.
  11. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] QueueStack

    "Let's try this again." - QueueStack - QueueStack is a Homestuck RP following the exploits of 4-player human session of Sburb, where some kids delve deep into the derelict ruins of an interdimensional computer game. In the same vein as my previous RP's: the Player's Mythos (Title, Moon, Lands...
  12. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  Alphabeta CS

    @AgWordSmith @SerbianMounted @BriiAngelic @GamerKitty205 You can use BBCodes or any formatting you want, but it must contain at least this information. Note: Player Text color is almost never the same hex value as their Symbol. Full Name: (4 letter first name, 6-7 letter surname) Symbol &...
  13. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  Alphabeta OOC

    @AgWordSmith @SerbianMounted @BriiAngelic @GamerKitty205 So, what kind if characters will you each be playing?
  14. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] Alphabeta

    "It's hard, living in the shadow of family... It's hard and nobody understands." Alphabeta is a 4-Player Human Homestuck RP, where you take the stage as four thirteen year old children who will explore the hidden ruins of an interdimensional computer game. The Sburb Pre-Release Patch has just...
  15. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] Bloodsport

    @Verdana - @Elision of Ecritures - @Noivian - @Squad141 Scattered across Alternia, a collection of fairly unimportant trolls will soon steal the spotlight for themselves. After the events of the Cherub Portal, before the lives of the Twelve Angels, there was one night that stood out...
  16. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] Mobius Double Bloodsport Reacharound

    MDBSRA, or just Bloodsport, is the story of eight Alternian Trolls who make a bet and play a dangerous game with deadly self-imposed rules. Bloodsport is split into two teams: the Blue Team, comprised of four player characters; and the Red Team, made of 4 NPCs run by me. [ @Elision of...
  17. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  [Homestuck] Primary

    @Elision of Ecritures - @Squad141 Two young children stand in their respective bedrooms in the humble town of Twaincleft. ONE has a journey to their friends house to play a game, the OTHER, a quest to retrieve the game itself! Who are these kids?
  18. Eibon Commoriom

    Fandom  Homestuck - [ALTERATA]

    @Elision of Ecritures @Squad141 @Noivian @Kimona Four children are squirreled away in the various corners of continental US. ==> Enter Names
  19. Eibon Commoriom

    Fantasy  Duality of Doorways

    It is a reasonably cold and windy august day in the town of Lukesville, Ohio. Amongst the town's few inhabitants is a young boy, this is his story. The boy lived on 313 Alibert Road, though our story starts on the other side of town. Reverend Lane was a road not many traveled down, mainly...