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  1. Crenando

    The RNG picks the Tags, You pitch the RP

    I've applied numbers to 65 of the official sub-genres that this wonderful site has provided us with. Use a random number generator two pick out three numbers between 1 and 65 and pitch an idea from the three resulting sub-genres. I've removed some of the more meta ones (Open, closed, 1x1) and...
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    Meta  For the Benefit of Mr. Kent: Making better superhero RPs

    I've noticed a drop of quality and shortening of lifespan in recent superhero roleplays, and I wanted to share my thoughts in hopes that we, as a community, can come up with some ideas to amend this. This is a discussion thread. If you have any gripes yourselves, feel free to share them. It can...
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    Crenando's Calvalcade of Characters

    Coming soon, true believers!
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    Fandom  Irregular Opening (Multifandom) OOC

    Talkity talk talk. Characters In-Character
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    Fandom  Irregular Opening (Multifandom) Characters

    Have a CS! Remember to be reasonable-like and follow RPN rules. Like means accepted. There's a limit on certain fandoms (like Star Wars and Undertale.) Those fandoms get 6 characters in the RP, 1 per character. Remember to check the interest check for reserved characters. Name: Nickname(s)...
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    Fandom  Irregular Opening (Multifandom)

    (WIP, this is just the thread going up, real quick. The actual RP will commence soon.) Characters OOC
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    Fandom  Irregular Opening (Multifandom)

    I’ve been in the multifandom scene for a while, and something has been missing for a while. An overarching plot that isn’t intrusive, but has a greater impact on the plot. Things normally weigh too heavily one way or the other. I aim to strike a fine balance. It also doesn't focus on OC gods...
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    Beta Ray Bill

    W.I.P. (Thor CS required for reference) Name: Beta Ray Bill Morality: Heroic Age: Adult Appearance: Powers:  Skills: Origin:
  9. Crenando


    Name: David Cannon Aliases: Whirlwind Morality: Villain Age: In his 30's Appearance: Powers: Bodily Rotation: Whirlwind can rotate his body at enhanced speeds, creating a small whirlwind around his body. Even though spinning at high speeds he can maintain his senses...
  10. Crenando


    Name: Rudy Jones Aliases: Parasite, The Guy with The Power Morality: Villain Age: Never Specified  Appearance: Powers: Energy Absorption, Power/Weakness Absorption, Enhanced Strength/Stamina/Agility Skills: Janitor Origin: Rudy Jones was a S.T.A.R. Labs janitor and quite...
  11. Crenando

    Terra Man

    Name: Tobias Manning Aliases: Terra-Man Morality: Villain Age: 30-ish Appearance: Powers:  Decelerated Aging Invulnerable to the vacuum of space Skills: Gun Fighting Horse riding Origin (as taken from Comicvine): Back in the year 1888...
  12. Crenando

    Brother Power, The Geek

    Name: Brother Power Aliases: The Geek, The Thing That Fights For Its Soul Morality: Chaotic Good Age: N/A (though, he acts like a young adult from the late 60's) Appearance: Powers:  Mannequin physiology: Being a mannequin, Brother Power can be sewn back up after...
  13. Crenando


    NAME: Greg RACE: Human (though he claims to be a Saiyan) AGE: 20 Base Power Level 500 APPEARANCE: TECHNIQUES: While he mostly covers up his lack of actual ki manipulation with technology, he has learned a few moves over the years Fake Death: When being combo'd, Greg...
  14. Crenando

    Marvel Left-Overs

    Name: Axel Asher: Access Universe from: Earth-616 Gender: Male Age: Somewhere in his mid-20  Personality: Axel has come to terms with his responsibility as a cosmic custodian and generally isn't that hard to get along with. He often believes in sacrifices for the greater good...
  15. Crenando

    New Universe X Ultraverse

       It was back. The ruins called The Pitt was replaced with what it had been before. A man awoken in the middle of the road, in a changed world. "Pittsburgh! It's back! I thought I-" He observed closer. Something was off. Everything looked shinier, for a lack of a better word. This man was...
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    The Renegades

    Name: Cy-Kill Universe from: Challenge of the GoBots Gender: Male Age: Not specified, but he's old enough to be from "Another time and age" Personality: Theatrical and egotistical, Cy-Kill sees himself as superior to everyone. Despite this, he still has some respect for his...
  17. Crenando

    AJAX 2.0

      Name: AJAX 2.0 Nickname(s): Alias: The Manchine Age: 24 Gender: Male Race: Android Height: 6’3 Weight: 220 lbs. Marital status: Single and ready to mingle...with justice! Eyes: Black. Hair: Blonde Complexion: Fairly smooth. He is an android, after...
  18. Crenando

    Character App

    Very, VERY WIP. Like, not even started yet WIP. I'll get on this as soon as possible. [Appearance] Name:  Age: Race:(Medei,Half-Medei, Human) Kingdom:(The Kingdom where you belong) Personality: Short Bio: Weaponry:(If any) Misc:Themes and other stuff.
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    Brother Power, The Geek

    Name: Brother Power, The Geek! Age: N/A (How do you measure the age of a mannequin?)  Home Universe: New Earth (AU: The Continuing Adventures of Brother Power. I'm going off the assumption that you will never actually visit this version of the universe) Moral Alignment: Neutral Good...
  20. Crenando

    Ultimate Warrior

    Name: The Ultimate Warrior Age: Eternally 36-ish Home Universe: WWF/E/WCW Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good Personality: Warrior is...well, Warrior. You know him. He's been in, what, 5 RPs now? Here's a refresher Appearance: History: It was 1985 when the boat...