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  1. CaffeineFix

    1x1 Requests

    Alright, let's try this again! I'm looking for a couple of roleplaying partners, meaning I'd be thrilled to hear from you~ Even if nothing listed below catches your eye, I would be more than happy to discuss alternative ideas. Don't hesitate to shoot me a PM!
  2. CaffeineFix

    Here We Go~

    Howdy, Stranger! I am fairly new to this site and am looking for a few 1x1 RPs. So without further ado, here is the gist of what I am looking for~ I consider myself to be a fairly literate person. I tend to mimic my RP partner's post length, but left to my own devices I can dish out anywhere...
  3. CaffeineFix


    Hello, Residents of RPNation! I'm your friendly, neighborhood caffeine addict. Along with copious amounts of coffee, I am also a big fan of role playing. From one on one modern fantasies to epic group adventures, I love them all! Hope to RP with lots of you soon! CaffeineFix