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  1. MDL

    Suggestion  Changing the default forum filters?

    I find myself constantly changing the filters while viewing a forum to sort by the first message instead of the last message. Is there a way to change this so my filters always default to this setting? Otherwise, I would like to suggest that feature. (Looking at threads in their chronological...
  2. MDL

    System  A simple dice system I made up. Thoughts?

    The PbT (Play-by-trait) System is a very simple dice system that is designed for play-by-post roleplaying where the narrative is the main focus and intent. I know some people hesitate to play dice games, but just follow me here, this is extremely simple. Why create this system? The...
  3. MDL

    Other  Your favorite wikipedia pages?

    I have the habit of browsing Wikipedia and bookmarking fascinating pages, usually historical. I was looking at a top list of historical serial killers yesterday, ranked by body-count. To my personal surprise, a lot of them were women. And it just made me realize what kind of crazy, messed up...
  4. MDL

    Experiences  How much lore do you prefer?

    For a RP with a custom setting, how much lore do you prefer there to be (assuming it's well written) and how do you prefer it's presented?
  5. MDL

    PC  Nadhoron

    Nadhoron Lake Wyn OG Name: Nadhoron Auardir (Only goes by his first name) Race: Shadow Elf Sex: Male Age: 143 Hair: Deep-blue Eyes: White, aglow Height: 187 cm Weight: 95 kg Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven Alignment: Lawful Neutral Personality: Nadhoron is a generally kind individual but...
  6. MDL

    Help  How to get line breaks in tabs?

    Hey I'm trying to make an interest check using the tabs found in Tutorial - RpNation - BBCode+ Guide. But when I add text content to each tab there are no paragraphs and they just end up on the same row. How to fix this? Example...
  7. MDL

    World Building  Shenzhiwu 2210 | Setting & Roleplay Concept

    Shenzhiwu 2210 is a dystopian setting that attempts to take a fresh can of paint to the concept of corporatocratic futurism (cyberpunk) where commonsense societal evolution takes prominence over forced grittiness for the sake of grittiness. Because of this, the setting isn't cyberpunk in any...
  8. MDL

    After 5 years I return

    Hey people. I was hanging around here in 2014 and has since I quit this site last time been focusing on other stuff than RP. But I am getting back into writing as an aspirational past-time of mine, and I remembered this wonderful site out of the blue. Now, I would be looking for some advice...
  9. MDL

    Intelligence vs Wisdom

    So I was thinking about various stats in RPGs... I'm not an experienced RPG roleplayer because my life won't allow it. But I still think about them a lot, especially cause I used to do lots of game design a while back. Mostly video game stuff, modding and such. And to some extent I think they...
  10. MDL

    Chapter One: On The Road [ The Sound of Silence]

    Temporarily temp
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    Introduction [ The Sound of Silence]

  12. MDL

    Discussion Thread [ The Sound of Silence]

    Enjoy randomness...
  13. MDL

    Alternate History Nation "Builder" Idea

    So I was thinking of making a nation building game of sorts. Actually less nation builder than nation ruler. Because the idea is to allow players to take control of an actual nation from sometime in history and governing them as they see fit. Right now I'm considering these start dates: Start...
  14. MDL

    The Sound of Silence

  15. MDL

    Thriller Free Form Roleplay

    Just checking if there's any general interest in doing a mysterious, scary, thriller roleplay, free form style? Essentially one mystery for the players to solve or fail at solving. Probably won't be the longest game as well.
  16. MDL

    Story  Titled Teaser

    This was something I had laying around "You never actually believe what you read, do you?" The sitting man asked. George had noticed him when entering because the man had been stretching his legs, far into his path. But George didn't mind having to raise his feet once in a while and went...
  17. MDL

    The Lost

    In the forgotten white desert, a castle stands tall. It's black rock always cold, since the sun's fall. Taken from family, taken from home. Now you never walk alone. Forced out there you were, when you were young. Now lost to the cold, and to songs never sung. Taken from light...
  18. MDL

    Starting a World Building Project

    I'm looking for some people who would like to collectively do some world building. I used to do this a lot with a bud here in Sweden and now I feel as if it is time to get back on the old horse. Fantasy or Sci-Fi/Whatever. I don't really mind. I'm open to any suggestion. This would be a no...
  19. MDL

    RPdom Terminology

    RPdom is a magical, magical place. It's a place filled with magical, magical things. But sometimes it can be hard to understand what those magical things are and what those beautiful terms mean. Because of a lot of questions like, "What is free form?", "What's Exalted?" and such forth, we have...
  20. MDL

    [Wonder City] Colonel Dwayne "Oldman" Montgomery

    Colonel Dwayne "Oldman" Montgomery Has been a male for 59 years Posting Color: #2B60DE Appearance: Dwayne is a bare-knuckle hardass. Standing 185 cm tall and with muscles weighing 85 kg, he'll walk all over you. His back slicked, silver white hair shines brightly in the sun which...