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    Fantasy  An Aloof Admonition

    Late afternoon. The sky had dimmed to a deep blue shade, the sun hovering over the town that lay to the west. The teen currently sat on a large rock on the northern side of the wide dirt road that stretched through the grassy fields that went on for miles outside of the town. The youth appeared...
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    Fantasy  Technicolor Spazztic seeking play! - Part II

    Hello and thank you for visiting my post! :D after perusing the Looking for Partner boards, I think I have a little bit of a firmer grasp on how this is done so here we go… Take two! About Me My name is Fwa! No, it is not my real name but it is one that I have gone by for the last 15...
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    Technicolor Spazztic seeking play!

    Hello! I go by the name Fwa! I have been RPing for around 15 years give or take and I am over the age of 18.. and I have no idea how to start a post for looking for partners. xD So.... I am new to these boards, signed up a while back and forgot I signed up and... well here I am again! I've...
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    Greetings ladies and gents! I go by the name of Fwa. I am a veteran RPer with experience RPing online on and off for around 15 years. I made my start in the glory days of AOL RP and since that has died down (there was really only one successful RP group around last I checked) I have decided to...